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32nd Birthday 1.2.17

I awoke on my 32nd birthday to lots of little surprises. The first, from my husband. 

Still curious as to who is #1 in humor at or house…

And Lucy… my dear sweet child. She carried around a clipboard all day and would randomly ask me how to spell things, (like decorations) but wouldn’t let me see what was on her list. 

Then the kids and Wes went to Walmart for a super secret reason…

He called me and told me that she showed him her list, and on it at the bottom was customers. When he asked her what she meant- she said, “people to come to the party, Daddy!”

Once they got home I hopped in the shower to give them some time- and I came out to a big surprise party- put together almost entirely by my 6 year old. 

She’s so excited she’s blurry. 

And instead of bringing more sweets in my house- we used a gift from my sweet friend Ms.Sam- the best brownies ever made. 

The kids picked out gifts for me at Walmart. Judah got me a box of whoppers – then proceeded to ask if I’d share them. 

Lucy got me stickers for my guitar or “whatever” and I had to get a picture of her list. 

Her list reads:

  • 🎸 (guitar stickers)
  • Decorations
  • Party hats
  • Brownes (brownies)
  • Wallmart (she wrote it bc they were there)
  • Costoners (customers)
  • Boloons (balloons)
  • Candy
  • Card

It was the sweetest thing. And I make a lot of lists and notes and she did just like me. ☺️

And then, after a super yucky dreary day- the sun showed up long enough for a beautiful sunset. I used an old favorite app- which allows you to adjust everything in the camera (shutter speed, iso, etc)- and got this picture. 

Thank you Jesus for the gift 😊

And finally- my bullet journal spread for January 1st and 2nd. My sermon notes and my birthday recap. 

Loving my Polaroid camera, too!

Here’s to 2017 and 32!

New Year- New Style 1.1.17

I changed up my blog titles. About time I guess. And I’ve got some thinking to do. 

First- let’s get caught up.

We made our trek to the Goff’s over in Alabama. We had a great visit and wished we’d done it much sooner. (It had been a year since we’d seen them.)

We did a late birthday party- and I believe my kids are 90% of the cookie cake. 

Then we did Christmas.

And the kids were so excited. And then we played games. So many games!

Aunt Ashley was good with clues.😉

And then we made our way home. 

And I thought out all my resolutions and all of my goals and where that left this blog. 

And I think it leaves it smaller and less frequent. I won’t close it down, but I also am not going to try and post each day. I had that goal once. But not anymore. I do too much and daily blogging isn’t very high on my list anymore. 

I will post the highlights. 

But as for now- I’m going to go sit with my kids (who aren’t babies anymore) and I’m gonna eat some brownies (because it’s my bday) and I’m gonna live and post on here when I think about it. I hope you continue to follow along! 

010215 + 010315: My Birthday

Saturday was my birthday, so I got to choose what we did all day. I chose shopping in Hattiesburg with my family. 

We had fun and then met up with my sister (in-law) bff to shop and eat sleep lunch. 

It wasn’t anything huge, wasn’t even really planned out, but I had fun and really enjoyed my day.

That night we went to Mawmaws for birthday dinner and brownies (my favorite!)

On January 1st I posted my #2015bestnine picture. I realized my favorite parts of the last year had very little to do with what I did and much more with who was with me. 

My kiddos are awesome and so lively and fun. My husband is the best and so adventurous. I love my little family and I am so very blessed to get to dive into this new year with them.