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100616 – 100816: Cruisin’ the Coast

We came to Cruisin’ the Coast last year and really enjoyed our time (even with a blowout and a breakdown or two). So we decided to try again, in a different ride. 

And it’s been fantastic. 

We left after the funeral on Wednesday and we’ve been riding and sitting ever since. 

The kids have been playing in the sand. And sand is everywhere. But they love it. 

We’ve actually been quite lazy. And it’s been really, really nice. I’m not sure a day has gone by since Johnpaul arrived back in Mid-September that we haven’t been needed by someone or something else. 

So, having some just family time has been needed. Papa J and Nana came down with us and so the kids have had fun with them too. 

And we’ve seen some really cool cars. Our kids loved this one. It had a minion in the back. 

We’ve relaxed and eaten until we were stuffed. We’ve relaxed, watched cars, and really had a good time. 

And we’ve worn out the kids a time or two. 

If they stop long enough, they go out. What sweet babies. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with us through these past few weeks. You all are great. Thank you for our pastors appreciation day- your donation was used for this trip. We have really enjoyed it all. It’s been great. 

We are headed back today and will get back to our daily grind soon. We will hopefully come back with a rested mindset. 

100815 – 101015: Cruisin the Coast 2015

We decided a few weeks ago, to take our newly acquired blue car to the MS coast for Cruisin the Coast. We made it down with zero problems. I followed behind Wes and the kids in my jeep in hopes we’d all be riding home together.   
We found a nice little spot not far from 49, that was shady and he a good parking lot. So we stopped there. 

Later that day we went into Diamondhead, where my aunt and uncle just built a house. They were out of town, for the whole week, and said that we could still use their house, which was so nice, and helped us out tremendously. 

Diamondhead had a nice little car show too, so we took the kids and old blue and went and looked around. 


Lucy found her favorite ride, obviously covered in flowers. 

The kids got to play in sand, and they loved that. 


And they got to feed the fish, and they loved that. 

The kids had a blast the whole weekend. 

But Thursday. Thursday showed up and turned the trip into a Wesley Kirkley trip. He doesn’t have great luck, when it comes to old cars and going or coming or sometimes even looking. He’s broken trailers, trucks not fit on trailers and he’s had to make 2 trips (to Memphis!), he’s had blowouts, and breakdowns. Pretty much every trip we go on, we are a little nervous, because of what always happens. This year was no different. 

We started toward the beach on Thursday, got to 90, and the car flooded. So it wouldn’t crank. We left it, came back and it did fine for the rest of the trip. Just a little trash in the carburetor. No big deal. 

Then Thursday evening, on his way back to Diamondhead…

The only way to take it to get it fixed was to buy 4 cinderblocks, put the car on them, drive my car to Biloxi, to drop off the wheels and wait. By 6pm in Friday, the car was back going. With 4 brand new tires and $500 less dollars. 

We really classes up my Aunts brand new home. 

After that, the rest of the trip was pretty easy. 

We took it out Friday night and rode the strip. The kids played in the sand behind us while we sat and watched the cars go by. 

Overall, the car did really well. It’s quite a fun car to even ride in, which is even more smooth now with 4 new tires. 

We are hoping it sells, but are actually okay now if it doesn’t. It’s a boat, but it’s a boat that runs really well, drives really well, and we could move in if we needed to its so big. 


We had fun, but I’m glad to be home. Thank you, 300, for getting Wes home safe and for a fun weekend. 

100615 + 100715: interview and the coast

Thursday, finally, the dealership called and let me know that my key wouldn’t be in for a few days. Whatever. I’ll wait a few days to drop 200 bucks then. 

Later, I made a call to a company I’m hoping to work for. I’ve done a lot of the process for hiring already (submitted application, painted 3 painting, followed a guideline for a new painting, took a test on painting and drawing materials, submitted my scores -98.6, and signed a contract with their company). Now I have to be hired by the local store in order to work there. 

So, I called the store and they told me to come in today! 

I went in and interviewed. The actual manager, who decides officially, was out with family illnesses. But the class manager said she would pass my resume to her and say, “yes!” 

I’m hoping to hear back Monday or Tuesday. 

And then we got packed up and ready for Cruisin’ the Coast. Then we had a package over nighted to us. We needed it for the car. 

So we woke up and hoped it would come in. I ran to town to get gas, and look who I ran into.  

So, we got our part and made our way down. 

We set up once we got down there to watch the cars go by. The weather was great. 

And later, we went on to our fancy house that we rented (HA HA!). We’re staying in my aunts house while they are out of town. In Diamondhead they do a big car show, so we rode out to that. 

Lucy found her favorite ride too. 

She know how to pick em!

Here’s to a good day Cruisin!