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The last month: 6.15.17-7:8.17

Man. I am super lazy. Blogging is full on back burner. I’m recording life in my journal again, and so my need for the blog is less and less. I do like having an online record, so I’m not stopping it, but it’s obviously not as much of a priority as it once was. 

So to catch you up. 

Kids went to VBS at my dad’s church. My aunt Karla and uncle Jerry were so kind to come get them and let them ride the bus to Bible school. The kids were beside themselves wth excitement. 

We went to the beach with Wes’ family. The whole lot of us went. It was quite a crowd. But we had a ton of fun. 

The weather wasn’t perfect the first half of he week- actually so much so that the lifeguards were giving tickets if you got in the water. So, in the sand we played and in the pool. Then, the last couple of days we all got sunburned. 

Ugh my hair makes me mad. 

A big step happened. This was the last picture I had with my 6 year old!

Now she’s 7. She had a sleepover and we had a party at church with a bunch of her church friends. 

We had a nice visit from Mimi and Pop and celebrated both birthdays. So glad we could see them. 

My kids went to spend the night with Mawmaw… for one night. Think they packed enough?!

We had a crazy July 4th bash… on July 3. Wes was leaving and so the family was around and we did fireworks and laughed harder than I have in a long time. 

The kids either loved it, or hated it. Mine- loved it. 

This year. 

(Also- check out Judah’s attire 🙄)

And then we saw the guys off to India. 

The best picture I’ve ever seen was the one from Johnpaul.

They made it. Man am I missing my hubs. 

I’ve been able to talk to him way more regularly though, which has been good. The kids miss him too. Quite a bit. 

And in the spirit of not missing him, Judah’s definitely kept me on my toes. 

And Lucy’s worked hard at not biting her nails, so I rewarded her with A gel manicure. She was SO excited. 

And you are caught up! 

112416 – 112716: Thanksgiving and Black Friday

I, believe it or not, took not almost no pictures during our thanksgiving get togethers. Which, just means I wasn’t in my phone much. 

I did get this one of my beautiful girls.

And I did take this one. 

This is Wesley and Paul and their mother’s dad, their grandfather. And we threw Judah in there for an extra generation. Leon is 82. That’s Judah’s Great-grandpa. 

After the thanksgiving-ness settled and we were all sick from our food, I trodden off to Hattiesburg to try and get a new phone for me and Wes and the Apple Watch. 

And I got it! Wes “upgraded” to the smaller SE iPhone and he loves it. I for real upgraded to the 7 and I love it. And my watch is so cool. Never in my life did I think a watch could do all that this thing does. 

And the camera on my phone is so awesome. I’ve sold and worked quite a bit to earn enough money for my watch and I’m happy I did it. 

The pictures it takes are really fantastic. Here’s Judah and one of his many chickens. 

And my precious weird Lucy. 

She is true to herself that’s for sure. I had JUST pulled her out of the mud. You can barely see her pink boots. 

My cold did not get better. It got worse and I spent a couple of days in the bed. Today, my cough is less and my most isn’t quite as stopped up and I feel a lot better. Hopefully I’ll be on the mend for real now. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!

090916 – 091016: Kaileys Surprise Party

I’m going to try and post a couple of blogs over the next couple of days to get me caught up. 

We pulled it off! She was surprised! 

We did a luau themed sweet 16, and she loved it. Emily and I had a blast putting it all together and it couldn’t have been more fun!

And we made a little photo booth to play in. And it was fun. 

This is the first picture the 5 of us have been in, probably since one of our weddings. And maybe not even then. These are my 1st cousins. We all grew up together, given that our moms were sisters, and wanted to see each other often. 

I am quite thankful that they raised us together. 
And Bruce. My dad. Ever delightful. 
And my grumpy kids. Yes, I’m including you Kailey. 

Kailey got an Instax, instant camera. Basically a new Polaroid and it is the coolest ever. 

Overall, the party was a major hit. I’m so glad everyone that was able to come attended and it made it awesome. 
Love you guys!

062316 – 062516: Cousin Visits

My kiddos are creative and I truly love that. We got home and unpacked and they wanted to paint. So, we painted. 

Lucy got some cute little bird houses for her birthday and she was kind enough to let her brother paint some with her. They had so much fun. 

Then Thursday we went swimming! 

We stopped by and got my niece. My beautiful girls…

Truly crazy how much they favor. 

The blond beauties. 

I jumped in the shower and when I got out, found Lucy playing with Kaileys hair while Kailey read fair takes to her. 

Love my sweet girls. Kailey slept in Lucy’s bed and I haven’t seen Lucy that excited in a while! 

We all had fun and I’m planning on getting her again this summer. She’s going to be a Junior in high school and I can’t believe my eyes. 

I mean, you know they grow up so fast… She showed me pictures of her from just like two years ago and I cannot believe how much more grown she looks. 

And Lucy too. Her birthday is this week. Tuesday. After Tuesday I’ll have a 6 year old. I cannot process. 

Hope you’ve had a great weekend filled with family and fun too!

122415: Christmas Eve

We had Christmas Eve at my dads house, as usual. We had lots of fun and it was great seeing my family, even if it was just for a little while.  

Andy and Shelby got pretty much Star Wars stuff. Like, I don’t think they got anything that they got wasn’t that theme. 

My beautiful niece and daughter. They look so much alike. And both gorgeous. 

I hope you all are sneaking around waiting for little ones to wake up and dig in. We are. Expect a fun blog tomorrow. 

And as always…