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July into August: 7.9.17-8.14.17

Yep. I’m guessing I’m once a month blogging now. To see all the pictures, my flickr is loaded. And I try and update my facebook and Instagram some still. I’m on my way out though. I’m seriously about to drop it all. I’m tired of being tied.

Anyway- what we’ve been doing….

School! Yes! In July! Why not man?? It’s hot. You either have to be in water, or inside. And so we figure when it’s October or November and bearable outside, we will play and play and play. And we’ll take our days off then. But while it’s 96 with a heat index of 109? We’ll get busy and knock some days off our list.

Both of my kiddos are doing exceptionally well. I’m amazed really. They learn SO differently. I feel for teacher who have a class of 19 Kindergarteners. It just doesn’t make sense teaching them all the same way. I’ve had to adjust how I’m teaching the most basic thing: reading. My two do not learn the same. And I couldn’t imagine how bad Judah would be doing if he were in school. And I can’t imagine how bad Lucy would be doing if she was in school and being forced to learn like Judah needs to. Only one could excel. Teachers just can’t- not that they don’t want to- I was there. I was in a classroom – I know. You want each child to learn. But when you’ve got to keep control… learning is last.

Anyway – off that soapbox…

And this.. My last picture with my four year old boy. He’s no longer 4.

He’s FIVE! My baby is five. Oh where did it go. I’m glad it’s behind us, don’t get me wrong. He’s so much fun. So nonstop. Excited, loves to do. Loves to go. He’s just my favorite.

And I do believe I’ve got a couple of swimmers on my hands now. Judah’s sorta figured it out. Lucy figured it out last year and had to refresh this year. She’s swimming like a fish. And Judah… like a fish with.. some ticks I guess? He’s getting there.

And my sweet Lucy. I was doing some music for a local retirement home and Lucy had to come with me. I asked her if she wanted to make cards like the last time we went to a place like this – and she said YES! So, She and Ms. Freida handed them out while I did some music with my team (Ms. Sam and  Hannah). We had a great time and Lucy was the star of the show for sure.

I think about the things I could be doing for her. Dance lessons, Karate, different classes… And I sorta feel bad because we don’t really offer those to her right now. Mostly because they are so expensive. I don’t want to pay over $1500 a year for a hobby she sorta likes. Her year of dance made a huge difference in her life, but, we can’t afford to do every-little-thing they want to do.

And then I see her willingly spend almost 2 hours each day over 2 days making cards for people she doesn’t know. I see her putting little details into each one. I see her saying she want’s them all to be fair and equal, because that’s right, that’s what you should do.

And I feel like maybe she doesn’t have to have all that extra. She doesn’t have to have a hobby like everyone else. Because, she’s definitely not like everyone else. She is so creative and generous. And She came with me to the home and handed out her cards and spoke to each person she gave one to. Not a whole lot, but she answered questions and she said you’re welcome. And I think… This seven year old I’m raising.. she’s not too bad.

And I want to encourage her to continue making and giving. I want to encourage her to see that giving to others is just as much fun as being given too. I want her to grow up in Christ like she is already and I want her to have a better foundation than even I had.

Man this girl… She’s my favorite.

We played in makeup. I’m not going to show you what she did to me, but trust me when I say, people would think Wes beat me. I got it all off later…

And my little boy. He comes home today and I’m gonna swoop him up in the biggest hug you ever did see.

He’s been gone with his Daddy and his Papa J to a car show in Ohio! He’s been too far away from me. He’ll call and we’ll talk on the phone and he says, “Mom, I like it here. You should have come too.” I love that he misses me.

And most of all… My husband.

I’m such a super blessed lady. Gah, I cannot stress that enough. This man loves his children so much. He sent me pictures all weekend of pink cars to show Lucy. He sent me probably 30 pictures of Judah beside cars with his goofy little grin. He wanted to take Judah. Judah’s not the easiest kid ever – he’s 5. And a five year old no matter how good is still a 5 year old.

Every time I talked to Wes, “He’s doing good. He’s hanging in there.” No matter what, he loves his children and he wants them to be whole.

And he loves me.

And yes, yes, yes… we fight. Pretty much all the time. We argue and we have spats, and we’ll go 3 hours without speaking to each other some days. And we are in a unique situation where we are both home, all day. So we are around each other, all day, every day, for the most part. When he studies at the church or when I have errands, that’s about it.

And we seriously look forward to drinking our coffee on the porch with each other each morning. We love to talk to each other. We would choose each other over anyone or anything else. (I’ll have to double check with Wes on that one, because he did just see most of his dream cars this past weekend so I may have bumped down a spot or two.) I’ll be back up in #1 slot when he sees me though.

He consistently pursues me and I’m forever grateful for him giving me compliments when I don’t feel like they are true. I love that he loves every part of me, even the parts of myself that I can’t stand to look at. Or the parts of me that aren’t where they should be as wife and mother – he loves me through them. I hope he knows that I love him through any of his.

I’ve missed my Judah, and I’ve loved spending time with Lucy, but most of all, I’m so so ready to have my husband back.

And that gets you caught up for July and part of August. Maybe I’ll update again at the end of August. (And maybe not… I might be busy living my life with my sweet family!)

052315 + 052415: Lucy’s Wedding Day

Happy Memorial Day, for starters. As I’ve said many times before, there is a lot wrong with our country, but our freedom is still here and we should still be so grateful to those who did pay the ultimate cost for that. We salute the familys of those fallen men and women and we thank you for their sacrifice.


Next, my darling Lucy is growing up. I’ve given you all a tease on Facebook of her pictures in my old wedding dress. I did these so I’d have them for her wedding day one day in the distant future, which, I feel like I’m going to blink and it’s going to be here. She’s starting legit school this year (homeschooling though) and I’m excited and she’s excited and Judah’s going to be doing PreK3 and I’m excited and he’s drawing on the walls with my eye liner somewhere. He will be very different to teach, and I’m going to win. He will learn. He will learn stuff this year. Anyway… here’s to the child who is growing up way too fast… Lucy Bea.

 The one you’ve all seen. One of my favorites.
Lucy's Wedding

This one you’ve most seen as well (on Instagram anyway).
Lucy's Wedding

And now to the others…
Lucy's Wedding

And her walking around in it was just such cuteness.
Lucy's Wedding

Lucy's Wedding

By the time we had sat down, I tried to get her to lay in the grass… which she didn’t want to do, so she teared up. I had to crop her face out and I actually LOVE this picuture. Notice the dirty toes. Makes me feel like she’s still a kid.
Lucy's Wedding

Then, a chicken walked by which made her dry her tears and laugh. I snapped this to prove.
Lucy's Wedding

After that she was all smiles.
Lucy's Wedding

And finally, my absolute favorite of them all. Gracious what a beauty.
Lucy's Wedding

Sunday was busy and quick as always, and my awesome mother-in-law got my babies both after church and kept them that night too since she didn’t have to work and it’d been a while since she saw them. So I did my nails and read a book and didn’t clean my house! I’m going to have to clean before they come home so I’ll have a head start on the week, but yesterday I enjoyed lazing around. Thanks Ms.Steph, you’re a great Mawmaw.

030215: dance class

I worked today. I’m looking more and more forward to being able to step down a notch and be home more with my kids to really set up a good routine. 

After work, I took Lucy to dance. I was able to watch her! She did so good! I was so very proud of her. I took some snippets of video to help her practice with later. 

She’s gonna be so cute at her recital!!

Sorry about the blur. It was through glass and blinds. I had to zoom. What a funny kid!!

Lucy is Three

Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift?
the fruit of the womb his generous legacy?
Psalm 127:3

This day, 3 years ago, I had made plans. I was pregnant. I went to Sams and Walmart. Took my dog to the vet. Came home and was cooking, and then my life changed FOREVER.

Lucy Bea

I had a baby girl. We named her Lucy Bea. And she changed my heart completely and forever.

Here she is at one!

And two!
Lucy Bea's 2nd Birthday

And as you can see – parties are scary.

She knows her alphabet, she’s as bossy as they come, she love her little brother, she sings all the time, she poses for the camera (finally!)




And she still make the best faces around.

And today she’s THREE!

I love you Lucy Bea. You are so special to me. You were my first child and you made me a mother. I cannot wait until you and I get to gossip about boys and do your nails (for real) and I cannot wait to see you graduate and walk down the aisle.

I hate that my mother’s have missed some of those events in my life. I hate most that they missed meeting you. You are truly a bringer of light.

And one day, you’ll be married and you’ll have a baby of your own. And you will start to see what you were to me.

I love you.

Devotional and 25 Months Old and Nervous!

“And now, Master god, being the God you are, speaking sure words as you do, and having just said this wonderful thing to me, please, just one more thing: Bless my family; keep your eye on them always. You’ve already as much as said that you would, Master god! Oh, may your blessing be on my family permanently!” 2 Samuel 7:28 MSG

I know I said I was going to not do any devotionals this week… but I opened my app and this was the verse. How could I NOT at least share this verse with y’all today??

This verse is EXACTLY what I feel today.

Last night I was writing (I’m an on and off again journaler). I used to write literally every day, then I had a toddler. Now I’m writing again to remember Judah’s pregnancy and hopefully I’ll continue writing some after he gets here.

Anyway – I was writing last night and felt the need to write the prayers I have for my children. The big ones, not the every day ones. Of course I want them safe and secure, but I want more for their lives than I had. And that doesn’t mean toys.

I prayed for Lucy – that she would grow up and be a smart kid, a wise teenager and a Godly woman.

I prayed for Judah that he would be bold in Christ and keep him first in every decision he made.

I prayed for both of their spouses, and them as spouses. Being married isn’t always easy. I want them to be successful at it.

I concluded both prayers that they would both know that no matter the circumstance, I would always be there for them. I would love them through whatever situation they were in and that I was always for their good. Just like our Father is for ours.

And this verse just tops it off.

It’s so strange knowing when Judah will be here. Knowing that I’ll see him and hold him tomorrow is… not what I’m used to. Lucy coming 4 weeks early and catching me COMPLETELY by surprise is all I know. Surprised.

But with Judah.. it’s planned. We have arrangements for Lucy already, and my house is in order. No steaks left out in the fridge this time!

It’s nice knowing, but also very weird.

I also, decided to take Lucy’s picture again. I know, I know…

I said I would stop at 24 months, but there was the dress… and the sunny day.. and the cute as can be toddler… I couldn’t resist! I still want to take her picture as often as I had been (I mean, with my good camera and stuff…) So.. without further delay…

25 Months Old Swing

My baby is getting SO big!! And she’s wearing the second dress I made for her!
25 Months Old

I love a barefoot little girl.
25 Months Old

25 Months Old

25 Months Old

And some dress details 🙂 I’m proud of this one really…
25 Months Old

I got to use my double needle! I’m so glad I bought that. Makes hems looks super nice.
25 Months Old

So what have I been doing?

A lot of rocking.

More sewing. What a cute little model I have!

Some kissin’!

Its our last day just the two of us girls (uh.. and Wes too I guess…) So I’m trying to soak up this little cutie as much as I can.

And lastly? I’ve been growing.

If you aren’t friends with me on facebook – add me – that’s where I’ll be doing most of my updating on Lil Judah’s transition from bump to baby. http://www.facebook.com/andreakirkley

See you all soon! And I hope to be posting pictures of a cute little boy really soon!

I just worry.. I don’t know if he can match Lucy’s cuteness… 😉 He’s got big cute shoes to fill!

Thanks for taking this journey with me!