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053016 – 060116: Memorial Day and A Birthday

It’s June!

Lucy made sure I knew she was aware it was June- the month of her birth. She’s real excited. I’m not even doing a big party this year, but she’s excited anyway. 

Memorial Day was fun. We spent our day at the pool with family and had some good food. I’m so honored that our country takes a day to remember the men and women who paid an ultimate price for the freedoms we get to enjoy each and every day. I hope we don’t take that for granted. 

And the 31st was my nephews birthday. 

He turned 13! A teenager! I remember when he was a WEE tot. I stopped by for a visit and he was quite hospitable and made me school-lunch dinner. Pizza and Milk. I asked him if he was gonna make some corn on the cob to go with it. And I demanded my milk be in a tiny hard-to-open carton, but he couldn’t supply. Happy Birthday bud!

And then it’s June and it’s hot so we took the fam to get snocones. And Lucy got a RED one. Can you tell?

The kiddos, of course, loved that. 

We have a busy day today, laying to rest another friend. Ministry is hard when you have to be a part of the end of people’s lives, but if there is any way I can make that day more like they wish- of course I’m there in a heartbeat. Please be in prayer for the Daniels family today. 

Devotional: Hebrews 4 and our Weekend

We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all-all but the sin. Hebrews 4:15 MSG

Our Savior isn’t one who has no way of connecting with us. He experienced human emotions, even though He was fully God.

It’s not something that we can easily understand, how 100% man and 100% God equals 100% Jesus, but that’s how the math works.

I read a book once and the way they described this made a lot of sense to me. They said it’d be like a bird choosing not to fly. Doesn’t mean it isn’t a bird, just means its making a choice to not use that ability that it has.

Christ didn’t use his God powers to perform the miracles. He let God work through him on those.

And that is why he is our perfect example.

He could do everything he did on his own, but he chose to bring God glory.

We can do stuff on our own (very, very little) but isn’t it better to do things and bring glory to our Creator instead?

And anything you think you can’t do, is untrue. We have a God who wants to help us- he wants us to get through our struggles without failing and slipping. He wants us to thrive in Him. He wants us to live abundantly, over sin, and because our Jesus has already been tested and tempted, and come out clean without sinning, we can too.

He gives us that ability. We just choose to not follow.

Praise God that we do have a savior that isn’t just relatable, but that loves us so much.

Life Blog

I hope your 3 day weekend was fantastic! I cleaned my butt off on Friday so that I could have these past 3 days to somewhat relax. Not much relaxing going on around a toddler…

But my house is clean, so now it’s just upkeep.

We had church Sunday, like always, a busy day. Then Monday we worked outside a little (well… Wes did mostly.) He bush-hogged around the house, and it looks better. Widened our yard up some haha!

Then later we made a mad dash to Lowes to get the stuff we needed for our shower. And we got it all – and Wes says he wants to be showering in OUR shower by the weekend.

This will be ONE happy pregnant lady if that happens. We’ve been without our shower for.. quite some time. I’ll have to look back and see if I blogged about it. I think it’s been like a year or more.

It’s gonna be SO NICE.. Ahh.. I can’t wait. Well. I can. I have to. I can’t lay the tile.

Maybe I can…. Just kidding 😉

Lucy was sweet on the way to hattiesburg. Poor girl was sleepy.

She’s had fun with Daddy the past few days.


She loves her Daddy.

And yesterday she turned 23 months old. TWENTY THREE. 23. 23. 23.

Oh.. my.

Today we will take her 23 month portraits. Gotta find a super cute outfit. Yesterday we also played in the sprinkler. I’ll have some of those pictures for you tomorrow. SO funny!

You’ll see 🙂

Ok – Have a wonderful day!!