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121916 – 122516: Christmasses

Well, another Christmas has come and gone… and as a lot of years, we aren’t quite through yet. 

We started our rounds in Louisiana. We spent a few days with Papa J and Nana. We made derby cars and had a lot of fun with those. 

And I forced the 3 generations of Kirkley’s to take a picture. None of them were happy about it, I’ll be honest. Least of all was the littlest Kirkley. But with a little bribe, he smiled like it was his idea. (And he forgot about the bribe πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œ)

Up next was the Gresham Christmas with my family. We almost always get out my moms wig and pass it around. We all felt it looked weirdest on Nick. 

Then Christmas Eve rolled around and we opened presents from the people who brought them by, and then around lunch Mawmaw came over and we did some gifts then. Judah got a BIG racetrack thing and we couldn’t take it to our family thing the next day, so we just went ahead. 

Lucy got her ukelele and a harmonica, and both kids love it. 

Judah got a Minion that poots if you feed it bananas. And that’s probably the gift that won Christmas for him. 

I got to open my Polaroid camera and I love it! It’s really a cool little thing. 

And then Christmas morning… wes and I got up early and the kids earlier than I expected- and we did our family gifts. Wes surprised me with a real ukelele. He did research, went to at least 2 music stores, and decided on this little beauty. It’s a pineapple shaped one, and plays so beautifully. I’m quite excited. 

And me and my dang “forcing people to take pictures” worked out because I got a good picture of the 4 of us with my Polaroid. 

The back peels off and it’s a sticker too!

We had our Christmas service, which was just so quaint and perfect. I used my new ukelele and we did just a couple of songs. It was so nice to hear the collective voices singing along instead of just hearing feedback from monitors. I really enjoyed it. Plus, Wes’ sermon about the magi was so perfect. Knowing that our Jesus came to us, for us. It’s a great thing to think about. 

Then I had a gift from a friend. Who knows me all too well. 

Yep! That’s lunchroom trays! And you can bet that I’m gonna use them!

Then we headed towards Hattiesburg (after a nice warm Christmas Day of playing on the slack line). 

Wes’ moms side of the family. 

We had so much food, and a real good time. Lucy opened her last big gift- and she loves it. It’s so dang big she could just about live in it!

And then the gift I’ve been hearing about for MONTHS, I finally got to open! And I’m not gonna let Wes take it, however bad he wants to. 

If you don’t know what kind of shirt this is, then you didn’t grow up as a girl in the 90’s. Lisa Frank was life. I’m pumped to wear it. I do believe the shirt gives some confidence too. I mean, Wes looks very majestic. 

And now today the kids can settle in and play with their stuff. I’m cleaning out like I always do after Christmas. I like starting my new year clean. 

We’ve still got my other side of the family  to do and we’ll do it this weekend. By the time we’re back home- it’ll basically be the new year so I have to get busy the next few days. 

So, down goes my tree and down goes my decorations. It’ll be nice to sit down and not see wrapping paper scraps everywhere. I’ll miss them until next year, though. I do love this season. 

My favorite memory of this Christmas was when Wes and I sat down and talked to the kids about the real meaning. 

We couldn’t get a word in… Lucy knew the story back to front. (Super encouraging given we pastor a church! Ha!)  Our kids leaders do an exceptional job. But we shared that our best gift always and forever will be our Savior, come as a little baby, with cows and camels, with a young father who was in awe and a young mother who watched and stored her thoughts of the events in her heart. It’s truly a miraculous story and a story I love to tell. 

I pray we do the same as Mary at Christmas. We should look at our children, and store up those memories, because we only get one Christmas a year. Next year my kids may not squeal with glee when they open their gifts. I feel like they will, but I don’t know. I’m treasuring my biggest blessings for sure. 

062016 – 062216: Little Swimmer and a visit to Louisiana

We shimmied on down to Louisiana to visit with Wesley’s dad for Father’s Day, and to get a little pool time in with Lucy. She’s almost 6 and it drives me bonkers that she can’t swim yet. But this week… We got it!

She’s finally figured out how to go under water and she’s been having a blast doing it! Wes and I couldn’t be more proud!

And our weekend of swimming wore out my kids like I’ve never seen. 

They were out about 15 minutes after we left. 

We had a blast visiting or family, and Lucy of course left them with drawings everywhere. 


Judah enjoyed the pool as well and started putting his head underwater before we left. He couldn’t have his sister outdo him. He’s only sorta competitive, haha!

Lucy made Wes the cutest little Father’s Day gift at church. My favorite? He’s not very good at…”he’s good at everything.”
This little guy took naps while we were down. Crazy! He never naps. Swimming is exhausting!

And of course we got ice cream. And we also got it everywhere. (At least Judah did. His hands, shirt, shorts, legs, face, hair, elbows, chair and mirror had some form of ice cream on them before we left.) 

A great trip and super productive as well! 

We are so proud of our little girl and her finally braving the waters. 

122115 – 122315: Louisiana Christmas

We went and visited our family on the bayou for Christmas and had a great time hanging out with family. 

It was quite rainy, and we felt cooped up most of the days, but when the rain broke, we got outside as much as possible.  
And then we made gingerbread houses!



Judah attempting to look innocent, Ashe sneaks more candy into his mouth than he puts on the houses. 

And while it rained we watched tv and played with toys. 

 And then sometimes while it rained we played outside in the mud.

We ate good and had lots of funny conversations. 

And then the sun showed up on Wednesday and we stayed outside as much as possible. 

We caught snails and earthworms. 


And had a little more mud play.

And of course more scooter play. 


And then Our Christmas, with wonderful toys and gifts. 

We very much enjoyed our time with our family and as always hate to leave. But onto our next Christmas we go!

031015: Surprise Trip

Wes had been planning on going to visit one of our DPC folks in the hospital for a while, so we decided to just keep going south afterwards and surprise his dad with a visit. 

It was a nice little one night away. 

Then when we left, we left Lucy behind to stay a few nights with Papa J and Nana. She was excited about it. 

Pulling out of the driveway on our way back home, Judah says “where’s Lucy?”  

We didn’t answer. 

“Where’s LUCY?” He said it louder. I turned around. “Well, she’s staying here.” He slowly looks out the window. 

“Awe, man.” 

One day little man. One day. 

We are going to paint lucys room while she’s gone and move stuff around. She’s been asking for a pink room for a while so we are going to surprise her with a room makeover while she’s gone. I can’t wait to show her!


Ahh… traveling. I love it. What do I not like? Packing. It’s the pits.

We are down in Louisiana. We bought a truck. We drove it around. We ran out of gas. All vehicles are different. When the gas light comes on in some trucks, it means you can go another 50 miles. Not in our new one. Anyway – Wes likes it and that’s really all that matters.

Lucy got to swim today. She enjoyed it.

And… She took her first step.

It was short lived, and she didn’t look graceful doing it – but it was technically a first step. I’m so happy for her. We are going back into New Orleans tomorrow and going to a wedding tomorrow night. Then Saturday we will spend a little time in downtown New Orleans, French Quarter, and hopefully do a little shopping! I promise to have some pictures next blog! Glad to update ya. There hasn’t been much else going on.

Hope the rest of your week (TGIF!) is great!