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120915 + 121015: Old Family Pictures.

I don’t have much to say about the past couple of days. We did school and spent one day in Hattiesburg running errands. I couldn’t find a planner like I wanted so I’m going to attempt “Bullet Journaling.” It’s kind of an all in one place for lists, to dos, calendar, etc. I’ll see how long I do it. I like having pen on paper stuff, and I’ve got a moleskin journal that’s been waiting for use, so hopefully I’ve found my new way to do things.

Now… for the old family pictures.

During Thanksgiving me and Kailey, my beautiful precious niece and I went through all sorts of pictures. We found some gems… like this one.


My mom wanted to be able to spot them at Disneyworld easily. I’d say they’d stand out. And if you forgot what your family was wearing… just look down. Lawd… Snowmen shorts in summer. Olaf would be proud. She predicted it.

And this one.

There are only 3-4 pictures of me and my “brothers” in existance when we were young/ish. This is one. One other one is us on Easter.

Nick and Andy are actually my first cousins, by blood anyway. I was always closest to them, because we lived across the street from each other for a while and were fairly close in age. Then their mom and dad (my aunt and uncle) adopted me when my mom died and they became my brothers. They already treated me like a little sister, so it wasn’t that big of a transition.

Still, we don’t have quite as many pictures together as we would if I had been born a Gresham. It’s neat to have a few pictures of me and my brothers that are dear to me, because there are so few.

And this beauty…

I think it’s Aunt Mary. It could be Martha. They were twins and were as identical as twins can come.

And yes, that is her natural hair color. People always ask me that.

And now for some REALLY old pictures.


This is a picture of my grandma, Johnnie Floyd Miller (bottom row, far right), her mother, Winnie Shoemaker Floyd (bottom row, middle), and her mother, Ophee Shoemaker (bottom row, far left).

Ophee is my Great Great Grandmother.

And here is Ophee as a young mom!


Look at that happy family. Farthest to the left is Winnie.

I’m so thankful that I actually paid attention to my grandmother when she told me who was who in these pictures.

That’s all I got today. Hope you enjoyed these. And if you know some Shoemakers, send them here and let them see if they know my great great grandparents!

090415-090715: family getaway

So after my house became spotless, we had church and then a mini-semi family get together. Not everyone could make it with work and sickness, but a lot of us were there and all our kiddos got to play. 

It was great being able to just sit and visit with family that I don’t get to see very often. I didn’t take many pictures, because honestly- I didn’t look at my phone much. I talked with the people I was around and I just enjoyed being with my family. 

We stayed with my Aunt that night, got up, they fed us some wonderful lunch and we came home, to a clean house. I unpacked when we walked in the door and it’s STILL clean. This is like a record!!

That catches you up! 

071515: Funeral

Wes and I had the honor of helping a sweet family with a funeral Wednesday. They lost their father, way before what should have been his time. It brought up all sorts of feelings for me. I remember the 2 worst funerals of my life and it reminded me of the two women I miss on a daily basis. I see my daughter and I know just how much my moms would have enjoyed her, and I look at Judah and know he’d have them just as wrapped around his little finger as ever. 

I’m blessed with wonderful mother-in-laws and a step mom, but they aren’t the same. 

I also got to experience, again, the way that DPC pulls together and is always there to help. I was sort of in charge of food, and when the funeral time was changed- I knew I couldn’t do it alone but wasn’t sure who to ask to help. When it was over I ran to the fellowship hall to find everything ready and out and hot for the family and 3 ladies working hard to get it all perfect. Thank you so much to Ms. Daisy, Ms. Debbie and Ms. Sam for all the help in the kitchen- to those of you who couldn’t make it but sent food, too! Mr. Danny for picking up what I couldn’t, and to Kirestian for watching my kids so I didn’t lose my mind! I’ve got the best church family around. No lie. 

The rest of our day was a much slower pace and I was grateful for that. 
I also scrolled through some of my old pictures of my kiddos and saw a sweet resemblance.  

This was taken a few days ago. 

Sorry about the black. I just screenshotted them to save them faster. Wasn’t going to show anyone but I couldn’t help myself. 

That little brother loves his big sister. What a sweet pair. Here recently they’ve been playing together, instead of just playing near each other. She cooks for him and he helps pick out the food. It’s so very sweet. I tell them every day to be nice to each other, because they only have each other. That’s the only siblings they’re gonna have (hopefully!) and they gotta be sweet to each other. They don’t listen, but at least it makes me feel like I’m doing something to combat their fighting. 

I know one day they’ll love each other. (It may take becoming adults… But I believe it’ll happen.)

010215: Birthday Girl is 30

30 things I’m thankful for at 30
Best thing today: **

I wrote this list today in my new journal- which is number 23 on my list.

Such a great day- even with the rain and dreariness. Then Wes planned to take me out to eat for my birthday- like we always do. We got to his moms house to drop off the kids and I walked in… To my surprise party!!

I was SO surprised!!
Best thing today: **

It was so perfect too. I would never have asked for a party- but being the extrovert that I am- I loved it. Being around friends and family (mostly family) was just perfect. Truly blessed my heart.

To those of you who came out to celebrate my 30th- thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

010115: Goff Christmas

Christmas #5 for the Kirkley’s. Goff Christmas.
Best thing today: **

Today’s good thing- besides making my resolutions (and sticking with them for the most part!) was I got to see my family that I rarely get to see. I was so blessed that they were able to come over here to do Christmas.

My kiddos loved it too! They got some great toys and got to spend some time with their Mimi and Pop. What a blessing!