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What is the DEAL?

Well… Lucy had another meltdown last night.

I think its me.

I went home for lunch today, and she was fine, but when I came in, she started screaming. Wesley said she hadn’t acted like that all day. I sure hope it’s not me.
This is frustrating.
Tonight may be another LONG night.
Last night was one of the worst we’ve had. Monday night, after all the screaming she slept from like 10 until 4:30.
Last night she acted sleepy at like 6. So I thought, “All the books say to put them down earlier… so ok, I’ll put her to sleep now.” Except “putting her to sleep” meant me rocking an uncontrollable baby. So she slept from like 6-7, then woke up a little, then 7-8, then I fed her again, then she slept from like 8-9, and woke up a little, then from 9 until 10 when I laid her down in her bed.
Side note here: If I had put her down in her bed, she would have woken up almost immediately. She wasn’t sleeping good. She was like, half sleeping. The rocking kept her asleep.
Anyway, at 10:30 I finally got in bed and was awoken at 11. So I fed her. Then she woke up at 12:30. And she woke up again at like 1:20. And then again at 2, so I fed her. And then she was up again at like 3:30. And then finally she slept pretty good from 3:30 until 5:45. At 5:45 she was WIDE EYED and bushy tailed. She was WIDE awake.
So the whole, putting her to bed earlier… didn’t work.
I’ve tried it before and it didn’t work then.
The ONLY times I’ve ever gotten her to sleep 6+ hours was putting her in bed at or after 9pm. Every baby is different.
I’m really hoping tonight isn’t like last night. I’m tired of nights like last night.
And I’ve been reading all the different ways to make a baby sleep through the night and they all make it sound so easy.
She’s not bad about staying awake after eating. She eats and is right back asleep. I mean, I’m up like 10 minutes tops. But still… I’d like to have some un-interrupted sleep now. It’s been 5 months. I’ve had one or two nights in the past…well… year now, that I have slept 8 hours. (I got up at LEAST once a night to pee when I was pregnant.. at LEAST.. Toward the end there it was more like 3 times.)
So here we go.
Dear Lucy,
Please, my sweet baby girl, try and sleep. Please don’t freak out when I see you each day after work. I don’t like hearing you cry. It breaks my heart.
I love you forever,

Dear Jesus.
Please help my baby to sleep better. Help her not to hurt so much with teething. Help her become a well adjusted, getting enough naps during the day, sleeping 10+ hours at night kind of baby. You are in control. Maybe you are just giving me more time to hold her close and rock her, and if so, thank you. I do love rocking and feeding her. Thank you for blessing me so abundantly.

Now for the cuteness… This is her and Daddy playing peekaboo. It’s a terrible video because I’m all over the place, but the first few seconds are pretty cute.