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110515: Gratefulness

It’s so funny how God works with stuff, right? Ever been going about your life, then you see an uncanny pattern and you’re like, “I see what you did there, God.”

That happened for me. After we left the zoo, Lucy had her usual list of I-wish-I’s. “I wish I got to ride that carousel. I wish I had got a hot dog.” Etc, etc. Every parent has heard some of these.

It’s our greedy flesh nature in action. 

And today, my bible verse was this:

“I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.”

‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:12‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Isn’t that awesome. I told Lucy that it’s better to look at the things we did get to do, and be thankful for those, instead of just what we missed out on. Craig Groeschel said this, “Gratitude turns whatever we have, into enough.” That’s so good. 

So on our ride home, we took turns giving “I’m thankful I got to-” statements. And it blessed my heart. 

I even told her that there are a lot of time I want things I can’t have, but it’s good to be grateful for the things we do have. 

I was encouraged to tell someone what I’m thankful for. 

I’m grateful for my husband who is an awesome provider, noticer of when I need a break, mechanic, and fixer-upper. (He does the fixing-upping, he doesn’t need fixing-upping.)

Im grateful for my children, who are happy, healthy, balanced, and so very themselves all the time. 

I’m grateful for my Church which continually surprises me and keeps me saying, “Man! God is good!”

I’m grateful for my ability to stay at home and work different types of jobs instead of a traditional 8-5 job where I would miss so much of my life. 

I’m grateful I get to homeschool my children. The thought of leaving them with other people all day, and just trust that they will educate them to their needs scares me to death. I know, trained professionals and all… But I’m one of those professionals. And I love the fact I can do this for my children. 

There are so many more things I’m grateful for; it’s a list I can’t put in one blog post or it would weigh down the Internet. My new Keurig, our rabbits, my Jeep, goodness, my Jeep again because I really love it so, breezy evenings on my front porch, my recently remodeled bedside tables, clean sheets, my favorite pair of jeans, the feeling when my head hits my pillow after a long day. I could go on. 

Let’s try and have a grateful mentality today. Gratitude turns whatever we have into enough. Let’s live like we have enough. Because we do. We are so blessed!

022215 + 022315: 4 Prayer Requests

Sunday was great- as usual. Good word was brought. After church I went to a funeral of the grandfather to two of my close friends, a church member. He was an outstanding man and it was sad to see his family mourn, but great knowing he went to meet Jesus.

Then Monday.

Oh goodness Monday.

You devil of a day, lived up to your name.

I went to work, like usual, on Monday.

Then I started making calls, as usual, on this cold Monday morning. And it was going well. A few no answers, a few ‘everything is okay’s’. Regular. I call pregnant moms and answer questions about breastfeeding.

Then I called my next client. She’s due in May.

I asked her if she’d thought any more about breastfeeding since we last spoke. She had, but she had a lot going on and wasn’t sure if she’d want to. I asked her what was going on. I’m told to pry some. Sometimes the reasoning behind people not wanting to nurse is something false, so I pried.

She was going to Jackson to meet with a doctor about her son. Her 7 year old son who is on life support becuase of a freak accident with a rope in his back yard. He hasn’t woken up in 13 days and the doctors are asking the parents to make a decision about when they need to take the machines off.

A stab to my heart for this mother. I could not even imagine, do not want to imagine, what it would be like to be in her shoes. She’s pregnant with her fourth and her first is laying, unresponsive.

So I hung up and I prayed for him. I prayed for her. Then I picked up my phone, and read a text from another mom I had been texting.

She asked what she could take to help her sleep. She’s 4 days past due.

I suggested benadryl because that’s what my docs always suggested to me.

Then she told me, “My husband was killed in a car wreck last tuesday and I haven’t really slept since…”

My heart again. I cannot take this. What would I do if I lost my husband. She’s four days late with her second child and her husband isn’t with her anymore.

Okay. That’s when I decided – I’m not calling anymore pregnant moms. I’ll call some of my breastfeeding moms. I keep up with them after they’ve delivered.

So I called a mom who I knew had babies in the NICU. Twins that she had a 25 weeks gestation. If you don’t know about pregnancy.. that’s just barely halfway through the pregnancy. I knew her situation was somewhat touch and go. Very fragile babies.

So I called her, hoping for the best.

She answered. She’d stopped pumping. Her daughter died on Valentines day, at 10 days old. And her little boy was on life support and she and her family were headed there now because they were taking him off today.

I took a deep breath and told her I’d be praying for her. I hung up and didn’t make another call. I literally couldn’t.

I thought about these three women, and I thought about one of my other clients who is 24, has sickle cell anemia, and Crohn’s disease so bad she takes chemo for it. She found out 2 months ago that she’s pregnant with twins. The month after, her doctors found some spots on her colon. She has colon cancer.

If I heard one more story… One more tragedy… One more too-soon ending… One more bad report.

Our lives are filled with… burdens and troubles. They are filled with death and loss.

And it’s hard to deal with losing people… I’ve lost my fair share. I get how losing someone hurts. I get it. But I cannot imagine losing my child. Or children.

I cannot imagine fighting for my own life.

I come home many days having missed my kids, but I come home a few days (like today) and I hold my children tight, and I kiss thier smelly little heads and I well up and know that I am so abundantly blessed.

When you pray, please think of these women. They need strength more than I probably ever have. Keep them in your prayers.