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What I wish I had known with my first child…

Sleepin on mama

I was thinking just now how I am going to prepare myself for this second kid I’m going to have in a few short months, and I started reminiscing about when I had Lucy. Those baby days are not always something you’ll miss. Yes, you miss the little baby, but the sleepless nights aren’t something people envy. So, I made a list of things I wish I had really known before I had Lucy.

1. Buy paper plates.
There is nothing worse than a nasty kitchen. Sacrifice the earth for a couple of weeks and eat on stuff you can just throw out. Wesley doesn’t do the dishes. So, this go around, you can bet, I’m going to have plenty of paper products ready.

2. Let people help you.
You know how people say, “If you need anything…”? Take them up on it. Let them clean your living room. Let them wash a load of your clothes. Let them sweep your kitchen. If they really mean it, they won’t mind, and if they didn’t, it’ll make sure they never say it again to anyone.

3. Your house will be clean again one day.
Don’t stress yourself out about having a clean house the first few weeks you get home. It will be a mess, but it will be okay. If people come to visit, they aren’t going to be looking at anything but the new baby anyway. You can clean up when its older. (HAHAHA!)

4. Your freezer is your friend.
Make some meals ahead of time, and freeze them. This way, you don’t break the bank sending hubby out to get sonic every couple of nights when you really don’t feel up to making a 3 course meal. I’m definitely doing this on this go around. I didn’t with Lucy. REGRETS.

5. Don’t worry about what the book says.
You may give your little one a pacifier. The books say not too. There are going to be nights when you let your brand new addition sleep on your chest. The books say not to. But I’m here to tell you, do what you gotta do to get some sleep. Which brings me to #6.

6. Sleep is way more important than you think.
And you will enjoy sleep again one day. Just not in the first couple of weeks. If you have to sleep with your little one to get rest, then do it. You can unbreak those habits later when you are more rested. The first time Lucy slept more than 3 hours straight was in the rocking chair with me. And that 4 1/2 hours was heavenly.

7. You will learn the meaning of terrified.
You have no idea what scared is until you have a baby. Everything is dangerous now. Couches, other peoples hands, napkins, the floor, carpet. EVERYTHING.

8. Breastfeeding is the hardest part of new mothering. And it is worth it.
I had no idea how hard breastfeeding would be. I also had no idea just how rewarding it would be either. When I quit with Lucy (only a short 2 weeks ago) I cried. She cried. I didn’t want to stop, and neither did she. It is the best decision I’ve made as a mom so far (second only to me quitting my job.) Advice given to me: Give it 6 weeks. You can’t judge breastfeeding on the first 2 weeks. I PROMISE.

9. Swaddling works. And so do sound machines.
Lucy wouldn’t sleep at all for the first 2 months of her life if she wasn’t swaddled. Also, once I bought the “gentle giraffe” (From Target, made by Cloud B) she slept much better. Just white noise so she didn’t wake from every little house creak. Best 22.99 I ever spent.

10. You are going to mess up. Big time. But it’ll be okay.
When Lucy was about 2 months old, I notices some stuff on her head. (Cradle cap). I didn’t know this, so I took a washcloth and scrubbed it off. It came off just fine. But so did all of her baby fine hair. It grew back. My tears didn’t make it grow back any faster. You’ll do something just a stupid as me, and you’ll cry and it won’t matter one day.

11. You have no idea what love is.
I thought I loved Lucy before she was here. Boy was I wrong. I remember days, just holding her and weeping because of how much I loved her. It was and still is UNREAL how much my heart is filled when I see her. Every parent knows, but no parent can explain to a non parent. Just wait. You’ll see.

And now, I get to ask you all a question…

What did you wish you knew with #2? What do I need to know?


The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9

Isn’t that sweet?

I thank God that He is a patient God. I’m sure dealing with us is not an easy thing. We are unbearable. You know this if you’ve ever worked in retail or food. People are mean, and we want what we want, and now. I feel like a lot of the times, we are the same way toward God. This is wrong. But we do it anyway.

God has got all the characteristics that we should have. Patience being one that we probably lack the most. Everything is instant in our culture today. If I want to talk to some one, I call them or text and they are there. If I want a burger, I go to sonic and I get it (relatively quick). If I need an answer, I google it. We have medicine that is “rapid release” for faster pain management. We wait on nothing.

There are a couple of exceptions.  One I can think of right off the top of my head is for our children to be born.

God is most definitely teaching me patience through all of this pregnancy. Everyone tells me not to rush it, that I’ll miss it (and sorry folks, but you are wrong.) The stage I am at, I will not miss. I’m not a happy camper. I want my kid to be here so bad. I want to hold her and see her face and dress her up and look at her in her daddy’s arms. I can’t do that while she is still in my belly.  But really, there is no way to make her show up early. It’s up to God.

He has full control of me, my body, and my Lucy. I must say, I’d prefer Him have control than anything else. But I’m having to wait on her to get here. I’m having to be patient and there is no way around it. Sure I could eat spicy foods or walk, but then I’d just have heartburn and a sore back and no guarantee of a kid.  God is teaching me patience, by allowing me to be patient.

That’s how He teaches. He doesn’t zap us with the patient wand, or the teaching wand, or the beautiful singing wand. He gives us opportunities to show the traits He wants us to have that He already possesses. He gives us chances to do that. Most of the time, I fail. I’m not going to lie. Especially on this whole patience thing. I’m not sure how many times since I was about 6 (5) months pregnant that I’ve said I just want it to be over.

Not happening. I guess my lesson isn’t over yet. That’s okay. I’m not going to tell you all a lie that I’m going to enjoy myself until she arrives; I will probably complain again before it is over. But I’m going to attempt to say more positive things, at least for today. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.

I hope your day is super blessed.

Saturday blog! YAY!

So I  went to the grocery store yesterday. Here in Collins our grocery store does these major Friday sales. It was like a zoo in our grocery store. It always is on Friday sale days. Seriously… It was awful.

So I get my things and I’m pushing my buggy out to my car. I start seeing these flyers all over the vehicles. I’m thinking.. I know they got mine too.. DANGIT. Its already hot enough outside, and now I have to spend an extra .3 seconds out in it getting this off my car. Here is the flyer:

I’m not sure who made this… I’m guessing one of our youth.This is a flyer for the church that my husband is pastor of (in case you are a reader who doesn’t go to the Dwelling Place…)

This is amazing. Most youth would invite people to church just on Wednesdays. Our Youth know that our God isn’t just a Wednesday night God. How amazing.

So- you who did this… you made my day.

Wes and I are going to be starting a College Ministry here soon.. Our Church is amazing.. and it is ALL because of Jesus. So – College kids – be on the look out. We will be doing stuff soon.


Since my doctor said I have 3 weeks til ole Luc is going to be here, I decided I needed to be ready. That means I had to prewash all of her things. (Not all of them.. I’m not washing her 6-9 month clothes yet.. ) Anyway, I started washing some of her things (receiving blankets, washcloths, burp cloths, onesies, bibs, etc.). I’ve found out a couple of things thus far in my new role as mom:

1. The lint catcher in the back of the dryer is no longer a dull grey fuzzy mess. It is now a dull pink fuzzy mess.

2. I will lose lots of her socks. They are TINY.

3. I can wash more of her clothes in one load that I can my clothes. Again, they are TINY.

4. Her room is almost complete. Her stuff is washed, I have stuff set up. I’ve got her swing and bouncer ready, her bed ready, play pen ready, changing table ready, diapers are ready… which leads me to…

5. Three weeks is not a long time. She will be here soon. How can I tell? Um, Doctor said and look at me for crying out loud:

I’m huge. (And my bathroom is super messy… sorry about that.)

What else? (And I’m still curious as to why people like reading these blogs.. I get the devotional ones, but I generally get more comments on the ones that are just about me and pregnancy… I guess because its like peeking into someones diary. I know I like reading other people’s blogs.. Mostly people I don’t know…strange… ANYWAY)

I went shopping with my dad last night. There were a few items that I didn’t get from any of my showers that he so nicely bought for me. I got all sorts of stuff (from pacifiers to soaps to my ‘U’ shaped pillow… and Lucy got a cute little bib that says “I love Grandpa”. I know she will. And he took me and Wesley out to eat at Olive Garden. My dad is exceptional.

When we got home I was pooped. And then I looked down. And my feet were enormous. Well, my ankles anyway. I had on some strappy shoes, and they were imprinted on my ankles. This is the first time I’ve swollen up like that. Dislike! A friend of mine told me she didn’t swell until she almost had hers. One of hers was 5 weeks early and the other was 6. If this is a sign of things to come.. I can deal with it. I’ve really been blessed that I haven’t swollen up. Not at all until last night really. One other time, but no one could tell but me because my toes felt tight.

I’m washing my new stuff now… then going to finish up her little room.. You can look for a Lucy’s Room Blog at some point next week full of lots of pictures!

So what’s left to do now? Wait on Lucy to show her purdy liddle face. Yeh.. I said it.

Bringer of Light

Can anyone hide in secret places so that I cannot see him?” declares the LORD. “Do not I fill heaven and earth?” declares the LORD. Jeremiah 23:24

This verse has the power to scare you to death  or make you feel more loved than ever. You cannot get away from God.

If you aren’t living for Him, this is scary. If you are living for Him, this is a relief. There is nothing our stupid little selves (yeah, I said it) can do to make Him love us less or not know what we really need.

One thing I have been praying for a lot here lately is my kiddo. As you ALL know, I’m miserable. I’m quick to let people know that. I hate being that person. I’m an optimistic person. I’m a happy person. And this 30lb bulge in my stomach is making me much less optimistic and happy. I’m sorry to those of you who know me and are wondering what Lucy has done with Andrea.

Anyway- I’ve been praying for this kid for a long time. Way before I was ever pregnant, I prayed for my little girl. Now – I’m about to hit you with some crazy stuff – so hold on and don’t hit the little ‘x’ on the window just yet.. keep reading.

I had a vision a long time ago, not long after Wes and I got married of a Dodge truck sitting in our driveway. Two tan skinny arms stuck out of the truck and picked up an (about) 2 year old little girl who was wearing a blue dress with dark wavy hair. Everything was bright bright green.

I didn’t tell a lot of people about this – because I didn’t think it would ever amount to anything. Well, here it is, mid summer, and I’m about to have a little girl. In 2 years, it will again, be mid summer. And I’m thinking those skinny tan arms, are most definitely Wesley’s, cause I don’t tan. I burn.

God told me a long time ago I would have a little girl. So I’ve been praying for her.

Another thing God has amazingly done for me: A few weeks before we found out what she was (you all remember.. I called her Little Thing… and then Little Moving Thing.. ha… cute) I was taking a shower. Its so weird how God will speak to you in a the most random of moments. He as clear as a bell told me that He was giving me a girl so that I could be the mom I never had.

I immediately started crying, and then thought I was crazy and it was my pregnancy hormones kicking in and being weird. Then we find out its a girl and I knew I wasn’t crazy, but that God loved me a whole stinkin lot.

And lastly.. and here is where I tie the verse in with today’s ramblings.

No one can hide. Especially not in a womb.

I’ve been hearing things from God.. about music. God told me a while back that I was going to write amazing worship music and help lead thousands of people to His throne in worship services. Yeah.. I know.. Thousands. That’s what He said.. I promise.

Here is the kicker.I’m already 25… and every time I sit down to write a song it is just plain awful. I mean.. bad awful. Terrible even. And I’m not saying this message isn’t for me, but its almost like I was standing next to someone as God was telling them and He told them so loudly that I over heard. Or…

I believe God is telling Lucy now what her plan is. And I am overhearing, because she’s still within me. I’m intercepting the message that He is sending to my daughter and thinking its for me.

She cannot hide from Him. Not as a baby, nor as a girl, or as a woman that she will be one day. I believe with all my heart that these plans are not for me, but for her. God has plans for me, and I know some of them already. One is that He’s about to make me a mother. He’s going to let me be a mother to an amazing worship leader.

We are naming her Lucy because Lucy means ‘bringer of light’. We say it means ‘bringer of Light‘. The Light. Christ. She is going to be an amazing woman of God. I cannot wait to see her become this.

Thank you God for filling heaven and earth with Yourself and for not letting anyone, even my little Lucy, hide from your plan. You are amazing.

PS: Good Dr. visit yesterday. Lucy is HEAD DOWN! Been praying for that for REAL. So now, we have no idea what these knots are. She’s just stretching out I guess. And the Doctor said that I was halfway thinned out, meaning she’ll probably not make it to week 40. Probably more like week 39. That means 3 weeks. Three Weeks. THREE WEEKS. I’m excited.

One Month

But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one. 2 Thessalonians 3:3

Sorry the blog is late.

I’m not always faithful. God is.

I am thankful that He strengthens us and protects us as well. I always wonder ‘what-if’ there was no God to protect me. How often we drive around and don’t have wrecks, but if there was no God, how many more wrecks would there be?

Funny thing to think about, I know.

As of Friday, I’ll be 36 weeks pregnant. I’m going to need my Faithful God to step in and help me have this little baby girl. I’m not going to lie, I’m scared. I haven’t done this before, and I’m not sure how its all going to turn out. I know ultimately how it will turn out. Wesley and I will bring a little girl home with us from a hospital within the next month, but there is a lot of stuff that’s gotta happen between now and pulling in with a kid strapped in a car seat in the back of the Mazda. It’s all that in-between stuff that’s just a little scary.

All this in a month.

I am a little nervous, God.

I  need your faithfulness. I need strength. I need protection. I know you are more than capable of all of these things and that you help and heal the ones you love, and I know you love me. Thank you.