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Devotional: Galatians 5 // Goofball kids

It is absolutely clear that God has called you to a free life. Just make sure that you don’t use this freedom as an excuse to do whatever you want to do and destroy your freedom. Rather, use your freedom to serve one another in love; that’s how freedom grows. For everything we know about God’s Word is summed up in a single sentence: Love others as you love yourself. That’s an act of true freedom. If you bite and ravage each other, watch outโ€”in no time at all you will be annihilating each other, and where will your precious freedom be then? (Galatians 5:13-15 MSG)

Yesterday I spoke about the importance of loving others, and in that the world will change. And I really believe that. If we all do as God commanded, the world would be SO much different.

Now, I also know that won’t happen. The bible even clearly tells us that.

This verse is talking about our freedom. And believe it or not our freedom comes from loving each other. And we actually gain the freedom to love others from Christ.

Without him we cannot love the unloveable.

So he gives us the ability to love them. Followed with us obeying that command to love them, and then we are fully free. Our freedom grows when we apply it.

Now.. it’s not just easy to love the unlovable. There are days that you will want to hate everyone. there are days when it all just piles on top.. one thing after another. We’ve all had them.

In those moments – that’s when it our supernatural God that steps in and allows us to… well.. not flip out on people.

Sometimes that’s straight from God. And then there are times when someone else has had one of those days. They have had everything pile up on top. And then they don’t have God to help them prevent a volcano of emotions and it happens to land on you.

Then it always take God to not respond the way we would want to. And believe it or not, our fleshly bodies, our shackled responses are keeping us enslaved.

We have the ability, the freedom, to not respond the way we want.

Lets add this to our loving to-do list. Yesterday I asked you to do one thing, one act of love that you maybe wouldn’t have done.

Today – or this week – whenever the gift arises – I want you to respond in a loving way, a way that your flesh doesn’t want you to respond.

If the cashier rings up your stuff wrong, and you correct them, and they argue with you – respond with love.

If you get snapped at from a customer, for no reason at all, respond with love.

Try it this week and let me know how it goes.

Life Blog

Quick post. I know y’all like the pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

Judah’s been eating…


Lucy’s been being silly.





We’ve been doing nails.


Lucy’s been playing pretend- she came up to me yesterday morning and said “reindeer!”


Toddler days are nonstop. And funny. She definitely makes me laugh, all day.

Hope your Tuesday is great!

Devotional: Psalm 19 // Sunday Funday

There’s more: God’s Word warns us of danger and directs us to hidden treasure. Otherwise how will we find our way? Or know when we play the fool? Psalm 19:11

I’ve got a super busy week, so the morning devotions will probably all be sorta brief.

When I was a teenager I read my bible every single night. At least a chapter. Every night.

Then college, and marriage, and KIDS.

That ended about there. Many nights I don’t read. I’m so far past exhausted I just have to go to bed so I can function the next day.

But something I learned when I read the bible everyday, and even just reading it consistently, (maybe not every day, but often) is that it will lead you in the right way.

It will help you steer your life.

But the key is consistently. You can’t read just the verses that your pastor gives you during service on Sundays and not touch your bible again throughout the week to expect those benefits.

You gotta get in it. And for yourself.

Try it. I’m telling you – God will bless your efforts.

Life Blog

So we had a good weekend. Did our booth in Bassfield. That all went well. We aren’t doing Sunday night services at night anymore- so yesterday we took Lucy over to mawmaws to jump on the trampoline.

It turned into a funny face photo shoot as always ๐Ÿ™‚ I love this girl, so very much.








Goodness she’s a mess!

We’ve got our church Christmas/anniversary party this Friday. I’m excited- and will also be supa busy for this week. Wes and I wanted to do everything so that everyone could just enjoy the party.

So- I’m off. Housework, babies, cooking, and planning. Y’all have fun!

Easter and Vacation Catch Up

It has been a while, which equals a picture heavy blog. I know you’ll enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

First off, We had a fantastic Easter. After a week of church services every night, Sunday morning was great. Early, but great.

Lucy, Daddy and Me all dressed up. I had to get a good Easter picture!

And one of me an my Lucy love…

Then we went home and gave Lucy her Easter basket!


She didn’t know what the foil bunny was! I had to take a bite before she would.

And she LOVED her Timmy Time Timmy plush. I found him at Dirt Cheap for $5. STEAL.

Then we went to MawMaw’s for lunch and hunting eggs.


Lucy and me and her GREAT grandpa!


And after that we napped. And then later on Lucy visited with her other grandparents, and we went and ate dinner with them. Then it was packing and bedtime.

We headed out Monday morning for our VACATION! Which, I’m still trying to recoup from. Y’all know how that goes. So we made it to our campsite around 3, and got it all set up and stuff.

We did lots of fun things. We walked on the boardwalk.

Goodness.. I’m quite ROUND.


We went to the beach the first day, and Lucy kinda had a moment. She was terrified of the waves. So, we opted for the bay. No waves, still beachy. She liked it much better.


Still wasn’t a huge fan.

We felt like the only people in the world.

She played in the sand.


And learned that these weren’t just a toy.

We went exploring, and found a goose nest!



We found seashells and hermit crabs.

And left footprints in the sand.

And got crazy hair.

And played in the sand a little more.

And Lucy even tried to eat the sand.

We took walks.


And Lucy got tired. So she laid down.

And we tried the beach again.

Less scared, but still not a fan.

Mama is still very round.

I made a sea turtle. An Lucy crushed it.

And Lucy got a bunch of scrapes on her legs from some briars. She was chasing a bunny.

And we went to the Naval Aviation Museum.


And I’m pretty sure Daddy enjoyed it the most.



And we went to the light house.

And Lucy napped.

And we played dominoes while she napped.

And we went to the bay on our last day, and Lucy had lost all her fear. And she literally jumped in.

And like before, she ended up naked.Uncle Sam had to save the day with his shirt to warm her little self up.

Then we drove over to Ft. Pickens where Lucy decided to no longer be scared of the waves. And she ended up naked again. We didn’t stay long.

And then we drove home. And unpacked. And unpacking is a lot of not fun. And I’m still tired. And still not really don’t unpacking.

So I’m gonna go. And not unpack. Because I’m tired. And pregnant. And I can’t use the I’m pregnant excuse for that much longer, so I’m milkin it while I can.

I will say this – this is the first time I’ve ever gone to Florida, and come home with NO sunburn. SPF 50 and SPF 30 the whole time. I didn’t get any tan – but I’m okay with that.

I hope to be updating more often now that I’m back and we don’t really have anything going on. It’s nice to not have anything going on. Really, so very nice.

Sick child

Well… Lucy has been sick. I’m thinking it’s roseola, which a child gets a fever for a few days, followed by a mild non-itchy rash.

It sounds fairly harmless, and is fairly harmless… Except it still makes you feel like blah. So Lucy has been a little under the weather.

A few of my readers might be wondering- its not roseola I need to worry about- but rubella. Rubella can do major damage to a fetus. Rubella has a rash that stays for around 3 days. Lucy’s appeared today, and is already disappearing. So, we are all in the clear.

Still- look at this poor child. You can tell she’s sickly:


So that’s really all we’ve been doing the past few days. Keeping a not feeling good toddler, occupied and happy. She comes in and out of it. For example, this morning she was a little out of it.



And then this afternoon she was fine. Played in the buggy at walmart and I may have gotten the funniest picture f her yet.



And back and forth it goes.

An it’s almost official- she almost never lets me rock her anymore.

Ok. My child is growing up. I’m gonna go weep now.

Extra extra!

I might as well be a newspaper blogging twice a week huh?

Not much to say here – except – Lucy is funny. I’m still pregnant. Wesley eats a lot. So… nothing new here.

My nesting has gone into full swing I’m afraid. I’ve gone through my closet, twice this month. Thrown out clothes and shoes I haven’t worn in ages. I’ve gone though my front bedroom. Cleaned out a closet there. Made a lot of space. Moved stuff out to our barn.

Lucy “helped” me clean my closet.

Since I don’t know if LT2 is a boy or a girl I can’t really do anything to Lucy’s room, and I wouldn’t do much in there anyway. Lucy’s still an only child right now, and it is still just her room for now. We did, however, get her a changing table.

I know, I know. She’s 19 months old. We’ll be stopping with diapers soon. Well, yeah, but… I’ve got at LEAST 4-5 more months of changing her diaper, and then I’ll have about 2 more years of changing another one’s – and thats if we just have this one and quit. All that plus my back kills me when I’m bent over her crib trying to snap and button and zip her all back together.

It’s nice. I bought it from craigslist.

Just looking at that picture and then knowing my insane-nesting, organizing hormones right now, you’d think I’d already have attacked that room. For some reason, my nesting won’t let me jump into Lucy’s room quite yet. The mess doesn’t bother me there like it does… in my laundry room. Yeah. I cleaned out from under our deep freeze. Because those dust bunnies were making me CRAZY. WHY… Oh goodness. I didn’t act this way at all for Lucy.

And… we were a little caught off guard with her early arrival. I’ll probably have my bags packed (not joking) by the end of May for sure. LT2 isn’t due until August. Better ready than not ready. And I am actually hoping my labor is as fast as my doctor thinks it will be. 3 hours or less.. Yes please.

Lucy has been doing new stuff like crazy the past couple of days/weeks. She’s learning her animals, and animal sounds, and really it’s because of the ipad. She loves playin on the ipad and she’s good at it too!

She can close one program and open up a new one, or swap between two of them. She’s pretty bright, or at least, I like to think so.

And this morning she ate a whole bowl (baby sized bowl) of fruit loops by herself. Used a spoon and all. I held the bowl, but she did 98% of the scooping.
Terrible quality picture. Sorry.

And when I went to get her up this morning, I said something to the effect of “Good morning. Let’s change your diaper!” Because I always say that when I go to change her. Then she said something like, “Boppah”.

Hm.. new word. So I held up a diaper. “What’s this Lucy?” “Boppah”


When I asked her to tell Daddy “diaper” she called it a “bisis”.

Bisis, Diaper. Close enough. She’s only 1.