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102016 – 102216: Homecoming, Camping, Family

We’ve been busier than usual this week. Which says a lot.

The kids still love Tiger.

I forced them to let Tiger pick who he wanted to sit with. And he chose to sit right in between them.

I believe we officially have his fleas gone, thanks Advantage.

And then we had Homecoming stuff. Kailey was in the parade. She wore an adorable little dress. And she’s adorable herself.

After the parade got rained out (so much rain, so many wet kids… it was funny and it wasn’t.) We all met u and ate together. Me and my brothers took a picture because we never do that. I look awful because my hair was still wet from running in the rain to my car.

I even got a picture with my nephew, Bradyn, who hates taking pictures. I had to sneak and get this one.

And then Friday was actual homecoming. So, Kailey and I took some pictures in her pretty dress. Here are some of my favorites.

A true laugh.

I really like this one of her and Nick.

And of course, I had to get one with her and my Luc.

And then homecoming was over and we all took a sigh of relief. Lucy was upset that Kailey didn’t “win” Queen and I had to explain how that worked with Kailey being a junior.

The boys took a camping trip on Friday so Lucy and I had a girls morning. Donuts!

Then we went to Sam’s and Walmart and looked around and had a good ole time. And then we made it home and got unloaded and waited for the guys. They came in and showed us all their pictures.

Didn’t realize how much I’d miss this little guy and his Daddy, too!

Papa J met all the boys and I know Judah loved that.

My little outdoorsman.

And thanks to uncle Sam for taking these. (not the government, our actual uncle Sam…) haha!

And that’s been our week. This week is set up to be MUCH slower paced, and I’ve already gotten done a lot of my grocery shopping, so I’m hoping to get a lot of school done and get caught up on housework from last week. Y’all have a good week – I’m so glad fall is finally here! (Even if it was just for this weekend!)


I have none.

I told one of my good friends I needed to get motivated to blog. She said, “You are motivated. You are pregnant, and you blog once a week. You are crazy motivated.”

I mean… I guess.

I don’t really have an excuse besides just being pregnant. And… I guess that’s an okay one. I blogged a lot more when I was pregnant with Lucy. Of course, now she’s 19 months old, and… I’m having to chase her down instead of just feeling little kicks and whatnot from within. Very different.

Lucy is getting more and more personality each day. I mean.. her little personality is growing by leaps and bounds. Last night for example, I stripped her down in the bathroom with her new potty to see if she’d even sit on it. She’s scared of the big toilet, so we got her a training potty. So, she’s naked, and she sits on it for a sec, then gets up and runs out of the bathroom to come in the living room to watch Shaun the Sheep.

Daddy sits down with his nightly snack of peanut butter and jelly half sandwiches, and so of course, Lucy the scavenger wants some. Not sandwich, just the peanut butter. Once she gets herself a mouthful, from the knife, she spins around and dances around to Shaun. I’m laughing so hard I can’t even take a picture. Its’ all blurry. I compose myself and get one. She’ll hate me one day for taking it. And I’m not going to post it. She’s naked and and 1, and this is the internet… So I don’t want some creeper looking at my sweet precious baby naked. You get it.

Besides last night, every day has been about the same.

Lucy lays around and watches TV some (I do limit her amount). She’s just so funny when I catch her watching TV.

She came in the living room the other day wearing one of Daddy’s hats. She is always wearing his hats.

Daddy went to visit some friends this past week. He left Thursday and came home Saturday. So it was just me and Lucy for a couple of days there. When its just me and her, nothing seems to go right. Not sure why… She likes knowing Daddy is around I think.

She wouldn’t go to sleep one night, so I was going to let her cuddle with me. And our sleep turned into this.

The picture is blurry, but she was asleep and I wasn’t going to wake her. She’s actually asleep on my neck. Which means.. I wasn’t asleep. After 1, I put her in her bed, and I got some sweet sleep.

Her Nana and Papa came up and she spent some quality time with Papa.

And I gave Lucy a manicure!
A teensy manicure... Not so easy.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment. Have I said that I love my new doctor? Anyway, we talked about pregnancy stuff. My biggest thing was I didn’t want to get halfway into this pregnancy and have her hit me with so, “When do you wanna schedule your delivery?” I don’t want to schedule my delivery and she said that was fine, we wouldn’t. I love that. I want to go natural, and I don’t want to be induced. I did it once, I can do it again. She told me this next delivery will probably be faster. So.. faster than 4 hours. Yikes.

Lets do this.

AND! FIVE weeks we go to do the big ole ultrasound to check on all the organs and stuff and the GENDER!! I’m SO excited. I’m such a planner, and I GOT TO KNOW. Got to. I can’t plan anything right now. Uh… ok so.. the 5 week wait begins.

Crazy week…

This past weekend/week has been just… crazy.

Saturday I decide to go to Laurel (of all places…) to do my grocery shopping. Ok, my main reason was Corn Dog 7. Yeah, you read that right. I wanted a corn dog. Yay pregnancy.

So I head to Laurel. On my way I start thinking… why did I come to Laurel? Then I said.. “Ok. I’ll give it a chance.”

When I got to Laurel I stopped at Hudson’s. The Laurel Hudson’s isn’t part of all the rest of the Hudson’s company. The Laurel Hudson’s marks stuff up and then does 30% and you think you’re getting a deal, when really, you are paying full price for ketchup. Don’t buy food at Hudson’s.

They had people all over the store who were watching people to make sure no one was stealing. The actually had a stock of shoes, where there was one entrance, and they had a guy on duty so no one could sneak shoes. I’m being serious. So I left, and thought, that’s a little ghetto, but I’m giving Laurel a chance.

I head toward the mall to get my corn dog. Men on horses. Oh, right, of course.

Then I see there is a MLK parade going on and the streets are blocked. So I drive around to a different mall entrance, upon which I had to stop to allow the loose horse, to walk past my car.

I’m not kidding.

A police officer was following behind him. Some kid had dropped the lead, and the horse, of course, got away. It was a young horse, still a horse.

I get out and go get my corn dog. It was good. Wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but it was good. And then Lucy and I were outta there, and on our way to Walmart.

I get to Walmart and get all the groceries that I need. I stopped by the clearance section earlier and noticed they still sold fish. I had thought about getting Lucy a fish tank a long time ago, but never did, so I figured, why not today?

So I spent like 40 bucks and bought her a small 1 gallon aquarium, 4 small fish, and a few things to decorate the tank with. The girl who scooped the fish, I realized fairly quickly, wasn’t much of a fish person.

Instead of taking the water that the fish were already in (correct way) she filled the bag up with water from the faucet (wrong way). So not only was the new water these fish were being introduced in a very different temperature (shock to their system) but it was also chlorinated (kills fish).

I got home, hoping that they could be saved, and I set up the tank quickly, and got them into the right kind of water.

Lucy loved watching the little fish swim around in the tank.

Sunday morning I woke up to find 3 dead fish.

Thanks Walmart.

I’m just glad Lucy wasn’t old enough to have named them and actually liked them.

Sunday after church I took a small baggie full of dead fish and another baggie with a live fish back to Walmart, along with the teensy tank. I got over half my money back.

I went across the street to talk to the nice folks at Petsmart and got a kit there, and all the stuff I needed to set up a fish tank for real. I used the money I got back from Walmart to buy the tank, and had to add $50 to it. So now, I’m in this like 90 bucks, and still don’t have any fish. But the tank itself was pretty…

Wes liked the idea of a tank, and Lucy liked the idea of having “sish” so I just went with it.

The next day, Wes, Lucy and I went to a pet store and picked her out some fish. We got an algae eater, a molly, and some neon glofish. They are small fish that zip around the tank and are very bright. Lucy can see them well. And they are pretty active.

She loves her new “sish”.

And we ordered our chickens last week. So, we have 18 chicks on the way (they’ll be here January 27th). We are raising chickens for eggs. Our coop is almost done (but the chicks will be inside til probably the end of March, so we have time to finish).

My dreams have been a little bezerk. I’ve been dreaming of having my baby. I’ve had dreams of fishtanks, and dreams of chickens and coops and eggs.

So because of all the dreaming, I haven’t been sleeping well.

Yesterday, I made myself a to do list book.

Instead of all this stuff rolling around in my head (I need to buy a light for the bitties, I need to go through Lucy’s clothes once we find out what it is, I need to make some meals for my freezer before the baby gets here) I put it all down so I don’t keep myself awake at night trying to sort through my to-do’s.

That’s helped.

And then my AT&T fiasco.

I’ll make a TWO HOURS on the phone with AT&T story short.

Collins had a DSL outage, but the AT&T guy told me it was our modem. Wes and I drive to Hattiesburg (during all the rainy yuck) to get a new one. I get home and get it all set up, and it still doesn’t work. I call back – and find out about the outage. Then I can’t get my wireless to work again. Finally, at 10:10pm, it’s fixed. Finally got a hold of some people at AT&T who seemed to care that AT&T messed up my service, and didn’t want to deal with me. They helped and it works.

Happy customer again.

I slept good last night because I was so exhausted.

Ok.. I’ve typed enough for today. Enjoy the rest of your week!