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032115: busy busy busy

We had a busy Saturday, like most. Lucy had to take dance pictures, in her cute little yellow dress. The one she chose.  


After that we came home for lunch, then headed right out for a bday party. Mr.Tyson turned 4! He had a big slide at his party, all the children enjoyed it.  


And then we came home to let my kiddos rest up before meeting up with Uncle Paul, Aunt Christy, Aiden and Papa J for dinner.

  But before we left I caught Lucy doodling on a Vic’s baby rub box. She turned it into a dog. What a creative little girl!


And now to finish out our weekend…

030215: dance class

I worked today. I’m looking more and more forward to being able to step down a notch and be home more with my kids to really set up a good routine. 

After work, I took Lucy to dance. I was able to watch her! She did so good! I was so very proud of her. I took some snippets of video to help her practice with later. 

She’s gonna be so cute at her recital!!

Sorry about the blur. It was through glass and blinds. I had to zoom. What a funny kid!!

012615: work, dance, busy

Monday was a regular Monday, without all the negative of really being a Monday. Nothing terrible happened. Praise God.

I got up at 5:15 and worked out, then put dinner in the crock pot, went to work, took Lucy to dance, came home for dinner and then we got the kids in bed. Regular day. Judah fell asleep on the way to Hattiesburg and looked like a zombie in target. That was pretty funny.


And both fell asleep on the way to dance class.


What sweet kiddos. (It’s easy to say that when they are napping!)