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Devotional: Isaiah 48 and Lucy’s Birthday Party

“There is no peace,” says God, “for the wicked.” Isaiah 48:22 MSG

There is one thing you can always be assured of – that God will always bring peace. With any decision I’ve ever made, I knew it was the one God wanted me to make based on the peace
(or lack of) in my heart.

He will never try and confuse you. That’s Satans job. God isn’t the author of confusion.

We generally let Satan do his dirty work on us when we stop paying attention to what God has in store for us, and that’s when we get all confused and worried.

But God as this amazing abundance of peace that he loves to give us.

Any time I’ve ever counseled someone, and I ask them about the time they really ‘got saved’, there is generally a phrase or description of a “weight being lifted off of them”. Seriously, people almost always say this.

That is the peace of God lifting the junky weighty sin out of your life and filling you with peace, his peace. His never-ending peace.

If you have never felt this peace, then you are missing out. It’s wonderful being able to lay your head down at night and know everything is going to work out. I don’t have to wonder. Even if bad gets worse, I know it will work out.

That’s peace.

And it is grand.

But you have to be a child of God to experience this real deal. There is no substitute for God’s peace. And there is no other source in which to find it.

Life Blog

Well.. We had a busy past few days. Lucy turned 2 last Thursday. I’m still a little shocked about it. I mean.. she’s two now. TWO. Not one. Two. And she’s pretty precious.

Her actual birthday (Thursday) started with some cuddling on the couch, with brother as a pillow.

Real comfortable for me.

Then we met Daddy for lunch and ate.


And played with straws. He’s such a good Daddy.

Then we had birthday nap. This girl naps hard.

I put her in our bed in hopes of a cuddly birthday nap… but she woke up after about 30 minutes, so I had to put her in her bed to let her finish. It could have been wonderful. But when she wakes up and finds a person near her.. she starts. With poking and slapping and digging. So my nap wasn’t very cuddly.. or nappish.

Then Saturday we had her party. It was cute. We had cake and banana splits.
Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

Don’t judge. I made it myself. It looks.. choppy… but it tasted good!

Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

Not sure if it was because her cake was on fire, or the fact that 20 people were staring at her on the table singing to her and grinning ear to ear, but she wasn’t a fan of this part. She didn’t blow out her candles either.

She started getting the hang of it when presents started getting opened, though!
Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

She got tons of CUTE clothes. I mean.. some REALLY cute stuff. And she got lots of really cute toys too! And lots of princess stuff. Meaning – this week… Me and lil girl are gonna watch Beauty and the Beast. She got a few Belle things, and so she needs to know who Belle is. Right? Of course! So.. One day this week, if you stop by – you’ll find me and Luc on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn and some cokes watching Belle and Ms. Pots. That will be a good day.

I got her a stroller… and she pushed that thing around for like 30 minutes.
Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

My dad kept letting her baby horse (it’s in the stroller) bite him. Lucy thought this was the funniest thing. So she kept making loops. And she’d get the stroller as close as possible to him to make sure he got his finger nicked by that little baby horse.

Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

I don’t get to see them very often; they live in Montgomery. And Lucy, now officially being a two year old, doesn’t handle car rides much over 3 hours. At 3 hours she begins to get… cranky. That’s me being very nice.

Besides her party – other things that went on…

I made Judah’s door hanger for the hospital 🙂

I found this Docker’s shirt, vest and tie set for 6 bucks. How stinkin adorable is this??

And I also found a coupon code for Children’s place online. So I ordered Lucy some cute sandals! I got them for like $3.19 each. Seriously. How cute!

And Lucy finally says “Cheese” for the camera. Except… it looks like this.

Not a pretty-cheese. It is, however, a cute-as-can-be-cheese. I’ll take it.

That gets you caught up!

If anyone has any ideas for things for me to do before Judah gets here.. I’m all ears. I don’t have any more parties to plan, or showers to wait for… So now.. I’m just waiting. And I don’t wanna lose my mind waiting so I’ve been trying to come up with a list of things I can do to make my time sneak by a little quicker. Of course, make my time sneak by without spending any money. I’ve done enough of that. So…. any suggestions?

Hope your Monday feels like a Tuesday!

Weekend Recap

Saturday (as most of you know) I was set up at Founder’s Day in Seminary. I had lots of stuff to sell!




I did pretty well. I want to say a special thanks to those of you (my lovely readers) who came out to purchase my products. I love making stuff and love even more seeing people happy about buying/wearing those things.

Sunday we had a birthday party. Lucy’s BFF Mary Kathryn turned one!

There was cake:

And presents and playing


And snacks!


Lucy had a ball and Mary Kathryn did as well – Lucy loves her BFF…

I’ve been busy trying to get caught up on housework, and cooking… And we were given some supplies to start our chicken coop out (Thanks Brandon!) and so we went to Lowes last night to get the rest of the supplies. You’ll see some before and after pictures of that soon.

And really, that is about all that you missed. Not as much to catch you up on.

I got called to sub for tomorrow and Thursday. And… I turned it down. I’m all allergy infested, and Lucy’s all teething (yep… still teething)… and honestly – I just wanna be a stay at home mom for a little while. I’m glad I’m in a place where I can do that.

Ok! Off to fold some clothes! (I’d choose that ANY day over being at a high school… or a middle school… and ESPECIALLY an elementary school!)

PS – be checking my store here soon – gonna start adding what I didn’t sell… so It’ll be FULL. 🙂 Think.. Christmas! (No lines, no people, no hassle, it’ll just arrive at your house… inexpensive, and hand made. You can’t ask for a better gift!)

Birthday Party and Swing Picture

Lucy’s birthday party was a HIT!

So here are her pictures and what all went down.

Here is her super cute cake and cupcakes.

Soo cute right?

Afterwards, I did a head count. TWENTY SEVEN people. Way too many for a one year old’s birthday party. And – I had NEVER thrown a birthday party for anyone. It’s tough. And not so much fun. The party was fun… but the planning.. Oh my. Anyway…

She got a lot of presents.

Her new carseat – for a big girl.

Maw Maw Stephanie got her some Dr. Seuss books! Yay for fun bedtime stories!

Lucy’s BFF, Mary Kathryn, helped her open gifts.

Then we moved on to Cake and Ice Cream. We gave her a cupcake. Her very own cupcake.

We sang and she blew out the candle. She was a little overwhelmed here.

Then little Miss Picky wouldn’t eat her cupcake. She just looked at it. So I gave her a bite.. and she still didn’t eat it. So we gave her some ice cream. She was still in shock mode I think. So she didn’t eat much ice cream either.

Then we moved to the pool.

She fell out of the pool… again.. and cried. So then she was done with swimming.

So her was her total haul:

Awesome right? We are so blessed with so many people who love our kid.

My Aunt Karla made her this for her room:

Look at the detail of it!

Lucy’s name! How cute is that?!

And – just so you know I didn’t forget – Her 12 Month portraits!





My big girl is officially 1. She’s excited. I’m excited. No wait. I’m exhausted. I’m not ready for 1. Guess I don’t have much of a choice. She’s there. And still so sweet.

Thanks for sticking with me and reading all of Lucy’s stories.

One tomorrow…

Lucy’s birthday is tomorrow.

I cannot believe it. I do understand more, not completely, but more how moms will always see their children as their babies. She is still a baby, and very much my baby.

I’ve been going over the last year in my head. Mostly wondering where this past year went. It evaporated faster than a drop of rain on hot cement. I mean, poof, and she’s almost 1!

I miss my fragile little bitty baby, when she was just days old. I miss rocking her and her sleeping on my chest for hours. I miss swaddling her. I miss her little hiccups and her little sneezes. I miss her watching me from her bassinet. I miss her almost grins and her cute little sounds.

She has changed so much in this year. And for the new things to come, I have to let those little things, that I loved so much, go. If I want the new, out with the old.

I was thinking the other day how she’s becoming much more independent each day. Every day she needs me less and less. An then last night happened.

I put her to bed around 11. Way past her bedtime, but we had taken a 3 hour nap late in the afternoon, so she was wide awake at 10:30. I go to bed, not sleepy at all. I’m reading a book, and then at about 12:30 I hear her. She’s crying. I’m thinking… Oh great, she’s gonna have a rough night.

I go to check on her, and she’s standing at the foot of her bed, looking down the hallway for me. I go in, and I’m trying to not pick her up every time she cries, so I reposition her, tuck her in and she starts really crying. I then grab her little bitty hands. She’s laying on her side, with her paci, and she’s got her hands clutching my finger. It looks like she’s praying, except my hand is right in between hers.

Then something happens.

She falls peacefully back to sleep. No crying, no waking right back up, just drifts to sleep, holding my hand.

I slowly pulled my hand out of hers, and snuck back to my bed.

God spoke to me with that little event in a huge way.

She does need me. More and more each day, she needs me. Not less. I had it all wrong.

She needs me in bigger ways now more than ever. Different ways. But the need is still there.

Just like we need God. When we first get saved it seems as if we need Him the most, but just like Lucy, the more we grow – our need doesn’t disappear, it just changes shape.

As parents, this is a good thing to know. My little baby will always have a need for me. I love knowing this.

On to different things…

Since Lucy is having her first birthday, we should celebrate this. So, there will be a party. Here is the stuff I have to decorate!

and Sprinkles!

Cute cupcake wrappers!

And a super cute cupcake holder. I added the polka dot ribbon!

I bought her car seat today too. All the grandparents are going in together to get it. I figured it would be nicer for them to see what they bought her. Not sure if I wanna take it out of the box and wrap it or wrap the whole box. Its a HUGE box. Who knows…

I’ll be sure to post tomorrow. Her big birthday…

Can’t believe she’s one.


This post will be short.

Lucy’s scratches look MUCH better.

I have been on the phone probably over 3 hours in the past few days talking to people about insurance MESS.

It such a waste of time dealing with companies.

I’ve got Lucy’s invitations all written out.. next – sending them! EEK!

I really can’t believe she’ll be one.

While I was at work yesterday afternoon, Wes sent me a text that said, “SKINNY DIPPIN!” And it was true.
Look at that cute BUTT!

Wes always says that she looks like a monkey when she crawls around naked. Its true. A CUTE monkey.

Little stinker.

She’s been sleeping good about every other night. Wes thinks he’s broken the key to it. Something about a morning nap REALLY helps her.

Girl’s got no shame.

Hope your HUMP day is awesome and leads to a speedy downhill to Friday.

Oh wait – do you know what FRIDAY is?

Yep. My last day of work.

My VERY last day of work – EVER.

Can you stinkin believe it?!

I can’t.

I really don’t think I have realized it. I don’t think it’ll sink in – until like August when I don’t go back to work.

I literally cannot wait until like, November when its muggy and cold outside and I won’t have to leave my house. My brain can’t even fit that into it.

I am so blessed!! AUGH!

Oh – Also- planning mine and Wesley’s first VACAY after school. We are going to go down to Wesley’s Dad’s house and stay the week. They love for us to come visit and I added it up – either us pay $120 to stay in Florida in a hot camper, with no AC, a shared bathroom and shower, paying for all our meals, and possibly a fussy baby OR stay for free at a house with a pool, free to stay, probably some free meals in there and probably also a free babysitter for a few nights… UH.. DUH. Poolside it is. I can’t wait to get my tan on.

Again – I hope your week flys by. Wish the same for me!