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051015 + 051115: Mother’s Day (part 2) and Wesleys birthday

We had a really great Mother’s Day. My kids (Wes) got me a new moleskin journal, (bright red- one of my favorite colors) a big box of Whoppers and a new coffee for me to try- Starbucks Mocha. (It was delish, in case you were wondering.)

We had church which was great. After hutch we had a quick little celebration for Wes.

Cobbler with candles. Nothing wrong with that. I may say it too much, but it’s definitely not enough… We have some great folks we go to church with. Period.

After church we had a quick lunch, got our stuff and headed out. We made it to our campsite and then set everything up. Hotdogs on the grill for dinner. 

Monday we got up and made breakfast. Then we headed to the zoo. There is a little zoo by the park we are in called Alabama Gulf State Zoo, which houses lots of exotic animals that were once pets and then no longer wanted. If you pay a little extra you can do Animal Encounters- where they’ll let you go in the cage with certain animals. We did 2!

The whole family played with baby kangaroos. They were 13 months old and 11 months old. It was really neat getting to pet something that wasn’t also a farm animal. 

We saw all the other animals- and even saw two tigers fight which was LOUD and crazy cool. I got pictures on my camera of that. I’ll try and post them when I get them transferred. 

And then Lucy and I did the Lemur encounter- which was SO fun. I liked it way more than she did!

   They are very licky critters and this one kissed me all over! Very cute and really cool to get to go play with actual lemurs.

The rest of the day was spent at the beach, slathered in SPF 50.


For dinner we had seafood and then got dippin dots for dessert and then took a little bike ride around our campground. I feel like the kiddos will have no problem sleeping tonight.