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Night 12- oh what a night (Lots of PICS!)

Sunday was the busiest day we’ve had in a while. We got up and went to church. I gave out all my Avon books. I only had 10. I’m going to order more this next time. Yeesh. Anyway, right after church my Aunt Faye brought me Lucy’s 3 month happy. A little thing she found that she couldn’t not get for Lucy.

It was a stuffed owl! It’s SO adorable. And Lucy loved it!

She even smiled at it! Here is the video to prove!

We left church, and I brought Lucy home and fed her as quickly as I could (that’s really up to her) and then we were out the door to go and get food ourselves. We sat with family and had a good lunch at Morgan’s on Main. They have the best grilled chicken. We came home for about 15 minutes, then we were off to John Henry’s birthday party!

John Henry turned two on Saturday. His dad is our Youth Minister and his wife is a good friend of mine. They are expecting number THREE in October. (See what I did there, Miranda?)

As you can see, Lucy was the life of the party…

Mr. Birthday boy John Henry!

Tearing into the gifts!

Here is John Henry attempting to court Lucy Bea. (Miranda and I pretty much have them betrothed by now.) He’s showing her his trailers. She was impressed.

Blossoming love (haha!)

So after the birthday party I figured Lucy would need some chill time. So we got comfy in the recliner and… both fell asleep til about 6:30. Church started at 6. I didn’t know for sure if I was going anyway. Lucy sometimes likes a nap during that time and I wanted to try and give her the chance to sleep some. So we napped and then I squeezed her into a baby sling and we darted off to church.

Everyone loved her sling. I must admit, we look good together.
In da pouchSleeeepy

It reminded me of being 8 months pregnant. Not a time I thoroughly enjoyed. It is much easier to carry her around though.

Brought her home, and we decided that since I cooked every day except Friday last week, that we should go grab something. We went to Krystal’s and then came home. Next up, Routine.

Bath, jammies, dinner and bed. She was out like a LIGHT. I laid her down at about 9:35 and she just closed her eyes and drifted off to a lovely dream (I guess?).

Then, she disappointed me by waking up at 2:00 on the dot.

Not sure if it was because of her super busy day, or if those two nights just happened to be accidents.

I did notice… Friday night she was sleeping by 9:17, and Saturday by 9:19. Not sure if that very small time difference makes that big of a deal. It must…. Really great/busy day followed by broken sleep. This weekend spoiled me…

I put her back down at 2:20, and she made me happy by sleeping til 7:30.

Her sleeptime is so erratic. Usually she wakes up at 6-something, regardless the middle of the night feeding. Ah, who knows. I will say, it was nice to get that 5 hours there right before I got up for the day.

Well, I’m off to have a crazy busy day. Maybe I’ll get everything done… And maybe I’ll just rock Lucy all day… 1 week til school.