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041216 – 041516: School’s in Session

I want to preface this post. If you ever see grammatical errors in my blogs, please show me grace. I do these on my phone and sometimes I don’t re-read them. I wanted to say this, since this post is mostly about me teaching my children. I promise you they’ll know the difference between their, there, and they’re. 

Ok- School!

We’ve been doing really good! Since we took about a month off, we are now in catchup mode. Of course, we were way ahead so we aren’t that far behind as it is. 

That’s why blogs have been slower this week. Lucy’s reading is doing great. In about a month she moves to chapter books! 

And my little Judah has started picking it all up too. I’m so proud of that little strong willed boy. 

I can already tell he’s a perfectionist. When he doesn’t do his school work perfectly, he gets quite upset.

(His schoolwork consists of drawing pictures and prewriting pages – tracing lines basically.)

And this week I bested him. I got him to complete a page, even after he said “I can’t do it!” A few times. And… He loves stickers. In that picture he’s showing me his work and his sticker. He was so proud. 

And then Friday we all made a trip to a BSU at PRCC in Poplarville to get me a desk chair. And I LOVE IT.

In this picture you see my desk, my chair, my Mac, and my diffiser going. Can you tell this is 100% my happy place?!

And of course we took breaks and played games. 

I found out Kowalski can drag both my kids around the yard at once. They were laughing so hard. 

Well, it’s Saturday and I’m going to be at Michaels most of the day. I’ll be promoting my painting classes! Come by and see me, and sign up for a class. Today they are half off!  (Michaels does a lot of sales, but not on classes. This is the second day this year they’ve had a sale on classes. There will only be 2 more days for class sales. So if you wanna try it, today would be a good day to sign up for one!)

Well, I’m off to go sit in my desk chair and sip some coffee before my day kicks off. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

012615: work, dance, busy

Monday was a regular Monday, without all the negative of really being a Monday. Nothing terrible happened. Praise God.

I got up at 5:15 and worked out, then put dinner in the crock pot, went to work, took Lucy to dance, came home for dinner and then we got the kids in bed. Regular day. Judah fell asleep on the way to Hattiesburg and looked like a zombie in target. That was pretty funny.


And both fell asleep on the way to dance class.


What sweet kiddos. (It’s easy to say that when they are napping!)

Devotional: Ephesians 4 // Weekend of Weddings

Sorry about Friday. We left Friday morning heading to gulf shores. With packing and everything, blog got bypassed.

And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude]. (Ephesians 4:23 AMP)

Ahh. Attitudes.

They can ruin us all, am I right?

Generally, one person with a sour attitude can pretty much ruin a whole group of people, one at a time.

I try my hardest to not let my daily attitude changes effect me overall. Even something as little and mundane as losing an hour of sleep, or getting out of bed and stepping on a you can ruin the start of my day.

My kids are my main job, and so then my bad attitude rubs off on them, and that passes back to me and ends up spiraling into a yelling match.

Even when I worked every day at a normal job, one person could spike the entire establishment, by being rude.

The same goes for positivity as well though. You come into work with a positive uplifting attitude, that rubs off as well.

And having an attitude if Christ, or a spiritual attitude works the same. It can rub off.

Be that person, not the negative doom and gloomer. Be the person who leaves a room that is happier than before.

Life Blog

Been a while, I know. Sorry.

We left for Gulf Shores Friday morning. On the way down I noticed my sister from AL had posted a picture of the beach. Turned out, they were on the beach same time as we were!

What a nice coincidence! We don’t get to see them very often, so it was a nice surprise.

Lucy played in the sand.


And the kids got to play with Mimi and Pop.


We went to a wedding, and the grandparents got to watch the kiddos. We were all pleased with that outcome haha!


We went out to eat…



The kids really enjoyed themselves during the trip.

Then we said goodbye and headed home for wedding round 2.

Wesley’s brother got married. He married my best friend, Christy. She was already my sister before they got married, just official now.

She was a beautiful bride!


Lucy was a flower girl!



The ceremony was short but sweet. Officiated by my hubs.


Overall it was a crazy good weekend. Full of family and friends and lots of love.

So glad I was a part of these weddings. So special. Congrats to the newlywed couples!

Hope you don’t have a case of the Mondays!

Devotional: Isaiah 40 and Our big weekend!

Look at the night skies: Who do you think made all this? Who marches this army of stars out each night, counts them off, calls each by name-so magnificent! so powerful!-and never overlooks a single one? Isaiah 40:26 MSG

Wow, it’s like God knows exactly what’s going on in our lives! (haha)

I woke up to some twitter buzz about getting prepared for Good ole Down in tha’ Gulf Debby.

Just so we are clear… God is in complete control. He is the one who marches the army of stars out, and knows how many there are. He is the one that knows how many grains of sand there are in the world. He is the one that knows exactly what Debby is going to do or not going to do. He is the one in control of this. Not us. Not “Mother Nature”. Not the storm. Not the gulf. And especially not us whiney babies who freak out every time there is a chance of rain. (Ok, exaggeration there…)

We are so small. And We notice this more and more when we are completely not in control of our surroundings. For example… Katrina. We had no idea that was going to happen. Katrina was a beast. But we made it. Debby might be a beast too… But we’ll make it. Why do I know? Because my God is in control and I do not feel like my time here on earth is done. He’s told me that He has big plans for me, and so I feel pretty sure that I’ll make it to this weekend, regardless of what Debby does.

My wonderful pastor spoke last night about believing when we pray. And really believing. We tend to pray and then when stuff starts going in the right direction, then we start the actual believing.

That is backwards to what God wants. He wants us to believe when we ask.

So.. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll pray for us all, and we will all believe together that this prayer will be heard by God, and answered. I don’t pray on my blog much, but hey – there is a first for everything huh?

God, You are in control. We acknowledge that. We trust that you have this storm in the palm of your hand and we realize that there is nothing we can do or say to change it’s course. But we do know, and believe that you can. You are the Creator of our world, and we know that all of this stuff happens under your authority. So we come, all of us who live near the Gulf, and we ask for protection over ourselves. We ask for protection over our families, our spouses, our children, God, even our pets. We ask for protection over our homes, and our things. God we know that even if they were taken away, that you would supply us with exactly what we need, but God, we also know that you are capable of that not happening at all. So that is what we ask for. Our homes are our earthly refuge. You are our real refuge. And we just ask all of this of you, believing, and help us to believe, help us to have faith that we won’t stress about this storm. We know you are so much bigger than Debby, and we trust you, not the weather channel. Thank you for your loving protection. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Don’t you feel better?

Life Blog

So I’m a busy bee this morning! We had a very busy weekend and that only made for an even busier next few days.

I am officially, 100%, totally, and completely packed for the hospital now.

I even have it loaded up in the jeep. All that I have left to do, is put Judah’s stuff in there, which I’ll do this morning. It’s already in a bag. I separated it, because I wont need most of the stuff in his bag, of course, until he gets here. So Wes can run out to the car to get it once little man arrives.

Friday night we went to the Fitness Depot 2 year anniversary party. It was fun, Lucy had a blast… Dancing on tables. That will be the last time for that.. for … forever. Girls that dance on tables don’t really get a good rep. (ha!) But this time it was pretty cute 🙂




And me an Hubby got dressed up.. Not really. I put on make up so that’s dressing up for me.


And I got my nails done Friday. Aren’t they adorable? I got them done at Polished in Seminary. I suggest you go if you like glitter!

Sunday Lucy and Mary Kathryn FINALLY sat still long enough for me to get a couple of pictures of the two of them together. This will be so cute when they throw each other wedding showers to show. They are so cute.


Right now they just stare at each other. They are funny to watch.


In case you were wondering, they are almost exactly 4 months apart. Lucy born June 28, Mary born October 31. So.. like 3 days from being 4 months. I know the older they get, the more fun they will have.

And then on Sunday we had Judah’s baby shower.

For anyone who had anything to do with the shower – We thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are so blessed to pastor a church like the one we pastor and we just love you all so, so much! Thank you for the gifts and the efforts and everything. Y’all are a wonderful group of people.

And it was decorated SO cute!!

You see here – we have the cake, the baby in the bassinet (fruit bowl) punch, some chocolate bottles, and some little diapers with mints and peanuts in them. It was so adorable.

We also had a diaper motorcycle (instead of a diaper cake!) with a gorilla!

How’d y’all know? The first thing I bought for Judah was a gorilla onesies set!

Then we opened presents after eating a WONDERFUL meal. We made Wes wear a boutonniere. How do I know Wesley has become a man? He just wore it. With minimal complaining.

I want to show y’all just how lady-like pregnancy has made me.

I can’t close my legs together. And I also can’t wear heels for long. So.. I looked like this opening all of my sweet gifts. Y’all understand.

Wes looked like this most of the time.

For all the little outfits and onesies, and diapers, and washcloths and all that. He was just the tissue paper holder. But when I pulled something else out of the bag.. he changed tunes.


Ms. Tracye… I think if you made a dolphins bib big enough.. he’d wear it.

We were both so very happy with all of the stuff we got.

We can’t thank you all enough.

I have a hundred errands to run today, so I better be getting my child up and fed before I need to leave. Hopefully I can get most of the stuff done today that I need to get done. I have a couple of things to take back (I got lots of certain things, and none of other things) so I’m going to swap out some stuff. I also have to get chicken feed. And go to the bank. And just a hundred other little stops along the way.

I hope your (Mon)day is FANTASTIC!

Photos- 12/25/11 Rounds 2, 3, and 4

Well, we did it.

Christmas is over.

For the most part, anyway. We survived.

We had Christmas at my Dad’s last night. Lucy got a dancing dog- that she loves!

Then today, we left bright and early for church (Wesley was invited to preach at a church in Collins, since we had cancelled services). We came home, changed, and headed to MawMaws.

We had lunch there, and Lucy opened up her gifts. Farm animals on wheels, a mini shopping cart, Clothes and some other little toys.

Then Lucy and me took a little nap. That was needed. We were both exhausted.

We left from there and took a HUGE pot of taco soup to my Aunt Mary’s to visit with my Miller family.

No presents, just enjoying each other, catching up on lost times. We don’t see each other that often because we are so busy and are sorta spread out. Tonight was fun!




My grandma and grandpa had 5 daughters. Three are still living. Their were 6 children from the 5 daughters, and 5 of us were there tonight. If my grandparents were still living they could have seen their 7 great grand children tonight. All under 11. One on the way.

What a family.

Oh my, I am so blessed.