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101316 – 101816: Warm October

It hasn’t felt quite like October yet, given it’s been so dang hot. But we are pushing through with school and regular busy-ness that we always have. 

I’ve started on my scepter and my matching earrings for my costume. I’m super pumped. 

Sam brought over a slack line so we are officially hippies. Hammocks, cats & dogs, pop up, chickens everywhere, slack line. Everyone barefoot. Yeah, were hippies. 

And my beautiful niece got homecoming maid again. Gah, she is gorgeous! I’ve been working on her signs for her parade and homecoming night. I’m so happy for this sweet girl. She deserves it. 

And I’ve had classes, and church events, and a ton of other little things that add to our busy lives and so, I haven’t blogged much. 

And finally… this little gal. 

Looking more and more grown as the days go by. I love watching her grow and learn. I’m so blessed. 

That’s about it for now! 

082216 – 082516: A Weeks catch up

We’ve been going strong on school. And that takes a fairly big chunk of our time. 

We do take the occasional bunny break.

This little guy has been here a week and is already sweeter than Jasmine ever was. Lucy prays for Jasmine every night, and says she misses her, but then she also tells God how happy she is about cabbage. 

I truly hated to get rid of a pet like that… But having a mean rabbit is just uncalled for. 

I found a kids world map at target for $6 and the kids have been loving it. 

And we got a shipment in so the kids got a new toy (box).
And I took the kids to homeschool Open gym for them to play. They had a blast. But an hour and half of straight playing, climbing, jumping, and rolling still didn’t wear these two out. 
This weekend we’ve got plans to go to Baton Rouge to help with clean up. I’m not real sure what to expect. I am looking forward to helping some folks though. 

That’s about it! Hope your Friday is awesome!

060216 – 060516: lazy blogger

I’m horrible! I even have a reminder on my phone to irritate me into doing blogs and I just ignore it and go about my day. 

I have some excuses though. 

I started back at the gym. Friends help motivate!

We’ve been playing around the house and still cleaning. 

And I got Wes a late birthday/early Father’s Day gift. Even put the whole thing together myself (which took me 2.5 hours to do.) I also hand scrubbed my deck. You can see the wood again!

I’ve still been doing Michaels classes and that’s growing pretty well. I’m pleased with my students progress and I think they enjoy it as well. 

And That’s about it! I haven’t been keeping my phone on me as I have been enjoying the summer with my kids. I actually don’t have that many pictures on my phone. I need to start snapping more.

Maybe I’ll post again this week!

042116 + 042216: A class and a Wedding

I taught at a homeschool group Thursday. We did a class on Jackson Pollock. 

The kids got into it. And I was covered in dots. 

I had Michaels class Friday, which went well. I had errands to do before class and I managed to squeeze most in. I had to get some stuff for our upcoming trip. 

I got everything we needed and a little bit. I did my nails and toes. Had 2 in my class. 

I’m partially through a cleanse I’m doing. I eat very little and drink a special mix of stuff during the day, and then I eat a regular balanced meal at night. I’m loving it so far. I’ve always had a screwed up stomach, and so far it’s helping. 

And then we got dressed up for the wedding and that was our Friday night. 

Today I’m trying to get caught up on my house from the craziness of this week…

So I slept in! (Til 7, calm down). Ok, I’m off to try and get stuff together!

031915 + 032015: regular happenings

Not much new again. Boy, aren’t we exciting folks. 

Judah’s decided that he likes wearing hats recently.  


Even while jumping on the trampoline dressed like Donald Duck. (Shirt, no pants)


And the fact that the little hat is kept above his eyes by his ears is just the cutest. What a stinker. 

And this is where my kids eat 90% of their meals. They love this little table and chairs. It’s handy for me because they can eat their meal (which is usually different than ours) here before we eat. If I make something they like, we all sit at the table. But most of the time, they eat in here. I know that soon I’ll see two teenagers sitting at a table woofing down 3xmore food than they do per meal and ill wonder where my babies went. 

These days are long, but they are special. Even with the 600 times a day Judah says “Mom! Mom!” And the 5 questions I get from Lucy after everything I say to her. These are good days.