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082216 – 082516: A Weeks catch up

We’ve been going strong on school. And that takes a fairly big chunk of our time. 

We do take the occasional bunny break.

This little guy has been here a week and is already sweeter than Jasmine ever was. Lucy prays for Jasmine every night, and says she misses her, but then she also tells God how happy she is about cabbage. 

I truly hated to get rid of a pet like that… But having a mean rabbit is just uncalled for. 

I found a kids world map at target for $6 and the kids have been loving it. 

And we got a shipment in so the kids got a new toy (box).
And I took the kids to homeschool Open gym for them to play. They had a blast. But an hour and half of straight playing, climbing, jumping, and rolling still didn’t wear these two out. 
This weekend we’ve got plans to go to Baton Rouge to help with clean up. I’m not real sure what to expect. I am looking forward to helping some folks though. 

That’s about it! Hope your Friday is awesome!

081616 + 081716: Goodbye Jasmine, hello Cabbage

First off, a HAPPY Birthday to the worlds best Mawmaw. Her birthday was the 16th and we didn’t expect a visit, but after hearing about Judah’s little bump, she couldn’t stay away. We truly do have one of the best Mawmaw’s around. And I’m super blessed that she’s my mother-in-law as well. Love you Ms. Steph!

Now.. for a major change that happened at the Kirkley Household.

I am very serious about Lucy’s responsibilities with our animals. We’ve got a bunch of animals and she helps me take care of them. Some of it is simple stuff, like opening the door for Hunny (our chihuahua) when she needs to go out. She feeds our Ed (our cat) and Kowalski (outside dog) when I ask her to.

And she loves all our animals.

A few months back, we had gotten a couple of rabbits. You all remember Max B and Gadget, right?

Having rabbits had been a dream for Lucy for quite some time. And then we got two little Mini Rex Rabbits and the kids were infatuated. They played with them almost daily (as long as it wasn’t yucky weather). We’d bring them inside and let them hop around and the kids would just sit and rub and play and just had a time with them.

And then tragedy struck and we lost Max B.

And Gadget got promoted to semi-indoor bunny.

And Lucy was happy. She was much more upset about losing Max B than Judah was, and it was his rabbit.

Not long after Gadget got his promotion, a careless mistake (that Lucy still regrets) ended him as well.

And then we moved up to  a different breed, a Mini Lionhead.

And Lucy loved her and named her Jasmine and all was well with the world.

Til Jasmine grew up.

She became quite the hormonal doe that you read about. She was mean.


She’d bite if you held her, scratch you til you bled if you even dared to pick her up. She’d let you pet you, but only on her terms. She also chewed EVERYTHING (laptop cords, speaker wire, extension cords, laptop bag, baskets…)

I had just about had it with that dang old rabbit. And as much as I knew Lucy loved her, I know she wanted a rabbit like Gadget.

You could walk up to Gadget and just pick him up. You could put him in your lap and he’d just sit there and let you pet him for hours. He loved Lucy.

And Jasmine? Well.. if you can catch her, you can attempt to hold her, but she’s going to make you bleed. So, Lucy loved her rabbit from a distance. She never even tried to pick her up since the last time she bit her (which was like April!) I’ve done research on the breeds since having gotten one… and Mini Lionhead Rabbits apparently are notorious for growing up to be little buggers. Also, females are usually meaner than males. So, she was a double whammy.

So I mentioned to Lucy that if she wanted to, we could see about getting a new rabbit and finding a home for Jasmine.

Wes and I talked with her and explained that somewhere else Jasmine might get to sit in a cage and not be messed with (which is obviously what she wants) and she might get a boyfriend bunny and make lots more cute little Jasmines.

And she might could have a bunny that doesn’t scratch or bite, one that likes the treats we give, and one that she can hold and pet while she watches tv.

She cried, and she said, “I love Jasmine, but I just wish she’d be a good rabbit!” and then she’d say stuff like, “She’s just so cute, but she’s just so mean!” All she liked about Jasmine was her cuteness.

She wanted what we were offering but she felt bad for wanting to get rid of Jasmine. I understand that.

So, we thought we were going to take some baby steps and make a few phone calls just to see our options…

I made 2 calls. The second one was a retired couple who raise rabbits as a side hobby and they were willing to take Jasmine, and give us a baby Mini Rex (just like what Gadget was). And they had babies available now. So… I asked Lucy what she wanted to do.

“Can we go look at them today, Mom?”

Well, I guess we are going to rip the bandaid off.

So, Lucy and I drove up to Florence, with Jasmine in tow.

I explained to Lucy, that if she didn’t find one she liked, we didn’t have to get one today, and we’d bring Jas back home and she’d be in her cage and nothing would change if she didn’t want it to.

She kept saying things like, “I’ll really miss her… but I wish she would just let me pet her and hold her.”

Lucy didn’t cry again.

We got there and she loved seeing all the bunnies. She kept looking at the Mini Lionhead babies, which are unparalleled in cuteness. I had to keep bringing her back to the cage of Mini Rex. And she found one she liked.

I did not expect her to go with this color.. he’s like lynx + red. Basically, he’s Peter Rabbit, minus the vest. He’s that color. And he’s SO cute. She named him Peter to begin with, but by the time we got back to the main red light in Florence, she decided to go with Cabbage, which is a much cuter name.

I need to add – the guy who let us do this trade, I offered to pay him for bringing him an old rabbit he couldn’t sell (he will probably breed her, because she is very cute). He told me my money was no good and he felt like every girl should have a rabbit they can hold. It was very sweet of him. I’m grateful that they let us do this.

Before we left, she got to tell Jasmine bye.

She wasn’t as upset as I thought she would be. I explained to her once we got in the car what bittersweet meant, and I think she understood it more at that moment than ever.

She said a couple of times on the way home, “I sure will miss Jasmine, but I do really like Cabbage too.”

And then she said what broke my heart and made me want this whole thing to happen: “Mom… I can’t believe  I’m holding a bunny!”

She’s owned a rabbit since February, and hasn’t held a rabbit in months. Dadgummit Jasmine! Why couldn’t you have been nicer!?

I held about 6 of the little guys when we were picking them out. Cabbage was 100% most calm that day. He scratches a little, but not because he’s trying to get away, he scratches because he tries to be close to you.

Lucy’s already fallen in love again.

It’d be hard not too. Look at this little guy’s ears!

They go on for days! He looks very lynx-ish color here.

And he looks very red here. And did you notice?

He’s got the cutest little cottontail!

Lucy learned a hard life lesson that animals are uncontrollable and we can’t force them to love us. She also learned that nothing is permanent and you can change things if you put forth effort and are willing to make tough decisions.

I feel like this decision was better for us than us keeping Jasmine locked in her tiny cage inside and her being unhappy and us being unhappy. Now we have a new bunny who is still a little skittish and scared for now, but has the potential of being a fantastic little house bunny.

Poor Jasmine will realize the graveness of her mean-error. She had it made. Indoors, temperature controlled room, a loft for her self. Now, she’s outside sharing a pen with another bunny. And Cabbage? He’s living it up in his 1 bedroom, with all the petting and snuggles a bunny could want.

So long, Jasmine. We wish you well and we hope you find lots of happiness in your little bunny life, and know that a little blond girl in Collins will forever miss your cuteness.