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051515 + 051615: last of the beach days

Our week has come to a close. We are tired and worn out and sun kissed and we got sand in every cranny we can find. We are happy to have had a vacation and we’ve already started planning our next one. We had a great time as always and will definitely come back again, because we love taking our camper places. 

Saturday we met up with Mawmaw at the campground we spent our first two nights at.  We swam at the pool and had fun spending time with family. 

Judah was in his happy place. 


We enjoyed having a few moments not being crawled on. 


We went back to the nature center and Judah found some friends.  

He’s always in the middle of it. And Lucy held a bearded dragon!  


I was shocked she held it, much less touched it! 

And then we went back to our camper for the last night. My kids finally laid together nicely and watched their show. 


We had a good week, and it’s hard for Wes to come home, but not me so much. I’m ready to get back to my kitchen, and my routine and then to branch out in my new endeavor. Which, I don’t know if I’ve even blogged about it yet. I’ll check and update you if not. 

We’ve had a blast, but Mississippi here we come. No place like home. 

Easter and Vacation Catch Up

It has been a while, which equals a picture heavy blog. I know you’ll enjoy 🙂

First off, We had a fantastic Easter. After a week of church services every night, Sunday morning was great. Early, but great.

Lucy, Daddy and Me all dressed up. I had to get a good Easter picture!

And one of me an my Lucy love…

Then we went home and gave Lucy her Easter basket!


She didn’t know what the foil bunny was! I had to take a bite before she would.

And she LOVED her Timmy Time Timmy plush. I found him at Dirt Cheap for $5. STEAL.

Then we went to MawMaw’s for lunch and hunting eggs.


Lucy and me and her GREAT grandpa!


And after that we napped. And then later on Lucy visited with her other grandparents, and we went and ate dinner with them. Then it was packing and bedtime.

We headed out Monday morning for our VACATION! Which, I’m still trying to recoup from. Y’all know how that goes. So we made it to our campsite around 3, and got it all set up and stuff.

We did lots of fun things. We walked on the boardwalk.

Goodness.. I’m quite ROUND.


We went to the beach the first day, and Lucy kinda had a moment. She was terrified of the waves. So, we opted for the bay. No waves, still beachy. She liked it much better.


Still wasn’t a huge fan.

We felt like the only people in the world.

She played in the sand.


And learned that these weren’t just a toy.

We went exploring, and found a goose nest!



We found seashells and hermit crabs.

And left footprints in the sand.

And got crazy hair.

And played in the sand a little more.

And Lucy even tried to eat the sand.

We took walks.


And Lucy got tired. So she laid down.

And we tried the beach again.

Less scared, but still not a fan.

Mama is still very round.

I made a sea turtle. An Lucy crushed it.

And Lucy got a bunch of scrapes on her legs from some briars. She was chasing a bunny.

And we went to the Naval Aviation Museum.


And I’m pretty sure Daddy enjoyed it the most.



And we went to the light house.

And Lucy napped.

And we played dominoes while she napped.

And we went to the bay on our last day, and Lucy had lost all her fear. And she literally jumped in.

And like before, she ended up naked.Uncle Sam had to save the day with his shirt to warm her little self up.

Then we drove over to Ft. Pickens where Lucy decided to no longer be scared of the waves. And she ended up naked again. We didn’t stay long.

And then we drove home. And unpacked. And unpacking is a lot of not fun. And I’m still tired. And still not really don’t unpacking.

So I’m gonna go. And not unpack. Because I’m tired. And pregnant. And I can’t use the I’m pregnant excuse for that much longer, so I’m milkin it while I can.

I will say this – this is the first time I’ve ever gone to Florida, and come home with NO sunburn. SPF 50 and SPF 30 the whole time. I didn’t get any tan – but I’m okay with that.

I hope to be updating more often now that I’m back and we don’t really have anything going on. It’s nice to not have anything going on. Really, so very nice.

Whew.. That was quick.

Wes and I made a flash trip to Florida Friday night. Wes had to do a wedding Saturday in Gulf Shores, so instead of him driving down for the day and driving back, we went and stayed in Pensacola and then made our way over to Gulf Shores. We ended up not being able to leave until about 4 pm so we didn’t make it to Pensacola until like 8. We went straight to our (ghetto) hotel. Wes said it looked like a Meth deal was going down in the lobby. (It wasn’t THAT bad…)

Luc LOVED the king size bed.

She literally laid there and squealed.

She walked more Friday night than she ever had. I guess it was because the room was smaller, and the bed was near the couch, and the table were all there in just a few steps away, she chose to walk instead of crawl.

That has carried on. Anyway…

We got up, went and ate lunch in Gulf Shores and then made our way to the beach.

We didn’t dress her in a swim suit – because it wasn’t really hot outside, so we didn’t even put her in a swimsuit. We were just going to let her put her feet in the water.

Daddy carried her out…

Then we let her play…

And one thing led to another…

And next thing we knew…

Yep. Naked.

That was the easiest way to do it. I ended up going to the car and getting her a little swimmer.

We took pictures…

She really enjoyed herself…

She even modeled for me – HA!

And this was her about 5 minutes after getting in the car:

OUT. Like a light.

Until a little after Mobile. Then she FLIPPED. So I crawled in the back and sat with her for a little while. Yep. I got her out of her carseat for a few miles. She was going bezerk.

Once she was free, she was much happier.

Overall, our trip was a hit!