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013016 – 020116: Into February with a new Bathroom

We’re done!!! Gah, I’m so excited. We showered in our new bathroom on February 1st. 

I think it turned out great.

So pleased. 

Up next on the Kirkleys to-do list:

Lucy’s floor. 

Whilst under the house we saw some issues. Water damage, probably from renters long before us. But before it becomes a problem, we want to fix it. So we got some wood and tomorrow we will begin the great clear out of Lucy’s room. 

It will be an ordeal. 

We got her flooring… The kids enjoyed it. 

And a trip to Lowes for everything else. 

Excited excited excited! 

And man, have the last few days been beautiful! 

012916: Compassion Project and Trouble Bubble

Friday Lucy and I went to Compassion Internationals traveling Compassion Project. They set up a story so that you can walk through and see another persons life. You see their home, where they work, their school, and what it looks like I’m the place they live (Uganda, Guatamala are the ones they have in Hattiesburg). 

It was very eye opening and an experience good for kids. They give you headphones to listen to the child tell you their story. They aren’t real pushy about adopting one of their sponsored children, either. You do learn what all Compassion does for the children they sponsor and I do support what they do. 

I loved to be able to take Lucy to a “classroom” in Guatamala. She didn’t understand everything that they said in the story, because she’s young and they had thick accents. But I explained what went on with both stories and afterwards Lucy said, “is that real? Those are real stories?” And when I told her yes, she responded, “that’s really sad.”

She did understand that her life was different than others and that was what my goal was. 

If you want to go, it’s at Main Street United Methodist Church in downtown Hattiesburg. It’s free to walk through. Takes about an hour to do both stories, because they release you in very small groups. Lucy and I did the first round just the two of us. I’d encourage all parents with children to go. 

We got home and got started on our bathroom again.

The picture progress looks about the same. But a lot was done. We sealed our marble, and got our shower floor cut and ready to put together which took up most of our day. 

Side note: the darker and lighter tiles is only really visible in my pictures! It doesn’t look so drastic in real life. Photos are strange. 

Brothers drilling our soon to be cypress floor. 

We ran out of the tools we needed to continue, so we then put my bike back together, with all the new parts!

I love it so much!!

And Lucy came to me later that day, with tears and snot running down her face. I thought she had fallen. 

She was holding a frog. She was crying because she knew at the end of the day, she’d have to let it go and she didn’t want too. 

Lord have mercy this kid and animals. 

We made her a frog bucket to keep it for a while, then uncle Paul took her to his pond to release the frog into the pond where the chickens wouldn’t get him. (Yes, our chickens eat frogs every chance they get).

She got over it once she realized the frog would be happy in his new home. 

My child. And Judah? He played hard. So hard I never even got a picture of him! 

012716 + 012816: Bathroom Progress

We’ve been busy. 

We had to brace up our floors in a few spots under the house. We have a traditional raise foundation. I minded at first, but I’m used to it now and I can tell just about where my kids are in the house at any given moment with any movement which is a plus. The downside: you are able and have to climb under the house on occasions. 

This was an occasion. 

We had two spots in our whole house that were low-ish. A few cinderblocks and crawling like an earthworm through mud later… All set. 

That was stage one. 

Wes had been to lowes the day before and got everything we needed to get started. I had finished pulling out as much as I could of the old floor. 

We moved the toilet and Wes cleaned out the rest of the old flooring while I drove to Star, MS and got the wood for our shower floor. 

When I got home we laid the backer board down. It went quick. 

Up next, our generously donated tile! 

It went fairly quick too. I ran the saw and did the simple cuts so Wes could continuously lay the tile. It was done in an afternoon. 

Now, we will seal the marble, grout it, seal it all again, and be done! During the sealing dry times we’ll be putting together our shower floor. 

AND… As if all this wasn’t enough, we got my bike primed! It’ll get painted today and hopefully I’ll be Lisa-Frank blazing the streets soon! 

Off to work! 

012516 + 012616: Movie Date, Newer Bike, and a demolished bathroom 

I have been busy!

Always so with 2 children, but even more so the past few days. 

Monday was beautiful and we played and had a great day. 

Judah brought me flowers all day long, the little sweetie. 

By 3pm, I had a pile of flower tops. My kids don’t pick them low, they want zero stem to show. Just the top. So I have to toss them pretty quick, but I kept my pile of flowers for as long as I could. 

I realize, that my children who both pick flowers almost any time we go outside, are giving me their first gifts. Lucy’s at the point where she makes some of her gifts, but Judah’s not quite there yet. And they are very precious little gifts. Even if I do have to throw them away because they turn soft and brown after an hour or so. 

And then Tuesday I met my BFF for a movie. Her birthday is coming up and so that was my present to her- movie date to see a movie of a book we both just read: The Fifth Wave. We were the only two souls in the theater which was really nice because we could talk through the movie about our directorial changes we would make. (Which was quite a few… The movie wasn’t fantastic…)

Before the movie, I went to Walmart- Wes had spotted a fixed gear bike that he was interested in- in their “value bikes” section. I had prepared and prepared my arguments for a discount off of the discount. The bike had been reduced to 97.09 (35% off original retail) and then reduced another 25% off of that price. It was marked $73.09.

My goal was to get it for $60. 

I get the manager, she and I walk out there. She starts unhooking it. She says, “I’m gonna give it to you for $40. That sound okay?”

Heck yeah, that sounds okay!

We pull it out. I notice a rust spot on the frame, which I know Wes can fix. It’s not huge, but it is noticeable. I mentioned it to her.

“Well, what about $30? You’ll take it for $30?”


Wes had texted me earlier, and said his absolutely would buy it price was $50. So, I floored him when I called and told him the price I got it for. He was excited. I was excited that I was able to get a heck of a deal on a good bike. 

Also- they had a lot of bikes left. She said she wanted them gone. Walmart on 98, the bikes outside. She told me to send folks, so if you need a good cheap bike, that’ll be your spot! Ask for Lisa. 

Then I came home and Wes had came up with an idea for our shower floor. We live in an old house, a very old above ground house that moves with the humidity and temperature changes. Our tile shower floor constantly busts up from the water and the moving. So we are going to go with a WOOD shower floor. 

Sounds crazy right??

That’s a screenshot from my phone. We’re going with cedar which is a good wood for water. We’ll stain it dark like that. Our shower is white so I think it’s going to look amazing!!

And our bathroom floor was a mess, and because of our first shower that leaked, our tiles came up there too. So I spent Tuesday evening, busting up the rest.  

Ugh. I remember the days of not cleaning my house because we were working on it and I’m back to that. We already have the tile for the floor. It was given to us, so redoing our floor and making our cedar shower floor shouldn’t be very expensive. We’re thinking less than $150! Yay for a husband who can lay tile and make wood stuff!

I’ll post progress pictures as we get them! I’m so excited! 

Devotional: Proverbs 18 // Our sweet toddler

Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit—you choose. Proverbs 18:21

I know I’ve used this verse before- but I think we forget it all too often. We have to remember that there is more power in the things that we say than we are aware of. Good and bad.

If your life is filled with negativity- it might be because you always speak negative things.

I ran into a guy I went to high school with a few days back. I haven’t seen this guy in over 3 years easy, and it was the second time I’ve seen him since graduation.

He came up to me and called me by my maiden name, which I haven’t heard in 8 years. I asked him how he was, and his response? “You know, eat, ****, work.”

I haven’t seen this guy but twice in a decade and that’s what he leads with. He continued with his uber negativity, while I (sadly) admit I tried to get away. Finally I managed to squeeze in, “well, I gotta get back home to my kids..” and even that got a “You’ve got a kid?” instead of “Congrats”.

This guy has a miserable life, and I can’t help but think it may have something to do with his attitude.

I thought once I left, how blessed this guy was- he has a job during (practically) a depression. He is able to work. He can walk and see. Even that is a blessing! But he had rather focus on the few things in his life that aren’t 100% how he’d want them.

Don’t be like this. Focus on the good. Then speak about it, thank God for it. Realize that your life is not terrible even if it’s not exactly what you thought you’d have.

God is good, an he’s good enough to help you be a happier person just by saying it (even before you feel it)!

Life Blog

Going to the dr this am. Hopefully we can find out the problem Mr. Judah has been having. You know, the late night shrieks. Monday and tuesday nights he vomited, then ate again, then slept good. He’s been sleeping relatively good- considering he sounds like he’s in pain before he falls asleep.

Literally he’ll be just as happy a can be, then he’ll cry a loud burst, and writhe around, and then he’ll calm down. He’s done it more frequently during the day, but it’s still the worst at night.

He’s a cute lil guy though, I don’t want him to hurt!


Oh yeah! This cute lil guy smiled at me today- TWICE! Oh, my. Melted my heart!


Lucy has been warming up to him. She asks to hold him from time to time. She’s such a sweet girl. Goodness I love her.

Today I rocked her before her nap for a few. She always wants me to rub her nose, just up and down her nose. So I rubbed it for a few. Then she, because she’s so sweet, rubbed mine. She liked it so assumed I would too.

And then I cried a little.

Later today Daddy was painting the hallway, and he dropped some paint on his toe. She was standing under him, walked off to the kitchen, mumbled some stuff, came back to him with a napkin and wiped his toe off. How cute is that?

She’s quite particular about stuff. It’s very cute.

We went outside and played today too.





Brother was much less impressed.


And in case you were wondering- here’s out freshly painted bathroom! With trim and all!



I love it! It looks so good being finished.

Okay- I’m off! Hope the rest of your week is great!