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Falling off earth


I disappeared for a while there. With holidays and traveling, and holidays and more traveling, it was hard to blog. And then I decided to take on the task of cleaning my house, whilst watching Lucy.

Equals impossible.

I am not organizing my clutter.

I am getting rid of stuff.

eBay has decided to do free listings, so I’m hitting that up. I’ve already listed 10 things, and I have several others to add. I’m happy about it.

I only have a few minutes to blog. Lucy is sleeping, which means I need to be working. I have a deadline. FRIDAY. Friday my house will be another house. It will be clean!

We had a GREAT Christmas. Lucy had a blast. She got lots of fun stuff. She didn’t really know what was going on. She attempted to open presents. Well.. she put the wrapping paper in her mouth. Not really the same thing.

Tearing it open... Sorta

She met her 3rd cousin. They are two weeks apart. She was supposed to be two weeks younger than him, but instead she’s two weeks older.

3rd cousins- 2 weeks apart

She waited patiently to open her gifts.
Lucy waiting on presents

And – I found some pictures of Lucy on Wesley’s phone that I hadn’t seen. Thank Goodness he doesn’t delete them.
So little!
With daddy

Wow. I mean.. look at how small.

I love my baby.

And my baby is sleeping.

Which means I need to get back to work.

K Bye!

Random and 5 months old!

I finally got around to uploading her 5 month pictures. I had to do it at school during my prep time. They turned out really cute. And I made a couple of collages to go with them! Yay!

I’ve finally figured out what her freak out spells are. She’s so beyond tired she can’t even go to sleep. Like, CRAZY sleepy baby. So now, when I’m home for lunch, I put her down for her nap. She usually sleeps GOOD in the afternoons. Like an hour and a half or so. Which is good. Sometimes her naps are like.. 30 minutes. And that’s just not enough sleep for baby. I got her Christmas present in today! LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS:
So stinkin adorable. And the sounds it makes are really funny. It actually has real giraffe sounds. It also does a womb sound, which just sounds like a window unit air conditioner, which puts Lucy and me both to sleep. I have an app on my phone that will let me select and play a bunch of different ambient noises, like birds, or rain, or a creek. And it has one that is a window unit. I select it and we both sleep like babies! This giraffe does it for me now! Also – it will play for like 23 or 45 minutes. Which is WAY longer than any other babies toy I’ve found. If anyone wants to get Lucy the Twilight Turtle, she’d love it as well. It puts stars on the ceiling! (You can get it at www.CloudB.com). It would make a GREAT gift for anyone who is getting a baby. (Ha.. having/getting.. same thing).

Anyway… Without further adieu… the 5 Month Portraits!
5 Month Portraits Swing
5 Month Portraits

Merry Christmas! How SWEET is this?!
My first Christmas

The most recent portraits…
5 month collage

Here are the past four month’s portraits, all together. Sweet.
4 months

And just a random SUPER CUTE picture of her in the bath.
She loves loves loves her bathtime. It’s the only time she’s never freaked out. She loves it so much.

Still.. I’m out on funny stuff. I do though, have a good random story that may/may not be funny.

So, on my way back to work after lunch, I’m listening to the radio. I heard the most random thing. The dj guy is talking about C. S. Lewis and the new movie release that has just happened. He talks about how it would be really cool to visit C. S. Lewis’ home in England. Then he says, “Let me read you this letter we got from Dan in Wisconsin…” or wherever. He then tells about Dan, who went to Lima, Peru to deliver Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. He tells about how it really impacted his life and how great it was to give children presents who have never been given them before. Then, he says, “Congratulations Kathy! You just won two tickets to the new C. S. Lewis movie and entered to win a chance to go to his hometown!”

Ok.. What? You talked about C. S. Lewis.. then you talked about Operation Christmas child.. then you jumped RIGHT back in talking about C. S. Lewis again. Somebody somewhere messed up something. Literally, he said it all in one breath. He had me lost.

THEN I saw the most random thing. I passed a hitch hiker. But this was no normal hitch hiker. He had red hair.

Now, I know what you are thinking.


And this wasn’t any ordinary red hair. His hair was like.. orangey-red. I mean.. the most vibrant red you have ever seen. And his hair was long. Like.. Down his back long. And red as FIRE. And blowing in the wind. Literally, I passed this guy and my life went into slow motion. I saw his red hair whipping in the wind, slapping his back pack. It was INTENSE. I mean.. RED. I can’t stress it enough. RED HAIR. I’m assuming its natural. I don’t know many hitch hikers that box dye their hair. Who knows. He may be the first.

What’s something RANDOM that’s happened to you lately? Tell me in the comments.

Also – The guy’s blog who I told you about a couple of days ago- he just posted that he wants to do some guest posts, so I submitted to see if he would like to guest post here. The guy is killer funny. I don’t have near as many readers as he does, so its kind of a long shot. But hey.. worth a try right?


I have decided… to try and be funny on my blog.

I normally make people laugh throughout my daily life, but I’ve never actually tried to make people laugh. Ok, maybe once. And when I tell laffy taffy jokes.

There is a blog that I follow religiously. His name is Tyler Stanton. He is hilarious. I wish he blogged everyday. I literally laugh until I cry. And I thought… I should give it a shot. I should try and make people laugh. Why?

Well… because laughing is fun. Its much more fun than being serious all the time. It’s a lot more fun than crying. Most of the time anyway.
I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing to try and make you all laugh more… but I’m going to attempt it.

Mr. Stanton makes lists. I mean.. SUPER funny lists. When I read them I can’t breathe. And his tweets on twitter are also really funny.

His blog, by the way is www.TylerStanton.com.

Laughing is good for your soul – I’m convinced. So, I’m going to try and help you all have fun(nier) days when you read my blog.

So to get us going.. here are a couple of super cute videos of my Lucy.


Ahh… hard to follow those.

Here is my funny story of the day…

I teach teenagers. You may know this already. You may not. I teach Graphic Design and Art. I used to teach Biology. Over my very few short years of teaching… I’ve learned one thing. Teenagers are dumb. They say some of the dumbest things. They don’t have filters. A filter is a thing that most adults have. It’s the thing that goes on in your head that says, “wait a second.. lets think this through before we let those words go spewing out of our mouth!” It makes us pause before we say things like, “Oh my.. You’re baby is ugly,” or “Wow, you’re fat.”

Teenagers lack this. Its not present at all. Well, in most of them anyway.

So my teenagers have said things like:

“You know, a third world country.. like China.”

“My eyebrows feel thick.”

“Penguins are racist. They don’t like me.”

I’ve taught juniors in high school that called the hands on a clock “wands”. I’ve taught kids who thought a hibiscus was the “saints thingy” (fleur di lis). I’ve had kids who couldn’t read a clock. Wait… all of those were one student. Oops.

Poor teenagers. Its really amazing how much they learn between 11th grade and 12th grade.

I’m really surprised that some of mine can walk and breathe at the same time. Not kidding. Sometimes its not even funny.

I taught a football player once who (was the epitome of a dumb jock) and he broke his foot… walking. Literally.. it just sprained without any help from gravity or anything. That takes talent.

Sorry.. I’m looking back and I’m thinking.. this isn’t funny at all. I’ll work on it. I’ll have to wait until I have something really funny happen in class. Then I’ll tell you all about it. I’m SO looking forward to Christmas break. Gracious.. week come on!

Sleeping baby

It’s 9:06pm.

Lucy is in bed. I have done what all the books tell me not to do. I rock her to sleep. I feed her and rock her and then I lay her down. She’s usually not 100% asleep when I lay her down, but she’s so drowsy she wouldn’t wake up anyway.

Except… I don’t mind. I actually like rocking her.

I know one day I’ll be like, “Go to sleep on your own!” But right now, while she still weighs just 15lbs… I don’t mind.

Right now, while I work 8 hours a day… I don’t mind.

I had a kind of rough weekend. Not even because of Lucy. Just because of stuff. I was really busy. I had to sing at a wedding for the first time. I blew it. I couldn’t see my notes, so I didn’t know what chords to play. Luckily, it was during the reception, so there was lots going on, and no one was really paying attention to me. Whew.

Another thing I’ve noticed about myself here lately. My fingernails…

After I had Lucy, I stopped biting them. Just.. Poof. Quit.

And now, I’m biting them again. I only bite them when they split and snag. And they are snagging on everything. So then, I’m constantly tearing them off. Which stinks. I liked my long nails. I’m going to have to do something about that. I’m most self conscience of my hands anyway.

Ok, onto fun stuff!

I told you about Wesley’s job this week that will pay off our credit card and lawn mower. I’m SO excited about that! That means we will only have my car, my student loans, and our house payment left! YESSS!!

And – I booked our Bed and Breakfast. The Kirkley Family, staying for one night in the Garden District of New Orleans! We are staying in an old timey little mansion. I’m so excited! Trust a lot pictures to come! Then we will go to Wesley’s dad’s house and spend a couple of nights there for Christmas.

So here are a few recent pictures. Here is Saturday morning. I love Saturday mornings!
Happy Saturday!
Sooo sweet!

And her grandma got her this fabulous hat!
Christmas hat!
It has most definately been cold enough to wear too! Like 10 degrees outside.. GEEZ.

This is what she looks like in Church. She just stares at Daddy…
Watching daddy
Sweet thing…

And after church…
Again.. I probably shouldn’t rock her as much as I do, because it makes her depend on it.. but WHO CARES!?
I want her to enjoy me.

And the cutest video – in first person view:

SO CUTE! I love those baby giggles!

And finally – don’t tell Lucy…
Here is what she’s getting for Christmas:

Its made by Cloud B. Its a Giraffe that plays music. It has a velcro strap on the back to attach it to a bed, car seat, stroller, etc. It has the option of 23 minutes or 45 minutes. Longer than ANY other toy I’ve found. It plays 3 songs and heart beat sounds. She’s going to get her present a little early – as in… Tuesday. I want her to get used to the sounds in her bed, in her house, so that when she’s in a different bed, in a different house, she still feels comfy. Hopefully little ole Giraffe will help our trip to Louisiana much smoother!

Again – don’t tell her.. Its a surprise! I may even wrap it up and let her open in on Christmas day too. That way she’ll already know what it does, and she’ll actually like her Christmas present.

I hope you’re enjoying this Christmas season! It’ll be gone before you know it!

Better… Much Better

Since Tuesday, Lucy has done MUCH better.

She hasn’t had any more break downs. I think they are related to 3 things: Location, Me and Sleep.

Both Major meltdowns were early in the week, coming off a weekend full of mom time.

Both major meltdowns were after her being out of her element (the first one she was kept all day by a different person, the second one she was at someone elses house for the entire day).

Both major meltdowns happened when she hadn’t taken but one nap.

So basically, no naps, weird place and no mom is going to equal insane baby.

We will try and make those things NOT happen again.

Her tantrums aren’t fun.

I must admin, I’ve been SUPER slacker on cleaning my house. I’m going to try and get it good and clean this week. I have a 60% day on Friday, so Friday afternoon I will begin. Hopefully I’ll get it all done.

We’ve got all our clothes washed, they are ready to be put up. I can keep the clothes under control for a week at least. And I should be able to get my house clean during the week so I’ll have the weekend off.

I’m really excited about Christmas break… Wes, Lucy and I are going to a New Orleans Bed and Breakfast! I’m super excited. We are only staying one night. Its really pretty and in an old timey cottage. Expect loads of pictures and a really fun blog after that. After our night in the BIG CITY, we are going to go down to his dad’s and stay a couple of nights then head back up here for Christmas with our families up here.

I am also becoming a budget nazi.

I’m ready to have stuff paid off, and I’m ready to not have bills anymore. I am also blessed to have a husband who can work an extra job and is willing too. He’s actually going to start a job this week, and when he’s done, we will pay off TWO loans. TWO loans! I love my husband!

Lucy has been better this week, like I said earlier. Today she came to my work. We had our first of two cook outs for the kids, and we got hamburgers as well. So, Wesley brought her so I could get my hamburger and feed her too. She was cute. This would be the only way I would keep working, if behind my desk I saw this every day:

It doesn’t. I have to wait until I get home to see this face:
Feelin better

This is what we do for about 30 minutes after school every day. We rock in the chair. I love it. She does too.

Me and Wes had a date last night. We went to TGIF and then Target. Mama got a new pair of shoes:
And Lucy did too!

I noticed today that I had like 104 pictures and videos on my phone, so I went through and deleted all of them that I hadn’t yet uploaded, and then I noticed there were lots I hadn’t uploaded, so I’ve done that now. So my Flickr is full of new Videos that I just uploaded. They were taken a long while back, but they take forever to upload, so I just put it off.

Also – I’ve taken her 5 month pictures… But since both of our personal computers are STILL dead, I haven’t put them on a computer yet. I may just put them on my work computer just to get them uploaded. You’ll all really like them, they are SUPER cute.

Well… I just got a new app that does my budgeting, bill reminding, checking account register, and a few other finance tool things, so I’m trying to input all of my info into it so that in January – I’ll be READY to go. I’m excited. I got the school to only deposit a certain amount of my check into our checking account, and the rest of it into our savings account. If I don’t know its there, I won’t spend it. That’s one way to do it!

Have a GREAT weekend!