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092216 – 092616: Johnpaul has departed

We’ve had quite the time here with Johnpaul. We’ve enjoyed his company and his stories. We’ve learned so much about his ministry and our heart for India has grown and hopefully we’ve helped ignite some others too his ministry as well. 

We’ve learned a lot. And we’ve seen now that our part in his ministry is truly just beginning. We have people that we help here, but he has an overwhelming need. 

And he’s up against an active enemy. The enemy here is much more passive. He’s done more work here so he sorta sits back. But in India, they see witchcraft and demons and spiritual battles daily. They see so many different gods that are being worshipped. And they see actual persecution. Real persecution. 

Pray for Johnpaul and his family. Pray for the widows he helps. Pray for the orphans. Pray for the other pastors. And if you’d like to donate, please let me know. A few dollars goes a very long way in India. 

091816 – 092116: Johnpaul has arrived

We’ve been quite busy since the arrival of Johnpaul. We’ve had a lot of speaking engagements and different things to do and we’ve just had a busy week with ministry itself as well. On top of our already packed schedule of homeschool and regularly services. 

But it’s been great. 

Both of our campuses now know Johnpaul more than just a name of a guy from India. They’ve eaten with him, they’ve laughed with him, they’ve learned about his pressing desires. And hopefully we will start being able to share the burden of what he carries daily. 

No access to clean water, having to support and pray by faith for his pastors that he leads (100!) and the widows he cares for (100 as well, 50 each at different locations). And his orphanage, that has 35 orphans. Also he helps lepers and people diagnosed with hiv. The Hindus do not have anything to do with lepers, hiv positive or the widows. They are all classified the same: untouchable. He is the main source of food for these people. And a lot of them go hungry a lot of the time. 

We’re trying to get people to commit to making a monthly donation. Consistent help is better for them than random amounts throughout the year. So that’s our goal. Little amounts make a big difference. A BIG difference. 

The orphans need about $25 a month- that supplies food for a month, a new pair of sandals, clothes throughout the year, school supplies, and other misc things they need (like toothbrushes and toothpaste). 

The same amount sponsors a widow, who gets less extra stuff, but needs more food. He said most of his widows eat once a day. 

$50 sponsors one of his pastor families. A lot of them are young families, and they have small children. They face serious persecution. Radical Hindus knocking on their doors in the middle of the night, some of his pastors have been beaten and stabbed. None have been killed. 

Even Johnpaul’s family has faced a lot of persecution. His son, Isaac, who attends a Hindu school, is constantly forced to sit on the floor instead of a desk because he’s a Christian. One of the teachers who hates Christians even hit Isaac on the top of the head with a piece of metal, and Isaac required 6 stitches. When they went to the school to ask what could be done to the teacher, the administration said there was nothing they could do about it. 

What a different world. 

Please be in prayer for Johnpaul and his ministry and if you’d like to give, one time, or a commitment, please let me know. 


This will be a brief post. I went and visited my family in Montgomery last week- and got some SUPER cute pics of my kids. Thought I’d share:








I also got my hair done… And undone. Too much blond for me. I couldn’t handle it haha!! So I dyed it back.

And this morning I got a call from a different country- it was Wes!! So I got to hear his voice! It was awesome to hear him even but for a few minutes. I can’t wait til he’s back home and in my arms.

To see the rest of the pics, check out my Flickr.