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Living Room, Play time, Red Bluff 3.7.17 – 3.20.17

Ok.. my posts are even fewer and farther between. I’ve sorta gone back to the old fashioned pen and paper life journaling and I truly missed it. This will be for the big stuff. So, what big stuff have you missed?

Our living room is done! 
We finished it and I’ve had a couple of weeks of sweeping and cleaning so most of the Sheetrock dust is gone. 

I paid full price for my rug, which killed me, every little piece of my insides… but I love it. 

And the kids do, too. They lay on it all the time. We also rearranged the living room and I like it better. 

We had a little play day in my back yard and I got out my selfie stick to snap some pictures. 

And also, I’ve lost 10lbs since January 15. I’ve also been running.. a lot. 15 miles in January, 18 miles in February. So far for March I’m at 17 miles. Looking to crush my February record. And I feel fantastic. I don’t always feel fantastic in the first mile, but I always feel better after my 2nd. 

Anyway- playing in the yard I made Lucy pose for me, so I made some funny “extra Lucy” pictures. 

She loved it. The posing, the end result. She was delighted. 

My favorite. The good and bad Lucy’s. Judah wasn’t in the mood, so he didn’t participate. 

After playing in the yard, we had dinner. The kids played the whole “raise your hand if you _____” game. Wes and I were over it. And then I realized… we’ve only got a year left of that game. So, we played it. 

Wes had a dream that night that we had come in from playing, Lucy in her fairy wings and everything, then she walked inside and she was 22. He said it was awful. 

So, Sunday we wanted to do something with them. We went with some friends of ours to Red Bluff and let all of the kids climb and jump and squish in clay and they all loved it. 

We all loved it too. 

I mean, look how growny she looks! This was on the way there. We went top down!

Our whole little team. 

We love doing stuff with this couple. They are great folks to have by your side, at church, out to eat, or getting your socks wet. 

A few of our climbing monkies. 

Up in the “Jungle.”

We made it to the tracks!

Rope swing chaos. 

We took up most of the tributary. 

We totally had fun though and will definitely be going again. 

I think the adults may have had as much fun as the kids. See Lucy’s lime green hat close to the bottom? 

So much fun. 

Alrighty, off to keep my days full!  

Catch up time 2.20.17 – 3.6.17

Whew. Been a minute huh? 

We’ve been busy. I’ve been skipping out on the internet when possible. 

We went camping. 

DeSoto was beautiful and empty. The kids had a blast and we are definitely planning another little excursion. 

We started cleaning our yard more. 

This is after. I know, I know… “that’s after?!” Yes. It was that messy. 

See how messy? We’ve been taking down scrubs and bushes and little trees. Mawmaws house sold, and so she’ll be our neighbor soon so we are taking down this old fence row that has been preventing our yard from growing. 

It looks so different around the house. 

Our chickens are working hard. Some harder than others. 

Yes, that’s a chicken egg. 

And then we decided to start on our living room. New windows!

Whoo hoo for no more drafts! We went with three the same size. I love it. And they open and close so easy. It’s beautiful  

And then we figured, why not really start on the house? So out comes the old paneling and in comes the Sheetrock. 

We even have the best little helpers around. 

Nail pulling champ. 
And so, we are in it and busy busy busy. If y’all wanna help- come on over. We’ll put you to work!

Hope your Monday was as productive as ours!

011316: BIG day!

We had a big day! We swapped fireplace inserts: 


After it was removed:

The fireplace hole is huge. 

And after!

The new one fits a lot better. Looks like it was made to go there. 

And we also got rid of our piano! 



Our living room looks so huge now. We really like it. 

This spring we are planning on sheet rocking our living room and changing crown molding when we add our new room (did I mention how excited I am about our new room?!)

I’m real excited about it all!!

Where did it go? -Photo Heavy-

Last week I didn’t blog but once, and that was me catching up from the week before. So, today, I’m going to catch up on last week. We stayed moving pretty much the whole week – so I actually didn’t have a moment to blog. Seriously, not a moment. We painted our living room. I’m SO excited about it, and then on Friday, we got our chicks! So we’ve been super busy with all of that since Monday evening! Ok – I know you all are DYING to see the difference in our living room. Let me get you caught up…

We remodeled this house a few years back, and by remodel, I mean, we actually remodeled, we moved walls, and tore down, added closets, and a lot of other stuff. From the beginning, Wesley loved the paneling walls in our living room. I did not. So, after about 3 years of begging, he agreed to paint.

Just to show you a very drastic before an after – here is my kitchen:

House: Kitchen

Slight difference right? Ok, now to the newest new!

Here is one of the first pictures of our living room. Before we were finished remodeling. We weren’t living here at this point:

And then moved in:


Dining table and Piano

And Messy messy bookcase

And now…. the NEW!

My MUCH less messy bookcase!

(before I filled it up – we spray painted the print on the back wall. I love it!)

And what did Lucy think about the house painting shenanigans?

She was almost as happy as me!

She got to play outside almost all day while Mamma was painting the bookcase. She got her jammies pretty dirty.


Lucy has been talking a lot lately – We finally figured out that “uhl, gah, uhl, go?” Means “Where did it go?” It’s really funny hearing her say it. She can say that, Mamma, Dada, cookie, bye bye, night night, go away, no, and a handful of other things I can’t remember right now.

And then, last but not least – we got our chicks in Friday morning! The post office called me at 7 am, and I went and got them right away. Over the weekend we’ve lost 4. I’m calling the place we ordered them, to see what they say about it. All of one of my breeds didn’t make it. Maybe they can give me a credit? Who knows. I’m not that worried about it. I just don’t want any more to die. Poor little baby chickens…

Lucy’s first view into “The BOX”.

What did she see?

These little guys!!

Very cute little chickies.

We cut Luc a window.

Aren’t these little guys so sweet?

And when they sleep, boy.. they just fall out. They’ll be standing, and just tip over. Sound asleep. Pretty funny.

Ok, I’ll let you get back to doing whatever it is you are doing. I have a pretty busy day today. I have Women’s Ministry tonight, gotta run errands, cook and regular daily chores. It’ll be fun though. I’m going to try and stay warm! It’s FREEZING outside!