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101115 – 101415: catching up

We’ve been gone all last week, so the beginning of this week was catchup week. We are a couple of days behind in school work, and the lessons are getting a little harder for her, so we haven’t been able to double and triple up on lessons. She’s still doing excellent. I’m afraid I push her too hard sometimes. I know she’s smart and I guess I forget she’s also a kid. 

She’s doing well, but she gets bogged down in her reading sometimes. And then I try to explain to her how you say “know” and “once” and then she asks why there is a “k” and why you say once like that, when it doesn’t even have a “w” in it, and I’m left sitting there wondering myself. English is a weird language. Never consistent. Never. Especially not to a five year old. 

We take rabbit pen breaks though…

And playground breaks. 

And Judah has play in the dust breaks. 

What a little boy. 

Overall, I feel like they are doing good. I had a breakthrough with Judah’s “school” on Tuesday. I’m not doing anything consistent or stable with him. He’s 3. But I am making him sit at the table some, and I am making him look at letters and numbers or at least watch educational videos. 

The other day, he was doing his letter tracing “game” on the iPad. He had gotten to S and wanted to quit. I encouraged him to finish T-Z. “I can’t want to.” Judah translation: “I don’t want to.” So, I sat with him, talked with him, encouraged him, and told him I’d let him choose the next thing he does, if he finishes. 

Month-ago Judah would have cried and pushed the iPad away and gone about his day. But today’s Judah, not enthusiastically, finished his letters. He didn’t cry, he didn’t throw a fit. I had to coax him through all of them, but I never touched any of them and I didn’t hold his hand and make him do it either. 
It’s a raggedy milestone, yes, I know. A milestone I’d never even hit with Lucy because she never acts like that. But, it was a major milestone for Judah and I, and showed me that homeschooling him won’t be as impossible as I first thought. 

He has acted a little funny since we’ve been going and coming so much lately. He got out of the tub last night, completely inconsolable. Tears flowing down his little cheeks and his little voice saying, “mom. I wanna go home. Mom, can I go home?” 

Every time I explained that we were home, he cried even more. I had to rock him to sleep and I’m thinking his tiredness was speaking on his behalf. I enjoyed the rocking, didn’t enjoy trying to decifer his tears. 


And lastly, Judah made a monster truck out of playdoh, and asked me to take a picture. 

Such pride in his little smile. 

Night 6 – Breakthrough, I think…

So, I’m thinking we had a breakthrough last night. Not sure… We’ll find out if it was a breakthrough if she does the same thing again tonight.

Ok, so… She started getting really sleepy acting around 6, so I hurriedly gave her a bath, jammies, did some rocking and fed her. She was in bed by 6:45. I had to check on her once, about 6:50, and then I checked her again at about 7:15. No more checks. Baby was out.

So Wes and I watched some TV. Wes had to go talk to someone from the church, so he was gone about an hour, and then he came back and we watched an episode of Dexter. By this point, its about 10:30 and I’m pooped myself.

So, I wake baby up and ‘top her off’ and lay her back down. Right back to sleep. She wakes up at 2:30 and then at 6:15. She’s still sleeping after that, and so I go back to sleep as well, until 8:30. I can handle nights like last night. That was good. So, hopefully, she will repeat her process again tonight.

I’m thinking one thing going against me was her late afternoon nap. I think it was too long, or too late, and that was making it hard for her to go to bed at 6 or 7. I’ll watch it today and see.

So.. basically.. YAY!

Big smiles