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110116 – 110316: Hello November

November has arrive and my kids think that the tree should go up and Christmas Carols should start. But we aren’t quite there yet. 

We did make a Christmas gift for someone, which will also pose as a decoration… (No peeking Mamie!)

And believe it or not, both kids helped and it turned out pretty cute! 

We did some other homeschool stuff and got lots of school done so we are on track. 

I gotta say, after this week and the events we’ve had… I love my decision to homeschool. 

I had to stop and pick up my nephew from school; he pushed his toenail back because he accidentally kicked a desk. He pushed t back through his shoe so it would have been awful had he not been wearing shoes. 

While we were at the doctor and they were taking X-rays and stuff, Lucy got SO excited because she’s taking A&P and she wanted to see it all… she told the nurse she wanted to be a doctor. 

Made me proud. They were both shocked that a 1st grader was taking A&P. She couldn’t do that in regular school. I’m so grateful. 

Alrighty! Y’all enjoy this cold front!