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080316 – 080616: School and Stuff

Kiddos started school and so I got our always-random, usually shoeless, first day of school pictures. 

See? They do love each other some!

I’ve got a couple of posing kiddos…

And we did school most of the week, except Friday when I wasn’t home but for a few minutes with work and other stuff. 

And then Saturday we had a birthday party! My nephew turns 2 this week! 

So I made my other nephew take a picture with Lucy. He loves taking pictures. 

And the birthday boy…

And then he was gone. I’ve got a video of him struggling to stay awake and still eat cake. It’s quite cute. 

And this will be his present on his 13th birthday. A framed picture of the two of us. 
Haha! Sweet little guy! 

Hope your week was as good as it would be to fall asleep eating cake!

072616 – 072916: Last Minute NOLA Trip

I admit, I love that we live close enough to NOLA to plan a last minute trip to the city. 

And that’s what we did. We have a lot planned for Sunday, which is Judah’s actual birthday and so we wanted to go and do some thing as a family before his day. 

So we set off to the zoo. 

Gah, it was hot. 

But the kiddos had a blast. 

Then we went to our hotel and rode the trolley to dinner and took a nice stroll back to the hotel down St. Charles St in the garden district. We stopped at a local health food store and bought some imported and made in store candies. 

Then we all crashed pretty early at about 9pm. 

The next day we went into the French Quarter and I made my kids take a picture here.

It was hot this day too! 

We met up with Papa J and Nana and they have Judah his birthday present a little early. 

We got back on the road and headed towards home. We stopped in Slidell and ate lunch with my Aunt Mary and Uncle Earl which was very good and so much food! And we picked up my niece to get her back home too. 

Before we left I got to watch my nephew for a little while. His little sweet self climbed right up into the chair with Lucy to watch her draw. 

And in case you’re wondering, we did get the tree all cleaned up for the most part. Very little is left in the yard, so we are happy about the whole thing. And we saved about $1500 dollars doing it ourselves. We did have to buy little odds and ends, like chains and gas, but that was nothing compared to paying someone to do the job. 

Hope y’all have had as an exciting week as we have! 

062316 – 062516: Cousin Visits

My kiddos are creative and I truly love that. We got home and unpacked and they wanted to paint. So, we painted. 

Lucy got some cute little bird houses for her birthday and she was kind enough to let her brother paint some with her. They had so much fun. 

Then Thursday we went swimming! 

We stopped by and got my niece. My beautiful girls…

Truly crazy how much they favor. 

The blond beauties. 

I jumped in the shower and when I got out, found Lucy playing with Kaileys hair while Kailey read fair takes to her. 

Love my sweet girls. Kailey slept in Lucy’s bed and I haven’t seen Lucy that excited in a while! 

We all had fun and I’m planning on getting her again this summer. She’s going to be a Junior in high school and I can’t believe my eyes. 

I mean, you know they grow up so fast… She showed me pictures of her from just like two years ago and I cannot believe how much more grown she looks. 

And Lucy too. Her birthday is this week. Tuesday. After Tuesday I’ll have a 6 year old. I cannot process. 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend filled with family and fun too!

011116: Driving Permits

I took my pretty niece to take her learners permit test. She passed!

Lookout world! She’s on the move! 

She’s such a sweet girl. So glad I could be a part of this big day with her. My kiddos love their Kailey, too. 

We went to the library, and checked out some books. I can see that Lucy is much like me- when I get a new book and I sit down to read- I devour it. I love getting a good book. And we got home and Lucy got her books (Gerald and Piggie books) and was after it. She didn’t stop til she had read all 3. They are easy to read books and she doesn’t need my help with them. I think that’s why she likes them so much. 

Anyway… That was our day for the most part. It was a pretty good Monday. 

Congrats, Kailey! 

121615 + 121715: Christmas came early

We aren’t huge on Santa. We also don’t tell our kids he’s a lie and fake. He isn’t. He was a real person. But they know that the presents under the tree are from us, and not just Santa. 

We do let them have one present from Santa. This year, we let Santa get them a playhouse for the yard. Santa also checked the weather and saw that there is a possibility of rain on Christmas, so he brought it on the 17th. 

The kids loved it!

They searched the yard. 

And then Judah spotted it. 

Then Lucy…

And they ran. 

And they loved it. 

And then we moved all their stuff over near their house.

So they have a little play area far back in our yard, far, far from the road and the people who FLY past our house. 

And we put them up a rope swing. 


And then Kowalski got a bath. And he felt good!

And then my little nephew came to play.

And he and Judah got all clean.

And I got some sweet Keegan snuggles. 

And Lucy loved the fact he was asleep and she was awake. 

And that was our day! 

Christmas is coming and I’m getting excited!!