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Dreary January catch-up 1.3.17 – 1.9.17

Did you all thaw out? Not yet? That’s alright. Today will be warm. Finally. 

Our power bill from November to December more than doubled (went up like $190) which was cause for concern since that seemed a little extravagant. Also- our biggest use days we weren’t even home! 

They sent a guy out and he checked some stuff and basically- our AC unit is pulling the right amount of power- but is not pushing out any extra heat. 

The air that was coming out in our home he said was supposed to be ~105+. It was 87. And we were using the power to push out 105. It looked like in paper that our house would be 78 degrees all the time. (DEF not so).

Well- the coldness and ice basically killed it. When it gets below 30- our heat doesn’t do anything. So we shut it off- ran space heaters and kept a fire going through the whole dreary thing. 

Our AC is supposed to be getting checked today and hopefully it’ll be nice and toasty for the next cold spell. (If we even have one!)

I snapped this at church Wednesday night. The kids play hard and make a big mess, and then our kids leader, Samuel, makes them clean. And they love the cleaning part. They argue over who gets to vacuum. Tonight- Judah got to. 

And Lucy and I have been playing with our clay- and making little things. (The chapstick is real, just for size reference). 

And just wanted to show proof what I have to brush out every single day. 

Every. Single. Day. 

We had planned on donating her hair- but then I started looking into the companies. And a lot of them are not fully honest about what they do with the hair. I decided that I’m not going to chop off her hair to send to a company that may or may not use it for that purpose and instead sell it for a few bucks. 

Also- her hair was fine and brittle, and super tangly. It was also lighter at the ends which made me believe it would be in the toss stack. And it’s precious to me and to her and I don’t really want it sold for $3 to Malaysia. No offense. 

So we trimmed it some and it looks much better. 

Anywhoo. Off to do some school! 

052116 – 052516: Geez Loueez, time flies

I look up and it’s been days since I blogged! We’ve had a busy week so far- with summer being here. We cleaned our yard, and bush-hogged, and snake killed, and scrap metaled, and moved around. 

Since summer is here, we decided to give the kids their combined birthday gift a little early so they could be enjoying it. 

And boy have they been enjoying it. We cut them a trail through the field we just bushhogged and that’s their race track. We hear this thing going everywhere until we don’t, and then we hear “Dad! It stopped!” The battery runs down about 3 times a day. 

We did some furniture swapping with family,  for the back deck. Our kids can actually sit here and eat without the risk of falling now. 

I made a little brick pad for our school room door, which we will be adding too now that we got our brick laid on our house and we have tons extra!

We’ve been making the most of our hammocks. 

And I got my hair did! This is before. It was starting to get… Too crunchy. Wes hates that word when in reference to my hair, but you ladies know what I’m talking about. 
I had my hair stylist, the lovely Mooney, do some fancy stuff for me and now I get to play with color in my hair. First up? 


I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get wilder as I feel different. Haha! I truly love it. And I love that I get to play in it myself again! 

We were also blessed by Wesleys aunt and uncle with a new weed eater! So helpful and we are so grateful for fantastic families. We are so blessed. 

Well we are off to make a brick pad and weed eat the yard! Yay summer! (Wow, I sound a lot like Olaf!)

022616 + 022716: 45 minute sleepover

 The kids got to spend a little time at Mawmaws on Saturday, and Wes and I had errands in Hattiesburg to take care of. That worked out well. I was able to get my house clean too. 

I found this on my phone and before cleaning up. 
There were 8 pictures of that. Lucy was creating a congregation of sorts. 

And then after baths my kids duped me into letting them have a sleepover. I knew better. 

They were so excited. 

It lasted about 45 minutes, then I put Judah in his bed and both fell asleep within minutes. 

Oh well. Haha!

I slept good and that’s what matters to me! 

Devotional: 1 John 3 and my past couple of days…

This is how we’ve come to understand and experience love: Christ sacrificed his life for us. This is why we ought to live sacrificially for our fellow believers, and not just be out for ourselves. If you see some brother or sister in need and have the means to do something about it but turn a cold shoulder and do nothing, what happens to God’s love? It disappears. And you made it disappear. 1 John 3:16-17 MSG

Isn’t that tough to read?

I want to focus on the last part of this – verse 17. Why? Because we know what sacrifice Christ made for us, we remember it, we don’t keep it as fresh as we need to, but we do know what it is.

I’m quick to talk about all the ways God loves us. Partially, because its a little unbelievable. Why would he? I mean, really? When he knows the deepest parts of all of us, still chooses to love us. Kind of mind blowing really. Doesn’t really make a lot of sense. But I love knowing that he, God, the Creator of everything, knows my name and loves me. So, I talk about it a lot.

Then comes verse 17.

If we see someone who has a need, and the means to fulfill that, and DON’T, we have made His great love disappear.

We have that ability! Not that its a good ability to have, but we do have it!

When we refuse to step out and help others, we are being selfish, and there is no love in selfishness, except for self.

I know you’ve heard this – but you may be the only Jesus some people ever see comes from this verse.

NEWSFLASH: Some people don’t go to church. A lot of people don’t go to church because they have a reason (not a good one… there are no reasons to not attend a church), but in their mind they are justified because of all the ‘dang sinners’ who also attend that church. Pot, meet Kettle.

Hebrews tells us to GO TO CHURCH. Anyway..

These people who don’t go to church, either that have been hurt by people before or just never went, don’t know how God’s love is supposed to look.

And I’ll tell you this – God’s love isn’t a cold shoulder. God’s love isn’t a ‘hurry and dodge that person’. It isn’t ignoring a need that is obvious. It isn’t saying no when someone asks for help.

God’s love isn’t any of that. And yet – I’ve been guilty of most of those. We have made His love disappear, when WE don’t show the love.

Scary thought. We have a chance to show someone who has been burned before, because, that does happen at churches. Because PEOPLE go there, and people aren’t perfect. But then we get an opportunity to show love to someone who maybe hasn’t felt love from a stranger, or even a Christian in some time, and we dodge them. We go out of our way to avoid them. We blow them off.

That ain’t love.

We need to be more sacrificial with our lives, and even though we may not WANT to do something, we know we need to. And I PROMISE you will not regret helping another person. Even if it is just speaking to them, being friendly when no one else will be. It doesn’t have to be money.

This ‘sermon’ is much easier said than done. It’s something we will all be working on til we die. It isn’t something that comes easy, but it is doable.

And it is what we are called to do.

Life Blog

Man. This week has zipped by. We’ve been quite busy.

So Tuesday I started ‘getting the crap out of my yard’. I did a lot. It looks better – not perfect – but better. Then later that evening I noticed something. And it was probably due to the old pine straw I was raking (hey – it was the steroids making me non stop…) but my eyes were puffy and swollen.

Just ONE MORE THING!! Literally, I can’t catch a break. If it isn’t just plain old pregnancy symptoms – which, some of you know, aren’t a whole lotta fun by themselves, then it is something else. Poison Ivy, swollen face.. Ugh…

That went away after a day or so. And I haven’t been back outside since. I mean, I’ve been outdoors, just not raking.

And then – Lucy was sorta bad all day. Late that evening after about 30 minutes of nonstop crying (seriously.. she wouldn’t stop…) I decided to check something.

Yup. Teething. Again. Her bottom ‘eye’ teeth are coming in. Possibly the top two as well. The bottom ones are bulges right now. Little bubbles waiting to pop into a tooth. I can imagine it hurts. So, since then, me and Lucy have been taking it pretty easy. I’m ready for all the teeth to be in. She’s been most fussy with these, though. She wasn’t really that bad with her molars. And they say those are the worst..

Anywhoo. My ivy itching hasn’t quiiite stopped yet, and I’m on my second to last day of steroids, so I’m hoping it’ll be fully gone by tomorrow. Most of it is, just still a little itchy here and there.

And I got a little frustrated yesterday. I’ve read that when you go to the hospital to have #2, you need to have a little toy or something for #1. So I thought, “Lucy loves horses, I’m fairly competent with a sewing machine, I’ll make her a plush horse!” So I buy a pattern, and using fabric I didn’t like, make one to test it out. Fairly cute, learned a few things, knew what to change. Made my second one using the fabric I bought just for the horse…

Looked like a gorilla. Seriously. And me with my raging hormones had a melt down. So I cut it up into tiny pieces. Well, I cut up the parts I needed to fix and saved the ones I felt like I might could salvage. So now I have 4 legs and mane on my sewing machine. I may attempt to fix it today.. and I may not. I don’t want it to win again.

I may work on it after I get my house clean. With a teething baby and painting a house and hubby painting cars and houses and church, and cooking, and life, it has gotten not great. So today I’ll catch up so tomorrow I can have a Saturday!

And last two things: Our rooster – I’ve told you about ol Poncho – is now crowing.. ALL THE TIME. Literally, he’s probably crowed 15 times today, an its only 7. He started at 5:30. And his crow still.. doesn’t sound quite right. Like a normal crow is the ole, “Cock-a-Doodle-doooo!” And his is more.. “Cock-a-doooo”. And it kinda fades. Its like he thinks he’s going to get it right, and then when he doesn’t, he gets all defeated and just quits. Kinda sad. Kinda irritating. At least we know he’s a rooster.

And the last thing: I want to go see What to Expect When You’re Expecting before it leaves theaters. It comes out today, and is going to be VERY funny. I only need a baby sitter and money. Thanks. 😉

Hope your weekend is GRAND!

Lucy says bye!

Christmas Parade is coming!

I have been kinda uber busy. Hence no posting.

Wesley left Friday to go to SOUTH Texas to do a little mission work and a little preachin, which in turn, left me alone with Lucy Bea.

She isn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but it is hard to deal with a baby 24-7, with little backup. And, said baby is teething still, and drooling like CRAZY, and acting like CRAZY, So, here I am blogging at 10pm…

So.. to catch you up…

We left Louisiana on Wednesday, but not before Lucy got to see her (second? third?) Cousin.


They are two weeks apart, so they caused double the fun together. Actually, Lucy was so tired they ran around for about 30 minutes, and she was out. Such a party pooper.

Then we headed home, with a very tired girl.

We got home around 6, and were all so tired we just crashed. Then Thursday came along, ole Thanksgiving. We ate lunch at MawMaw Stephanie’s (Wesley’s mom) house, then dinner at Bruce’s (my dad). Lucy came across a harmonica.

And she caught on quick.

Then my brothers and I hit up Walmart around 10.

That was a disaster. Except for the bumper sticker we saw.

Really? Yep.

Then when I got home, Lucy was crying, and we had the roughest night we’ve had in MONTHS. I haven’t written about how she sleeps – because she sleeps so well. To bed at 7:30 or 8, or 9 sometimes, and never up before 7:30. Usually around 8:30. Great sleeper. She takes long naps in the afternoon too. Like 2 or 3 hours usually. Good sleeper.

Well.. I guess the Thanksgiving festivities caught up with her – or the caffeine and sugar… She didn’t go to sleep until a little after 3am. Not cool. But once she was out – she was out.

Later Friday after Daddy had left, we went back to Hattiesburg to do some shopping.
We went to Walmart, and Hobby Lobby, and Target. We actually ran into Maw Maw Steph there, so we grabbed a bite to eat at Chick-fil-A. Turned out to be quite a successful trip!

I bought a Christmas tree. (That’s right, we didn’t have one). We used to keep a cat indoors, and when we set up trees, they would climb it. So I just started decorating a palm I already had. It was easier. But, it was time for some traditions.

So, now we have one – one that was passed down from my mom to me. My mom used to buy me an ornament every year – of a rocking horse. I had about 15 or so. Some years she’d buy 2. But that’s what we decorated our tree with. So, I’m doing the same with Lucy. Except I’m gonna get her birds. So, because this is her second Christmas, but I’m just now starting the tradition – I had to buy her two. But I let her hang the one from this year.

So here is “2010’s” ornament.

And 2011.

I made a little note on the back of each one, so she’ll know what year she got them.

Then I let her decide where to put it. Picking the spot:

And spot decided!

So tree complete!

After we put the tree up, we enjoyed the clean house (from cleaning all day Saturday) with Movie night! We watched Rango. Complete with Popcorn.


Cutest date ever.

And then Sunday was a blur – like always. We did morning service, and Evening, and in the middle I visited a member who was donating stuff for the Christmas parade.

After church and once I got Lucy in bed I started working on the costumes.

So since Sunday night – I’ve made 7 costumes. Mary, Joseph, 3 Wise men, a shepherd and baby Jesus. I’m pooped.

And now.. I’ve sorted my Avon, I’m about to make a run through the house so I wake up to a clean house again, and then I’m crashing. Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again before next week. After Thursday my schedule should get a little less crowded.

If you are around on Thursday, come check out our float. It’ll be the one with the disco ball 🙂

ps – Lucy is now officially 17 months old today. **weeps**