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“Winter” Days 2.1.17 – 2.9.17

This February has been jam packed so far. We made it home and then Wes pulled his new car into his shop. And then it sat. For days. He checked fuses, he checked sensors, he rented gadgets to test.. other stuff.. I don’t know. (Actually – he rented a fuel pressor gauge to test his fuel pump and fuel relay – but I’m sure most of my readers don’t care to know specifics. I know more about cars than I ever thought I would.) So after everything on the car tested as working… We started going back over it. We priced the parts. Fuel pump was about $150. Timing belt was about $75, but a LOT more work. The sensors we replaced were about $8 and $12. Not terrible, but.. Also not the fix. I suggested we go through the two fuse boxes with a fine tooth comb. Both of us looking, because what if it was a hairline blow? Second fuse we pulled out of the case… blown to bits. If you looked at it on one side – looked fine and dandy. Flip it around? Dead. Also – it was too small. So when the battery power was undone and then hooked back up, it probably zapped it.

$4 fix. And I’m SO glad that’s over. And I’m SO SO grateful that when stuff breaks down at my house or with my car, my amazing Hubs is able to fix it. We are super blessed. I grew up with my Dad being like that. Need to remodel, “lets do it!” And I’m really glad I married a guy who knows how to work with his hands. It’s awesome (and saves a ton of money.)

On to other things…

Lucy and I got dressy Sunday and both wore our heels.

I had to show her how to prop her leg up. She’ll learn…

And a close up of us because.. In the other one you can barely tell who we are. Her hair looks much bigger in the picture than it was. I promise I didn’t tease it. 

And my little monkey boy in his flannel. I love it.

He’s choosing Daddy over me most days now. He loves his Daddy. And he still loves me, but if he’s got a choice between the two, he almost always picks Daddy.

And he did just that Monday night. He went with daddy to the Men’s ministry meeting. I told him they weren’t eating kid food like I had made. He said, “It’s okay mom. I can eat that.” Like a big boy…

And so, Lucy and I had girls night. We ate chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and watched “3 Tails” a mermaid adventure movie. Which is based on some Youtube Sensation girls apparently? (I can only give the movie 1 star because… well… It was awful.) Lucy LOVED it.

And my baby boy, who like I said loves his daddy, wore himself out and fell asleep with Dad in the chair.

What a sweet guy.

And a random thing. We heard a loud pop early one morning, and knew lightning struck close. Well, it did. Real close. It struck a tree in Wes’ aunt’s back yard. And she lives across the woods from us. (Like.. .25 miles as the crow flies.) Yes, I just used that.

It’s hard to see, but in the tree is a long slinky strip of bark pulled clean off of it. It wrapped around the tree several times.

And Lucy made a chicken in our homeschool group the other day with sculpey. Sculpey is a low bake clay. I think she did pretty dang good for a 6 year old!!

And you are officially caught up.

Devotional: 1 Thessalonians

And be careful that when you get on each other’s nerves you don’t snap at each other. Look for the best in each other, and always do your best to bring it out. 1 Thessalonians 5:15

Growing up I had a lot of friends. And of course, when you have friends, and you’re a young girl, you want to spend 100% of your time with your friends.

So you convince your parents and their parents to let one of you spend the night with the other. I had one friend who lived right down the road from me. We became best friends in 3rd grade. You know who you are, Buddy :).

We would say, “meetcha halfway!” and we’d meet and play in the woods, or at her house or mine. She had a pool and so did I so we’d start the day in hers and finish it out in mine. We were BFFs.

But we also learned something. After about 48 hours straight, of being around each other, we started liking each other less.

We would argue and fight, and I’d go home if I was at her house or she’d leave if we were at mine.

About a day later, though, all would be forgiven and we’d be bored at our houses so we’d forgive and start playing together again.

This verse is clear, that when we work together, we will eventually get on each others nerves. But what we do when that happens is what’s important.

We have to be able to control our tongues and our bodies enough to where we don’t do stupid things when we get aggravated.

This should become easier as an adult, but I’ve noticed that many adults act like kids when it comes down to it.

Control yourself. Think of the cost- if you hurt that person who may not even realize they are irritating you, you may have lost the ability to be a witness to them forever. Is it worth it over something petty? No way.

Let’s all grow up a little and put on our big boy and big girl pants and act like adults. It’s time.

Photos- 1/5/12 Big girl

Not sure if you had a chance to be outside much today, but it was beautiful. Started and ended a little chilly, but warmed up nicely this afternoon. Very nicely. As in, I wore flip flops and rolled my pants up. Lucy was barefoot. She loved it.

She got to swing a little today too. She always loves to swing.


And then she got to play at Aunt Faye’s for a little while. Wes and I had an errand to run. Once we got home I was so hungry… I made our dinner, and fixed Lucy’s up, and I gave her the spoon.

I’d been working with her some on her feeding herself, but never just let her do it. Tonight, I was so hungry, I had to feed myself. And she ate her whole bowl of food by herself! She didn’t drop much either! I was super proud!!



And that was our day!

Happy Friday to you all!

Standing baby and San Diego

You may have noticed my status update.

Lucy stood up. All on her own yesterday. And I got VIDEO proof!

and then this one:

It looks like she’s getting ready to surf. Pretty cute huh?

Wes was getting ready for bed, and he wanted to stretch before bed, so he got on the floor. Lucy crawled over to him, grabbed his leg, (which was laying flat on the floor) and she let go and stood up.

Wes said he had seen her do it maybe once before, but this was my first time seeing her do this. So, I’m saying it was the first time.

After that, she probably stood up 20 times. She just kept getting up. Wes would squat down, and she would get ready, and he would stand up and she would too. It was so adorable.

But again, I hate that she’s growing up so fast! I held her yesterday and was thinking about the time when she was the smallest.
Sleepin on mama

And now she’s not so little.

My baby is growing up too fast.

In other news…

My best friend is gone.

My friend Gabby has moved to San Diego for 5 1/2 months.

We’ve been friends for a while. We’ve gotten into many shenanigans. Yeah, shenanigans.

We even went to Italy together. And had a trip of a lifetime that we will NEVER forget.
Spanish Steps

St. Peter's (a little awkward)

I went to her goodbye party and… said goodbye.


She is going to work for a nonprofit organization called Invisible Children. She is a spectacular person, and they are very lucky to have her on their team.


But lucky me – because my best friend just moved to San Diego, that means I get to visit my best friend in San Diego! I have to work a little (if I substitute teach for 10 days, I’ll be able to pay for my whole trip, hotel, flight, and shopping. So now, I need some teachers to get sick so I can sub for 10 days.

I’m going with Christy (3rd from the right in the picture with four of us). She’s Gabby’s cousin. We are excited.


I’m taking Lucy.

So I need all your tips, advice, and concerns about taking a baby on a plane flight. Go.