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121516 – 121816: 

We’ve had a busy few days.

 Judah took time out to wash and put his hot wheels to bed with a snack. 

We had our Eve Christmas Party and did a sock swap. It was a lot of fun. 

And Wes did another little painting. 

I helped clean the flag. 

Turned out pretty good. 

And then the packing and cleaning to get ready for our upcoming trip. 

But we got it all done – biggest accomplishment was finishing school on time. Hooray! 100 lessons done. Whew. 

Alrighty- now time to enjoy Christmas!

Devotional: 1 Peter 1 // Christmas Party

So roll up your sleeves, put your mind in gear, be totally ready to receive the gift that’s coming when Jesus arrives.
1 Peter 1:13 MSG

I read this in a couple if different versions this morning.

They said it like this (this is Andreas version, btw):

We can hope for grace when Jesus returns.

Grace is the gift we are waiting on.

Isn’t that amazing? Not only is he going to allow us to spend eternity in heaven, but he’s bringing buckets of grace with him too.

Too much grace. More than enough, because our God is like that!

He’s planning things for us in heaven and he’s bringing us grace.

And even though the other versions said we can hope, it’s not a hope like with worldly things.

I hope I don’t get sick.

I hope I win a million dollars.

Those are hopes but they are rickety and up on stilts. They may not happen, and they may! We’ve got no way of knowing.

But when the word tells us to hope for something- it’s good as done.

Our grace is coming.

Life Blog


Last week was sorta a blur.

I stayed pretty busy getting everything ready for the party Friday night, which was a hit!

It turned out so beautiful and we all had a great time.

My phone was playing music for the event, so I didn’t snap many. I stole these from friends 🙂 (thanks Kelsie!)

The decorations turned out beautiful.

We finally got a good family picture, too!


My best girl. And my sweet boy!

We ended up dancing some, too! How funny 🙂 it was actually so much fun to dress up and play fancy!
This is Brandon and Miranda. They lead our youth. We love them so much and are so glad to be doing ministry with them. 20121217-070421.jpg20121217-070428.jpg
The kids kicked off the dancing for us, actually. They had the big room so they all just went for it!20121217-070503.jpg

I had a few helpers stay afterward to help me get everything clean (thank you guys so much!)

I just love our church. It was an honor to throw this party for y’all. I’m so glad you all had fun.

Before the night was over I gave my little man a BIG ole smooch!


He loved it!



Such a sweet lil man in a bowtie.

And after… I had a sick girl. She ran fever again, it had been off an on, but showed back up laaate Friday night. Actually Saturday morning. And hung out a little Saturday and went up again Saturday night. So I ended up laying on the couch covered in children on Sunday morning.

I didn’t mind.


Napping with 2 babies is sorta tricky, but if you can pull it off, it’s twice as sweet as napping with just one 😉

I hope your weekend was great!

*we are out of town, so if I miss a blog (I’m going to try not to!) that’ll be why