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080316 – 080616: School and Stuff

Kiddos started school and so I got our always-random, usually shoeless, first day of school pictures. 

See? They do love each other some!

I’ve got a couple of posing kiddos…

And we did school most of the week, except Friday when I wasn’t home but for a few minutes with work and other stuff. 

And then Saturday we had a birthday party! My nephew turns 2 this week! 

So I made my other nephew take a picture with Lucy. He loves taking pictures. 

And the birthday boy…

And then he was gone. I’ve got a video of him struggling to stay awake and still eat cake. It’s quite cute. 

And this will be his present on his 13th birthday. A framed picture of the two of us. 
Haha! Sweet little guy! 

Hope your week was as good as it would be to fall asleep eating cake!

121615 + 121715: Christmas came early

We aren’t huge on Santa. We also don’t tell our kids he’s a lie and fake. He isn’t. He was a real person. But they know that the presents under the tree are from us, and not just Santa. 

We do let them have one present from Santa. This year, we let Santa get them a playhouse for the yard. Santa also checked the weather and saw that there is a possibility of rain on Christmas, so he brought it on the 17th. 

The kids loved it!

They searched the yard. 

And then Judah spotted it. 

Then Lucy…

And they ran. 

And they loved it. 

And then we moved all their stuff over near their house.

So they have a little play area far back in our yard, far, far from the road and the people who FLY past our house. 

And we put them up a rope swing. 


And then Kowalski got a bath. And he felt good!

And then my little nephew came to play.

And he and Judah got all clean.

And I got some sweet Keegan snuggles. 

And Lucy loved the fact he was asleep and she was awake. 

And that was our day! 

Christmas is coming and I’m getting excited!!