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Marriage Monday: Arguments // Catch Up

Just getting to my computer this morning and I’m seeing that it looks as though I blogged only once or twice last week. Super sorry about that. Judah and his sleeping seemed to have gotten worse toward the end of the week. I didn’t write a blog at all for Thursday or Friday, and two that I had written didn’t schedule right. So, this week will be better!

Be angry and do not sin. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger, (Ephesians 4:26 HCSB)

One thing I can say that Wes and I have done right in our marriage is this: we fight.

And if you fight in your marriage, that’s okay.

Marriage isn’t easy. You’re taking two people who are different, who were raised differently, and you put them in one house and make them live together and you are going to have some disagreements! And then add kids!

If you aren’t fighting, you aren’t communicating.

Now- let me clarify fighting: not like screaming, cussing, throwing stuff, hitting each other or abusing the other one.

I mean, disagreeing, spats, differing opinions.

It’s okay to not always agree. But you have to be able to talk about it.

I think this is where guys get all in a wad. Guys don’t love sharing their feelings. But guys- in marriage- you have too.

Wes and I have learned that yes, airing out the arguments and talking through them will not be fun… But it is most important and necessary.

In our 9 years of marriage, we have slept in different beds because of a fight…. Never.

We tried to once… But neither of us could sleep. So we stayed up and argued it out and then were able to both sleep once we got past it. Yes, we still had growing and changing to do the next day, and in weeks to come…

But we didn’t go to sleep still being angry/hurt/let down by the other.

And I believe that’s why our marriage is as strong as it is today.

If you and your spouse normally do the whole argue, sleep in different places, and then act like it didn’t happen: STOP.

Talk about your issues.

The talk will be uncomfortable. And it might get worse before it gets better, but the only way to move forward without holding resentment and grudges is by communicating.

Life Blog

Ok, as I said, Judah and his sleeping are very random and very not stable. Some nights he’ll sleep like 6 hours straight… very few nights… Most nights he’s waking up at least twice a night. This is DRAINING. Last Thursday night he actually woke up like 7 times. And he doesn’t just fall back asleep. And with him and sister sharing a room, I can’t let him cry it out because he’ll wake her up. So… That’s been fun. We’re working on it. Here are some pictures to get you caught up.. since I was a terrible blogger last week 🙁

The kids are still cute. Even this one who never sleeps…

She’s learned how to CHEESE.

Judah got dedicated the Sunday before last.

In his dedication duds 🙂


And my son.. looks like me just a little bit!

Wow. Ok! Hopefully this week will be better with the blogs!! Again, I apologize.

Hope your Monday doesn’t feel like one!

What I wish I had known with my first child…

Sleepin on mama

I was thinking just now how I am going to prepare myself for this second kid I’m going to have in a few short months, and I started reminiscing about when I had Lucy. Those baby days are not always something you’ll miss. Yes, you miss the little baby, but the sleepless nights aren’t something people envy. So, I made a list of things I wish I had really known before I had Lucy.

1. Buy paper plates.
There is nothing worse than a nasty kitchen. Sacrifice the earth for a couple of weeks and eat on stuff you can just throw out. Wesley doesn’t do the dishes. So, this go around, you can bet, I’m going to have plenty of paper products ready.

2. Let people help you.
You know how people say, “If you need anything…”? Take them up on it. Let them clean your living room. Let them wash a load of your clothes. Let them sweep your kitchen. If they really mean it, they won’t mind, and if they didn’t, it’ll make sure they never say it again to anyone.

3. Your house will be clean again one day.
Don’t stress yourself out about having a clean house the first few weeks you get home. It will be a mess, but it will be okay. If people come to visit, they aren’t going to be looking at anything but the new baby anyway. You can clean up when its older. (HAHAHA!)

4. Your freezer is your friend.
Make some meals ahead of time, and freeze them. This way, you don’t break the bank sending hubby out to get sonic every couple of nights when you really don’t feel up to making a 3 course meal. I’m definitely doing this on this go around. I didn’t with Lucy. REGRETS.

5. Don’t worry about what the book says.
You may give your little one a pacifier. The books say not too. There are going to be nights when you let your brand new addition sleep on your chest. The books say not to. But I’m here to tell you, do what you gotta do to get some sleep. Which brings me to #6.

6. Sleep is way more important than you think.
And you will enjoy sleep again one day. Just not in the first couple of weeks. If you have to sleep with your little one to get rest, then do it. You can unbreak those habits later when you are more rested. The first time Lucy slept more than 3 hours straight was in the rocking chair with me. And that 4 1/2 hours was heavenly.

7. You will learn the meaning of terrified.
You have no idea what scared is until you have a baby. Everything is dangerous now. Couches, other peoples hands, napkins, the floor, carpet. EVERYTHING.

8. Breastfeeding is the hardest part of new mothering. And it is worth it.
I had no idea how hard breastfeeding would be. I also had no idea just how rewarding it would be either. When I quit with Lucy (only a short 2 weeks ago) I cried. She cried. I didn’t want to stop, and neither did she. It is the best decision I’ve made as a mom so far (second only to me quitting my job.) Advice given to me: Give it 6 weeks. You can’t judge breastfeeding on the first 2 weeks. I PROMISE.

9. Swaddling works. And so do sound machines.
Lucy wouldn’t sleep at all for the first 2 months of her life if she wasn’t swaddled. Also, once I bought the “gentle giraffe” (From Target, made by Cloud B) she slept much better. Just white noise so she didn’t wake from every little house creak. Best 22.99 I ever spent.

10. You are going to mess up. Big time. But it’ll be okay.
When Lucy was about 2 months old, I notices some stuff on her head. (Cradle cap). I didn’t know this, so I took a washcloth and scrubbed it off. It came off just fine. But so did all of her baby fine hair. It grew back. My tears didn’t make it grow back any faster. You’ll do something just a stupid as me, and you’ll cry and it won’t matter one day.

11. You have no idea what love is.
I thought I loved Lucy before she was here. Boy was I wrong. I remember days, just holding her and weeping because of how much I loved her. It was and still is UNREAL how much my heart is filled when I see her. Every parent knows, but no parent can explain to a non parent. Just wait. You’ll see.

And now, I get to ask you all a question…

What did you wish you knew with #2? What do I need to know?

More and More Personality

I’m feeling better. I’ve been BUSY.

We’ve had our Amped Kids Crusade at church since Monday. Monday morning we got up and started decorating and getting supplies around 8:30. And I didn’t make it back home until 8:30 that evening. I had about an hour at home to shower and put Lucy down for a nap. It was a loooong day.

Airhead Perry – he does balloon animals and magic tricks. He was awesome.


Lucy got a Teddy Bear!

Today was a little bit better. Except for the fact that I had little to no sleep. I woke up at 2am this morning and could not for the life of me go back to bed. Finally at 6am, I got sleepy. Then I only slept until 8:30. Finally at 3, it caught up to me. I had to get a nap. I’m still sleepy now though. We have one more night, and it’s gonna be a doozy. It’s the dress up night.

Anyway – here are some cute pics of Lucy. She’s getting more and more of a personality now.
Even when she’s asleep she has personality.

But mostly when she’s awake.

She’s been making this, what we call, “crazy face” when she’s about to get into something. Its like a stressed out smile. Not sure how to explain it. And I haven’t caught it on camera yet. I’ll be sure to post it once I do.

She has also figured out how to blow bubbles with a straw.

The other day I was fixing my hair and I saw her out of the corner of my eye doing something. I started watching her. She had a bracelet and was trying to put it on her head. It was SO funny. She had a really hard time getting it to stay. I’ll upload those videos and show them to you soon. Pretty funny. She’s starting to really become Lucy. That’s exciting.

Ok, its almost 10, meaning.. BED TIME. I’m exhausted. 2 more days of kids screaming, and it not being loud enough, so they scream again. Goodness.. why do they like to scream so much?

I guess we’ll never know.

Nights 12 and 13: Still Sick

I’m not going to get all detailed like usual. I don’t remember much of last night anyway.

What do I remember? I remember seeing 1:30 and I remember finally going back to bed at about 3. I remember rocking an incosolable baby. She cried and cried and I tried holding her different ways, on her back, on my chest, by my side.

Nothing worked.

Finally she started giving up so, I.. *GASP* laid her on her tummy and she fell right asleep. And she slept until 6:30 when I fed her before I left for work.

Every book says that you should never lay a baby on their stomach. I gotta do what I gotta do to get sleep though. She likes sleeping on her tummy. And the older generation was told to NEVER lay a baby on its back. Who knows right?

God knows. God will take care of Lucy. I know this. She’s already past the main age of being real concerned about what direction she sleeps. She can roll over from front to back and back to front – so it shouldn’t really matter anyway.

I’m thinking that the $65 dollar medicine that we got for her is making her so cranky. It says one of the side effects may be dizziness. And she literally CANNOT fall asleep when she’s taken it. And I’ll be honest – I’m not sure if it’s doing anything or not. Except making her extremely fussy.

I may call the doctor back. If this medicine isn’t helping (or just creating a tiny cute monster) then they should find something else… except I don’t want the next prescription to be 130 bucks that doesn’t work as well. Oh.. the joys of parenting.

Oh yeah.. and that whole Earned Income Credit that everyone and their mom told us would give us a *huge* tax break this year on our income tax… yeah.. we don’t qualify. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t qualify.

But guess what… we will next year 🙂

I finally told my Principal that I might not be coming back next year. I’m so glad I did. Probably the program that I teach will be shut down – I didn’t have many students actually sign up for this class anyway- and it would be hard to find someone with the qualifications to teach it.

I also – on Monday – I called about Health care for me and Lucy if I were to quit my job. AND.. we’d both be fully covered 🙂

We’ve had Wesley health insurance for the past 6 years. Guess how many times he’s used it. Yep. Not ONCE. So why are we throwing away almost 200 dollars a month? Not sure. Come July there will be no need 🙂

I’m using lots of smilies. I must be really tired. I haven’t started any more crochet projects. I think that’ll be my assignment for myself for today. Heck.. who knows. Ok. I’m off.

I wish I could take a nap on my desk.. but I teach teenagers so I’d probably wake up with a moustache drawn on my face or something.

Oh yeah – I forgot to post this picture froma while back – when we had that day off due to the Mississippi Ice storm? Lucy and I went out to take pictures of the ice.. we were all bundled up.. she’s so sweet!
Ice Day!

Nights 8 and 9: What is the DEAL?

Ok, sorry about the post on Thursday. I just noticed that my pictures didn’t show up. Crazy. Its fixed now. So – if you want to see my cooking picture and the video of Lucy giggling, you can.

The past two nights have been bad. Waking up 4 and 5 times a night – just wanting her pacifier. At least Wesley is done working – which means – he gets to get up and give her the paci – but it also means that I still wake up every time it happens. So… I have two options –

Option one – stay in phase one – and keep going with the not eating at night thing.. or

Option two – move into phase two – paci removal. Not removal – but taking the ‘need’ away.

I feel like Lucy is still hungry at night. She sleeps best after that last midnight feeding – like the one I did the other day when she went to bed at 7. I fed her again at 10 and she slept gooood. Ugh. Decisions. Its hard though – because I’m still working each day and having to stay awake stinks when you’ve been
getting up all night.

Anyway – last night we went to TGIFriday’s. We had fun!

High chair baby!


She didn’t color.. she did put the coloring page in her mouth…
Coloring page

Cute lil bottom!


We had a good night. Then we slept/didn’t sleep. And now I’m blogging. I’m going to take some Sr Portraits of one of our first ever youth today. I gotta do some research.

Hope your weekend is FABULOUS!

Oh yeah – I’m working now on a crochet beanie for Lucy – promise it will look better than her first one:

Also – Side note: Roku is a steaming player that you can hook to your TV to watch streaming media from sources like Hulu. Hulu is a website that gets tv shows and streams them online. Basically – you watch tv shows from Hulu on the Roku on your TV. For 7.99 a month. After you buy the Roku. Help?