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The last month: 6.15.17-7:8.17

Man. I am super lazy. Blogging is full on back burner. I’m recording life in my journal again, and so my need for the blog is less and less. I do like having an online record, so I’m not stopping it, but it’s obviously not as much of a priority as it once was. 

So to catch you up. 

Kids went to VBS at my dad’s church. My aunt Karla and uncle Jerry were so kind to come get them and let them ride the bus to Bible school. The kids were beside themselves wth excitement. 

We went to the beach with Wes’ family. The whole lot of us went. It was quite a crowd. But we had a ton of fun. 

The weather wasn’t perfect the first half of he week- actually so much so that the lifeguards were giving tickets if you got in the water. So, in the sand we played and in the pool. Then, the last couple of days we all got sunburned. 

Ugh my hair makes me mad. 

A big step happened. This was the last picture I had with my 6 year old!

Now she’s 7. She had a sleepover and we had a party at church with a bunch of her church friends. 

We had a nice visit from Mimi and Pop and celebrated both birthdays. So glad we could see them. 

My kids went to spend the night with Mawmaw… for one night. Think they packed enough?!

We had a crazy July 4th bash… on July 3. Wes was leaving and so the family was around and we did fireworks and laughed harder than I have in a long time. 

The kids either loved it, or hated it. Mine- loved it. 

This year. 

(Also- check out Judah’s attire 🙄)

And then we saw the guys off to India. 

The best picture I’ve ever seen was the one from Johnpaul.

They made it. Man am I missing my hubs. 

I’ve been able to talk to him way more regularly though, which has been good. The kids miss him too. Quite a bit. 

And in the spirit of not missing him, Judah’s definitely kept me on my toes. 

And Lucy’s worked hard at not biting her nails, so I rewarded her with A gel manicure. She was SO excited. 

And you are caught up! 

080316 – 080616: School and Stuff

Kiddos started school and so I got our always-random, usually shoeless, first day of school pictures. 

See? They do love each other some!

I’ve got a couple of posing kiddos…

And we did school most of the week, except Friday when I wasn’t home but for a few minutes with work and other stuff. 

And then Saturday we had a birthday party! My nephew turns 2 this week! 

So I made my other nephew take a picture with Lucy. He loves taking pictures. 

And the birthday boy…

And then he was gone. I’ve got a video of him struggling to stay awake and still eat cake. It’s quite cute. 

And this will be his present on his 13th birthday. A framed picture of the two of us. 
Haha! Sweet little guy! 

Hope your week was as good as it would be to fall asleep eating cake!

032115: busy busy busy

We had a busy Saturday, like most. Lucy had to take dance pictures, in her cute little yellow dress. The one she chose.  


After that we came home for lunch, then headed right out for a bday party. Mr.Tyson turned 4! He had a big slide at his party, all the children enjoyed it.  


And then we came home to let my kiddos rest up before meeting up with Uncle Paul, Aunt Christy, Aiden and Papa J for dinner.

  But before we left I caught Lucy doodling on a Vic’s baby rub box. She turned it into a dog. What a creative little girl!


And now to finish out our weekend…

Marriage Monday: Parents // Birthday Party and 11 Months

“Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you.” (Exodus 20:12 NIV)

Here is something all parents want to say to their kids. They want this built into the structure of their kids’ bedroom written on the wall in huge letters, and every parent hopes it transfers into their kids’ heart.

Every time our kids disobey, we want to throw this verse at them. We want to be honored. I get it. I’m a parent.

But 3 1/2 years ago, I didn’t. Even pregnant, I didn’t get it.

And if you aren’t a parent, you don’t get it.

Not yet anyway.

The thing is – God cares about family. He cares about family structure. He wants it to be wonderful because he knows that it can be.

In the 10 commandments – you have 2 of them devoted to family order. The one we’re looking at today, and then “Don’t commit adultery”. Because God cares about marriage too.

If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t have carved it into stone.

If you are someones child reading this – and you are yet to leave the nest… Honor your parents. Don’t blatantly disobey. And honestly, if you are reading this, you probably aren’t the type of person that would blatantly disobey.

But here’s something – this is the only commandment with a promise. If you do honor your parents, he promises you a long life. That’s something. And once you have kids of your own, you’ll understand why that’s so important.

And then you’ll understand why it’s important to honor your parents.

As parents, we love our kids more than anything. Even in crazy situations, they are our top priority.

And why do I believe so strongly in family?

Because I think that becoming a parent is the closest way we will ever come to understanding God’s love. And I believe that is important to him. The more we understand him, the more we will see how he is about love.

I hope that was semi-understandable. I feel like it wasn’t clear but it’s important to get.

Life Blog

Last week was rough. We decided to sleep train Judah. Which meant crying it out. And he started officially teething, which makes it worse. I can tell when his cries are about his teeth and when they are about.. “Hold me hold me hold me”. And for the past 2 nights, I’ve gotten over 8 hours straight. I haven’t gotten that kind of sleep in like over a year.

And then Saturday was the birthday party!
Here are just a couple of high lights 😉

I tried a pinterest thing.. And they turned out pretty cute!
Birthday Party!

Mr. ONE year old!
Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

My happy birthday boy.
Birthday Party!

Lucy, learning to ride her tricycle.
Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

Birthday Party!

I was blessed to have lots of family there. My kids had 4 different sets of grandparents, and one set of great grand parents there to celebrate their birthdays. They got some SUPER cute stuff.

Thank you to all who came out. It was successful. My kids now have too many toys again. They are so blessed and so loved.

And quickly – Judah’s 11 Month old pictures!
11 Months Old

11 Months Old

11 Months Old

Look at that sweet little guy!
11 Months Old

I dressed Lucy up too and snapped a few of her. She’s so goofy.
11 Months Old and 3 Years Old

And got this gem.
11 Months Old and 3 Years Old


Thanks again to everyone who came out.

Hope you have a great Monday!

Devotional: My ‘Sermon’ // Lucy’s Birthday

Sunday, July 23, I had a strange privilege. I got to preach!

It’s… a lot harder than it looks.

I’m not even scared to speak in public. Doesn’t bother me really. I got to speak to the women at both of our campuses. It was fun. Here’s what I talked about!

Being a Godly woman and 3 things your husband needs from you. This is a brief summary of what I spoke about:

To be a more godly woman – you must be hard working. A hardworking woman is prepared and ready for things to come. She’s aware of what’s going on in her life and in other’s lives. She’s more concerned with the word than a tv show. She’s focused, and on the good things. She plans for the upcoming season, not just a couple of days ahead. She’s ready for whatever.

When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
for all of them are clothed in scarlet. Proverbs 31:21

To be a more godly woman – you must be a life giver. Eve means “to live, or to breathe”. She was considered the mother of all. We are life bearers, as mothers, but I feel as though our job is also to bring life and life more abundant. Jesus told us that he can give us life more abundant and I feel as if we have a hand in that as well. The whole “If mama ain’t happy.. Ain’t no body happy thing?” We can sap a room of it’s joy in a minute. We have to be encouragers and warm and friendly. A godly woman would be.

To be a more godly woman – you must be fully trusting in your Savior. You plan, and you work, and do what you feel called to do, and know that Jesus will take up the slack. He’s got plans to prosper us.

And then 3 things your husband needs from you.

He needs your respect: No teasing in public, no husband bashing. Give him a chance to fix things, notice when he does. Don’t belittle him. Husbands instinctively respect their wives. They never tease us for gaining weight in public, and we women do it all the time. I read an interesting tidbit – men judge each other and feel judged based on the respect of their wives. That’s us ladies. Our husbands can feel better or worse about themselves because of us. That’s huge.

He needs you to want him: Sexually and in life in general. Men who were asked, “If your wife only slept with you because of her wifely duty and didn’t seem interested, would you be satisfied?” 90% answered No. They want to know that we choose them and continue to choose them. Ladies, we need the “I love you’s”, and the “you’re pretty’s” but men need to know that we want them to be with. Even playing! Guys like to spend time doing things they like, with their wives. For example – Wes told me the other day he only wants to go kayaking with me. I’m not a great kayaker.. (Shocker!) but he wants me to go with him.

And finally – He needs your support: 25% of men said they didn’t feel appreciated at home. That is our fault as women. We have to step up and let them know that we appreciate what they do. Even the little things. Taking out the trash so we don’t have to deal with it. Mowing. Helping with the kids. Working. A husband let’s his guard down most with is wife, and we have the unique opportunity to build him up like no one else, or cut him down like no one else. Use that opportunity wisely.

Life Blog

So you all know that I’ve been trying to get Judah to sleep through the night.. and that has been going.. poorly. Until.. Friday night when Lucy stayed with her Mawmaw. Judah slept so good. Like 6 hours straight. Which, isn’t really a long time, but considering I was getting up every 2.5 hours, that’s great! And once Lucy came home and was back in bed… back to waking up all hours of the night.

So… last night we put Lucy in the big bed up front.


And JUDAH SLEPT! So that’s what it was. Lucy, in her flopping around in her little bed, has been waking up my little light sleeper! So now.. We will let our toddler sleep in the big bed up front so that we can all sleep at night.

Front room has a TV. That’s the main way I coaxed her into sleeping in the big bed by herself. Last night right before she went to sleep she yelled for me. She wanted to sleep “In the little bed”. It was hard to tell her no… We may end up moving the big bed out and setting them up in different rooms. If it lets me sleep good.. you can bet that’s gonna happen.

Friday was Lucy’s birthday. Here’s what we did – nothing huge – just a couple of gifts and some cake. Their party will be this weekend. We’ll see how Lucy likes to share the gifts…

She turned three.

I can’t believe she’s this big!

And as requested – strawberry cake.




We gave her a kitchen set. This was made by my grandpa back in 1989. He and my mom built it and decorated it. Wes and I took it and refinished it. We painted, updated knobs, Papa J made a window in the oven, we painted the hinges. And I must say – it is stinking adorable. She got lots of food and pots and pans to go with it. She’s been ‘cooking’ for us a lot lately. There’s plastic food all over my house. Judah doesn’t like the plastic food.



Here’s me with the kitchen and my mom, brand new in 1989.

And Lucy and me with the kitchen, freshly remodeled in 2013.

I’ve had a few folks tell me that comparing Lucy to me in this picture that she looks like me. I see some likeness. She’s still super daddy, and super daddy’s girl too.


I love her serious wink.

And this little dude.

Now that I think I’ve figured out how to get him to sleep.. I guess I’m back to keeping him. It was touch and go for a few days there 😉

Hope your week goes by fast! (And given most people are off Thursday and Friday, I’m sure it will!)