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School and Fall 9.12.17 – 10.17.17

Fall hasn’t felt like fall, except that it’s been crazy busy. I think I’ll have a goal next year to blog weekly- and I may try and start that soon. But who knows… 

Church is steady and rolling, as always. We’ve started doing some Sunday night healing services that are just so awesome, and that’s added a little to what we normally do. It’s been so worth it though. 

Our ministers, who text each other to dress the same, are some great guys. 

If we aren’t schooling or churching, we’re working on Mawmaw’s house. We are getting close too. It’s getting exciting. Sheetrock finishers are coming tomorrow! 

And my view from the scaffolds ain’t so bad…

I have to take a moment here and brag on my kiddos. They were outside, from 8am until lunch, and then from lunch til about 3 or 4 for about a week straight and I heard almost no complaining, and lots of giggles as they played in the sand and hunted for frogs. 

And other tiny critters. 

This lil toad here has been in my house at least 3 times. 

And I had a little high school reunion. It was so much fun getting to see all the folks I graduated with, or at least a lot of them. 

This here is a gal that I’ve known for a long time. We reserved the back page of our yearbooks for each other. Most recently we’ve laughed so much at the dumb things we used to do. 

Our group def had the most school spirt, and why they put ME up there?? I don’t know. We laughed so much that night. 

And my Judah is in a Daddy-only phase. He came to me and asked for a red shirt and blue jeans. I didn’t know why until Wes walked into the room. 

And sometimes chool pauses because we’ve got a trencher and we need to learn how stuff works. 

I even made homemade pizza dough. There is a first for everything!

And we went camping with Nana and Papa J at Flint Creek and had a lot of fun. 

My little outdoor kids. 

Never with shoes. 

They are such a delight, even when I’m yelling at them for bringing a frog in my house, again

I know these days won’t last, my daughter is already sending me messages from her computer that contain more words than pictures, and it sorta makes me sad. 

And another part of me is excited to get to watch all the girly movies again with her when she’s a teenager and I can’t wait to be the one she tells her secrets to. 

I love being her mom. 

And judah, my sweet little dirty child. His feet are stained with red clay and he barely listens, but his heart is gold and he wants to be good. He’s just got too much boy in him. He thinks after he acts and I’m praying him through that. I love him so. 
Alright- it’s bath time followed by bed time and as a tired mom- I can’t wait. 


Catch up time 2.20.17 – 3.6.17

Whew. Been a minute huh? 

We’ve been busy. I’ve been skipping out on the internet when possible. 

We went camping. 

DeSoto was beautiful and empty. The kids had a blast and we are definitely planning another little excursion. 

We started cleaning our yard more. 

This is after. I know, I know… “that’s after?!” Yes. It was that messy. 

See how messy? We’ve been taking down scrubs and bushes and little trees. Mawmaws house sold, and so she’ll be our neighbor soon so we are taking down this old fence row that has been preventing our yard from growing. 

It looks so different around the house. 

Our chickens are working hard. Some harder than others. 

Yes, that’s a chicken egg. 

And then we decided to start on our living room. New windows!

Whoo hoo for no more drafts! We went with three the same size. I love it. And they open and close so easy. It’s beautiful  

And then we figured, why not really start on the house? So out comes the old paneling and in comes the Sheetrock. 

We even have the best little helpers around. 

Nail pulling champ. 
And so, we are in it and busy busy busy. If y’all wanna help- come on over. We’ll put you to work!

Hope your Monday was as productive as ours!

102016 – 102216: Homecoming, Camping, Family

We’ve been busier than usual this week. Which says a lot.

The kids still love Tiger.

I forced them to let Tiger pick who he wanted to sit with. And he chose to sit right in between them.

I believe we officially have his fleas gone, thanks Advantage.

And then we had Homecoming stuff. Kailey was in the parade. She wore an adorable little dress. And she’s adorable herself.

After the parade got rained out (so much rain, so many wet kids… it was funny and it wasn’t.) We all met u and ate together. Me and my brothers took a picture because we never do that. I look awful because my hair was still wet from running in the rain to my car.

I even got a picture with my nephew, Bradyn, who hates taking pictures. I had to sneak and get this one.

And then Friday was actual homecoming. So, Kailey and I took some pictures in her pretty dress. Here are some of my favorites.

A true laugh.

I really like this one of her and Nick.

And of course, I had to get one with her and my Luc.

And then homecoming was over and we all took a sigh of relief. Lucy was upset that Kailey didn’t “win” Queen and I had to explain how that worked with Kailey being a junior.

The boys took a camping trip on Friday so Lucy and I had a girls morning. Donuts!

Then we went to Sam’s and Walmart and looked around and had a good ole time. And then we made it home and got unloaded and waited for the guys. They came in and showed us all their pictures.

Didn’t realize how much I’d miss this little guy and his Daddy, too!

Papa J met all the boys and I know Judah loved that.

My little outdoorsman.

And thanks to uncle Sam for taking these. (not the government, our actual uncle Sam…) haha!

And that’s been our week. This week is set up to be MUCH slower paced, and I’ve already gotten done a lot of my grocery shopping, so I’m hoping to get a lot of school done and get caught up on housework from last week. Y’all have a good week – I’m so glad fall is finally here! (Even if it was just for this weekend!)

111315: no kids, Pray for Paris

The kids had a homeschool group event in town, then I packed their little hineys up and away they went with Mawmaw for the weekend. 

Wes had a speaking engagement at night, with the following day as well, so we headed out to the burg. 

We got home later than we do with kids and I slept awesome knowing I was not going to be woken up by a little person with a Walkie talkie or a person needing help with their covers. 

It was fabulous. 

And then we saw the news. 




Multiple casualties. 

It’s so heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for the innocent people who were minding their own business and were chosen to be killed by these terrorist. 

It’s heart breaking that these terrorist feel that they need to kill others to make a statement. That is gut wrenching. Knowing there is a group out there with this capability, and their goal is to kill innocent people. That’s their goal! Pain and death. 

We need to pray. And we don’t need to just post on Facebook “Pray for Paris,” we needo actually get on our knees and come to the Father and pray for his people who are hurting and torn apart right now, be it the people who have lost loved ones, or the people causing the hurt. 

They are all broken at this point.

They all need Jesus at this point.