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040716 -040916: organization and emailing

Once we got the room set up and moved in, I was able to clean my house, and like, for real. My hallway had pretty much everything that went into the school room in it. 

No fun. 

So I cleaned for like 3 days straight. Cleaned my pantry out, utility room, Judah’s closet (which houses anything extra). And my whole house is clean and it’s staying that way because everything now actually has a place! First time ever. 

I actually almost cried when I thanked Wes for my room. It’s a spot that’s mine. All mine. Wes has his shop, Lucy and Judah their rooms. I didn’t have a place. Now I do. And I love it so much. 

Friday night we went and had some good catfish and great family visiting time. 

Saturday Wes and I were kid free so we went biking, had a picnic and enjoyed the beautiful day. 

Later when the kids got home I told Lucy about her email that I set up for her. It’s a kid safe email where I can control everything she sees and who she can send and receive from. 

Then I showed her how to use it and we sent some emails. 

She LOVED it. She asked me how many she could send… When I told her as many as she wanted she lit up. She didn’t realize it was free to send them. She’s used to stamps! She asked me later, when she was getting ready for bed if she could send emails every day. 

It reminded me of the first few times I heard the AOL “You’ve Got Mail” and got so excited. She sees her little star on her incoming messages and squeals. 

Wes sent her a picture tonight, and so this week she’ll be learning attachments, I guess… Haha!

Lucy sent Wes an email asking why he always picks fights with her. Here is her reading his email response. Quite funny!

Have a fabulous Sunday! 

040616: The reveal!

The exterior is next, and we will be starting on it soon. But the inside is like 99% done! Done enough so, that I moved in!

Oh and I love it!!

It will get a little more messy I’m sure, because I’m planning on using this room quite a bit. 

The kids were so excited about moving in day…

On the inside, all we have left is painting the steps (they were primed this evening) and then polyurethane on the French doors. 

And then of course the outside. It’ll be next. But it won’t be nearly as fun as the inside.  

Can’t wait to start putting this room to use! (Gotta take the next couple of days and get my house back to normal…)

031316 – 031516: Slow progress

Wes was working the past few days, so we didn’t get as much done on our house as we had been. We did get the room primed, windows cased in, and painted the fireplace. We also started on cleaning the floor. 

I decided to stain the floor instead of laminate. That way, I don’t ever have to worry about spills, people tracking in water, or any crazy science fair projects that drip or ooze. 

The plastic bag is a test we are running right now to see what type of stain we need to use. 

And my kids and I played and played yesterday. 

We found out that Jasmine likes Judah.  

And then I cleaned out SO MUCH STUFF the past couple of days. We’re going to have a garage sale at Mawmaws house I think. And I’ve got SO much to get rid of. I’m trying to clean out before we get moved in my room so that I don’t have a ton of extra stuff to throw away. 

Alrighty- Wes is off so we are back to work! Yay! We’re getting so close! 

030516: Big Holes in our House

We took a jump on our new room. No going back now.  We took out our current door and moved it to the new room. 
I’m really glad Wes’ dad was up, because moving the door turned out to be sorta tricky. There were lots of little things that had to be done, and then lots of little tweaks that was helpful to have a person whose done it a few times before. 

After that, the next (and scariest) step was make our new opening.  

So out goes the window! Now we have 2 holes in our house. 

We sealed off the door, it’s ready for Sheetrock. And we got the new door in, so our new room is just about fully sealed off. 

We had to pause on the job because we had a surprise party to go to for Uncle Paul!

Christy (his wife, my BFF sister in law) has been planning this thing since forever- and she pulled it off. 

And Mr. Judah snuck a happy 30th balloon…. And also he stands real funny for pictures..

Overall we had a super success Saturday! 

030316 + 030416: More progress 

We’ve been working. And that’s about it. We break to eat, and run the other errands and do the other things we are supposed to do, and then we get back on it. 

Me having a painting class postponed my working, and Wes being a pastor and running pastor errands (visiting folks, studying, etc.) stopped his for a while. Good breaks in our working though. 

We finished up all the framing, got the house fully plyboarded and put on our housewrap and got both windows in!

Next up? We move our door. Which will leave a nice big hole in our living room, which we will close up and wrap. Then we’ll have to open up our entrance into our room (our windows in our living room are being tossed).

Kinda scary because it’s like official official. 

But I’m so excited! 

We pulled up to the house last night and I was looking at it and it looked so different, not being a carport and it looking like part of a house! 

Can’t wait to get to the inside stuff!!