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120916 – 121416: Christmas-time

I love this time of year. The only thing that I do not like about this time of year, is the busy-ness. We don’t have spare time normally, and even more so now. 

We went to Lewis Lights and walked around a bit. 

My goofball boy and his sideways grin… and my “she dresses herself” daughter. Gah, I love these kids. 

We went to the gym and the kids “worked out.”

What goobers. 

I had class and it was quite foggy when I left. I haven’t seen it this foggy in a long time. I had. A great class too. Six students! 

I’m takin a little break from the classes- going to skip January with all of our life and whatnot going on and start back up in February. I’m looking forward to the break and being able to start refreshed. 

I took the kids Christmas shopping for Daddy. Lucy’s gift is SO perfect from her and Judah’s gift is one he hopes daddy doesn’t love and he gets to keep himself. 

He should really be a salesman. He showed me these cars and was like, “mom… none of my cars are as cool as these…” he REALLY wanted more hot wheels. (He didn’t con me. I was strong.)

We had church, always fun. I do love our church people so much. 

Our kids class. I love the fact that our kids are not all the same by any stretch. What sweet little souls. Some are rough around the edges, but they come back each week and each week we see them getting better and better. It’s amazing watching them grow in their understanding. 

And the last 2 things…

I dyed my hair, attempting to do the grey… it didn’t work. It was greenish and so with that.. I decided to go back dark. It’s been a while since my hair has been one solid color, and I kind of missed it. Well, my “cool brown” turned into JET BLACK. 

After a few failed attempts at lightening it, I bought some color remover from Sally’s and it did lighten it a bit. It has a reddish tint, and is still very dark, but I feel like it would finally classify as brown. 

My brothers will not agree (they used to always say I had black hair when I was younger to make me mad.) 

So, goodbye blond. You were fun for a while. At least I know how to achieve you again if I ever want to. (I did not like the bleaching process and it takes a lot of time and does a lot of damage. I liked the look, but it was growing out and I was sorta over it.)

So, I’m brunette again. πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ‘©πŸ»πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»β€β™€οΈ

We’ve got a busy next couple of weeks, I’ll try to post and keep y’all informed. We’ll see how that goes! 😜

071516 – 071816: Weekends and our Named Chickens

Well, we got new fish…

All cichlids. All different species. Now, I know, I know- that’s not the best way to keep cichlids. I will say that all of my fish are super happy little guys (and gals) and some are even doing some mating routines- so they are comfortable with each other. Glad my fish aren’t racist! Haha!! We have 6 total. And they are so fun to watch. 

They chase each other and race for food. They swim up to see me when I sit to look at them. They are so fun. They are in process of being named. Except one- the first one in the picture- bright yellow? That’s Sunshine. Lucy named her. 

And I got new hair. 

Was NOT aiming for blond ombrΓ©, but once I got to this point I decided to stop because I really like it. I was going to try the grey again, but why mess with a good thang? Thank you Emily and Dusty for adventuring with me! 

And my chicks. We lost 2 of our Egyptian Fayoumis. One in the first 2 days, one the day after. I only ordered 3, so I’m really hoping the last one doesn’t die. 

And we’ve officially named them all. 

  • Meriweather, Dill, and Pickle (our americaunas)
  • Nugget (our Dominiquer) 
  • Cinder and Ella (blue Andalusians- cinder is dark and Ella is white, and they are going to look silvery blue like glass slippers)
  • Spice (our last Fayoumis… She looks like pepper now and when her feathers come in she’ll be black and white like salt and pepper!)
  • Red, Rose, and Ruby (our Rhode Island reds)
  • Willie and Nillie (our Silver Hamburgs)
  • Peep, Chirp, and Quack (our silver leghorns- these names are from a bird cartoon show. Yes, we’ll have a chicken named Quack.)

Money says I forget these names. Oh wait! I’ve written them on the box so we don’t forget! Haha! Fun times. 

This also guarantees we won’t eat them later on. I couldn’t make a pot pie using Willie or Pickle. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Hope your week is going great!

052116 – 052516: Geez Loueez, time flies

I look up and it’s been days since I blogged! We’ve had a busy week so far- with summer being here. We cleaned our yard, and bush-hogged, and snake killed, and scrap metaled, and moved around. 

Since summer is here, we decided to give the kids their combined birthday gift a little early so they could be enjoying it. 

And boy have they been enjoying it. We cut them a trail through the field we just bushhogged and that’s their race track. We hear this thing going everywhere until we don’t, and then we hear “Dad! It stopped!” The battery runs down about 3 times a day. 

We did some furniture swapping with family,  for the back deck. Our kids can actually sit here and eat without the risk of falling now. 

I made a little brick pad for our school room door, which we will be adding too now that we got our brick laid on our house and we have tons extra!

We’ve been making the most of our hammocks. 

And I got my hair did! This is before. It was starting to get… Too crunchy. Wes hates that word when in reference to my hair, but you ladies know what I’m talking about. 
I had my hair stylist, the lovely Mooney, do some fancy stuff for me and now I get to play with color in my hair. First up? 


I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get wilder as I feel different. Haha! I truly love it. And I love that I get to play in it myself again! 

We were also blessed by Wesleys aunt and uncle with a new weed eater! So helpful and we are so grateful for fantastic families. We are so blessed. 

Well we are off to make a brick pad and weed eat the yard! Yay summer! (Wow, I sound a lot like Olaf!)