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041216 – 041516: School’s in Session

I want to preface this post. If you ever see grammatical errors in my blogs, please show me grace. I do these on my phone and sometimes I don’t re-read them. I wanted to say this, since this post is mostly about me teaching my children. I promise you they’ll know the difference between their, there, and they’re. 

Ok- School!

We’ve been doing really good! Since we took about a month off, we are now in catchup mode. Of course, we were way ahead so we aren’t that far behind as it is. 

That’s why blogs have been slower this week. Lucy’s reading is doing great. In about a month she moves to chapter books! 

And my little Judah has started picking it all up too. I’m so proud of that little strong willed boy. 

I can already tell he’s a perfectionist. When he doesn’t do his school work perfectly, he gets quite upset.

(His schoolwork consists of drawing pictures and prewriting pages – tracing lines basically.)

And this week I bested him. I got him to complete a page, even after he said “I can’t do it!” A few times. And… He loves stickers. In that picture he’s showing me his work and his sticker. He was so proud. 

And then Friday we all made a trip to a BSU at PRCC in Poplarville to get me a desk chair. And I LOVE IT.

In this picture you see my desk, my chair, my Mac, and my diffiser going. Can you tell this is 100% my happy place?!

And of course we took breaks and played games. 

I found out Kowalski can drag both my kids around the yard at once. They were laughing so hard. 

Well, it’s Saturday and I’m going to be at Michaels most of the day. I’ll be promoting my painting classes! Come by and see me, and sign up for a class. Today they are half off!  (Michaels does a lot of sales, but not on classes. This is the second day this year they’ve had a sale on classes. There will only be 2 more days for class sales. So if you wanna try it, today would be a good day to sign up for one!)

Well, I’m off to go sit in my desk chair and sip some coffee before my day kicks off. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

050515 + 050615: busy days

I feel like I use that title quite a bit. We stay busy. We played, I worked, I chased little people, we rested, we listened to our dog bark all night… The days go by. Some slower than others. Most I don’t even remember and that’s sad. 

Judah still loves his puppy so very very much. 

Lucy’s getting much better at drawings. This one here is a present for someone- she’ll get it in the mail hopefully before Sunday! 

And Eve (our ladies ministry) has started walking on Wednesday nights. Judah and his 2T/2big pants came with us.  

Lucy wasn’t seen because she and Mary were in the back holding hands. Such sweet girls. 
And that wraps up these days. I’m about to start packing and planning my trip and I’m so excited! I can’t wait to get away and just be with my family. 

042715 + 042815: Playing in the Yard

Monday, I felt your prayers. I thank you to those of you who lifted one up for me. My boss and I settled on a good schedule for my last two months and I’m happy about how I’ll leave. 

And then it rained. We went to Hattiesburg for Lucy’s dance class then went and ate.

Tuesday I stayed at home with my kids and just had a pretty regular day. In the afternoon I went and visited a good friend and her newest one. Lucy loves babies.  


And then we came home after a good visit and played in the yard with Kowalski. Lucy also likes taking pictures. She took this one of me. 

I am not sure where the cold air came from, but it felt good outside. It also made Kowalski frisky! He was running everywhere. 


And I love how green my yard is. And I love how blessed I am to have 2 beautiful kids. 


And I love how that little boy loves is sister so much. She doesn’t always show that she loves him, but I know she does. He asks for her when she’s gone. She’s a good big sister. 

And I told this guy to say cheese and this is what he did. All boy. Notice the dirt clod in his little fist. What a dude. 

The past few days were good days even though I didn’t expect them to be. Thank you Jesus. 

042015: Kowalski

We adopted our dear, sweet, barking-all-night-long, tearing-stuff-up pup a few months back. He’s already grown about as big as he’ll get and my kids adore him. 

He’s a sweet dog, and he’s patient with my kids. Judah literally lays on him, steps on him, pulls him around by the leg, and Kowalski just goes along. 

And today, he got a bath. It’s been a while because it had been so rainy, and before that it was so cold. He smells so good we decided to pull him up in our laps and he ate it up.


He’s a lovable mutt. Lucy took this one for me. He’s also real wiggly!



And the kids and Kowalski ran off some excess energy too.



Today was a beautiful day, and having a week and a half of rainy yuckiness made it all the more beautiful. The perfect weather, the perfect sunshine. It was a great day. 

031615: I’m Olaf

Today felt like SUMMER! 

And I saw so much green! And it was hot! And it was awesome!

Olaf gets it. Summer is the best. 

I also got my newest batch of essential oils in, washed both dogs, and kept my house clean! 

Judah likes it when Kowalski is clean. 

That boy loves that dog. And Kowalski loves summer because we keep our doors open and we get tired of running him out of the house. So we get lenient. He smells like a powder soft puppy now so I don’t mind as much 🙂