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101515 + 101615: catching fish

Not much new around here. I preordered Aladdin back in May, and it finally came in. We’ve been singing a lot around here since then. Makes me miss Robin Williams’ funniness even more. There aren’t many actors that I look forward to watching, but he was one. 

Aladdin is such a good movie! 

And Wes bought the kids fishing reels. They broke upon opening the packages, so we fixed them and then went fishing. Lucy caught her first fish and so did Judah! They were happy kids. But neither wanted to touch the fish. 

We explained the circle of life to Lucy, about how sometimes you keep your fish, kill them and eat them. She wasn’t happy about that, but seemed to understand. 

I also got a call from the store I applied to work at… I come in Tuesday with 2 forms of ID. That’s a good thing!! I’m very excited about it. If I’m officially hired, I’ll get 30% off employee discount, on top of coupons at the store. Heck yeah!! I’m quite excited. 

Oh wait, I haven’t told you where yet, huh?

After Tuesday, I will. I don’t want to be wrong. I’m 99% sure the job is mine, but I’ve been in the 1% category before too. 

And finally…. I rocked my baby boy two nights in a row. And loved it. 

He could come up to me as a 12 year old and ask to be rocked, and I’d do it. He could come up to me with a full beard as a grown man and ask me to rock and I’d do it. It’s precious. (Probably would be a little less precious if his beard was scratching my arm, but I’d get over it.) I love rocking him. I guess because I spend a lot of my day correcting him, disciplining him, and flat out yelling “no!” at him, it’s a good time for us to be sweet to each other. 

I know the days of him saying “Mom, I wanna hold you…(mom, can you hold me?)” are going to come to a close soon. I’m eating up these little moments with my baby. 

091515-091815: terrible blogger

A few catch up pictures. I’m not doing great at blogging this month! 

Judah enjoys swinging. But only when his dad pushes him. Wes says to make Judah enjoy it you have to push him higher than you feel comfortable pushing him in the swing.    
Lucy, rocking the homeschool scene. 

Judah has been getting super dirty  as of late. And they have been playing with chalk. And Judah always ends up with a pastel mustache.     

Wes took the kids fishing today. They were both afraid to hold the fish he caught. I don’t blame them. I don’t touch fish either. 

 And that’s about all we’ve done! 
(Besides my art class shopping! Eek!)

Gone Fishin’

This week has zipped by. I’m okay with that. We go this Thursday to find out who I’ve got growing inside of me. I can’t talk about it… It gets me anxious. I’ve taken all of Lucy’s too little clothes out of her closet and am ready to go through them… Once we find out what LT2 is. Ok… On to our fun day!

We had a ka-trillion errands to run today. Ok, I may be exaggerating a little, but we did have several so we took care of that in Hattiesburg, then we came home, rested up, and went fishing!

I love to fish. I’m not that good, but I do enjoy it. So we loaded Lucy up, bought some worms and jumped in a little boat and paddled around.

In case you were wondering… Fishing in a boat with a toddler: not easy.


She would rock the boat. Then we’d rock the boat, then she would peer of the edge, then she’d put her leg over the side. Not as much fun as it sounds. Oh, you say, that doesn’t sound fun? You’re right. It was nervewracking.

So, very shortly after we started fishing, there was quite a mess in the boat. General dirt, water sprinkles from the paddle, earthworm dirt. Needless to say, Lucy got gross quick.

Then I gave her a sprite. Most of it ended up down the front of her shirt. So, she wound up naked. Well, nothing but a diaper.




Have I ever told y’all how much this kid likes being naked free?


We then took our loot home.



Got them all cleaned up…


And ate our fill. We even put some in the freezer for a rainy day. Here are our leftovers 😀


To end a good meal, Luc and I shared a push pop. Sharing sherbet with a toddler is also not nearly as fun as it sounds…. Ok, it is fun 🙂


What a cute kid.

I hope your St. Patty’s day was full of gold, too!