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102016 – 102216: Homecoming, Camping, Family

We’ve been busier than usual this week. Which says a lot.

The kids still love Tiger.

I forced them to let Tiger pick who he wanted to sit with. And he chose to sit right in between them.

I believe we officially have his fleas gone, thanks Advantage.

And then we had Homecoming stuff. Kailey was in the parade. She wore an adorable little dress. And she’s adorable herself.

After the parade got rained out (so much rain, so many wet kids… it was funny and it wasn’t.) We all met u and ate together. Me and my brothers took a picture because we never do that. I look awful because my hair was still wet from running in the rain to my car.

Iย even got a picture with my nephew, Bradyn, who hates taking pictures. I had to sneak and get this one.

And then Friday was actual homecoming. So, Kailey and I took some pictures in her pretty dress. Here are some of my favorites.

A true laugh.

I really like this one of her and Nick.

And of course, I had to get one with her and my Luc.

And then homecoming was over and we all took a sigh of relief. Lucy was upset that Kailey didn’t “win” Queen and I had to explain how that worked with Kailey being a junior.

The boys took a camping trip on Friday so Lucy and I had a girls morning. Donuts!

Then we went to Sam’s and Walmart and looked around and had a good ole time. And then we made it home and got unloaded and waited for the guys. They came in and showed us all their pictures.

Didn’t realize how much I’d miss this little guy and his Daddy, too!

Papa J met all the boys and I know Judah loved that.

My little outdoorsman.

And thanks to uncle Sam for taking these. (not the government, our actual uncle Sam…) haha!

And that’s been our week. This week is set up to be MUCH slower paced, and I’ve already gotten done a lot of my grocery shopping, so I’m hoping to get a lot of school done and get caught up on housework from last week. Y’all have a good week – I’m so glad fall is finally here! (Even if it was just for this weekend!)

081816 – 082016: Mamie & that Boy’s house

We made a quick trip down to see Mamie, my Aunt and my kid’s (3rd? 4th?) Grandmother for her birthday. She’s technically their great aunt, but she’s their Mamie for sure. On our way down there, after we had picked up my cousin, Judah asks me if “that boy” was going to be there. I assumed he meant Pax, his (2nd?) cousin. I told him no, because Pax has school. 

We make our way down and we had some visiting time. At dinner I told Mamie about Judah asking about “that boy” and Judah clarifies, “no, that boy…” And he points to Uncle Earl at the head of the table. We all laughed pretty hard. 

Judah now knows his name. 

My kids do love coming to see their Mamie and that boy. Haha!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

We had a good visit, even though it was short. We headed home to get caught up on school because of the busy-ness of the week we did get behind. And that’s why I love homeschool!

Saturday morning Lucy conned us into getting donuts, but the donut place was closed for the weekend, so we had to go to Rameys. Lucy cleaned out her piggy bank (6$) to payor the donuts. 

Obviously I couldn’t let her. And we scored big. And now we have a ton of leftover donuts…

Kids were excited. 

Donuts always get the kids excited. 

And that was our weekend! 

Ps- Judah’s doing great. A little bruised, but besides that, he’s fine. Praise God. 

031016 + 031116: RAIN and work

It’s been raining, not sure if you’ve noticed or not. We’ve kept the “sick” kids inside and worked on our room.  

We got all of our Sheetrock up, and it’s been floated and already has some drawings on it. 

And the kids got to eat donuts too.  

Always makes them feel better. And no, he didn’t finish the long john. Ate 3 bites on one end and one bite on the other. His eyes are bigger than his stomach, my grandma would say. 

You see Lucy making her donut strategy? My kids donut hard. Haha!

Alright, kids stayed with Mawmaw so back to work!

121315 +121415: weekend before the weekend before Christmas

We didn’t do much. No shopping, cause I’m done… No major news.

Lucy and I went and got donuts together. 

She loves the donut place. She got a free donut because she was cute and specified that she wanted a donut with the circle sprinkles instead of longer oval sprinkles. She’s so weird.

And of course we brought some back for Judah. 

He makes a mean donut-eating face. 

Sunday was a blaze of meetings and practices and we squeezed in church too, ha! 

And that’s about it. 

Saturday night Wes wanted us to watch a Christmas movie and I told him we should wait til Christmas is closer and then he reminded me, Christmas is like less than 2 weeks away. 

Wow. It’s sneaking up on us for sure!

111915 – 112115: sister and brother

Kiddos have been eerily playful with each other here recently. Not that I mind, it’s just uncommon. 

It’s like they’ve finally realized that they have a person to play with at their disposal, all the time, in their own house!

I’ve been enjoying it. 

Then we went for donuts. 

She sincerely looked up at her daddy and said, “are you gonna eat that last donut?” 

She put some donuts away. 

We had a nice morning. Really glad little donut shops exist in Collins so that me and my family can get some sweet treats from time to time.