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Living Room, Play time, Red Bluff 3.7.17 – 3.20.17

Ok.. my posts are even fewer and farther between. I’ve sorta gone back to the old fashioned pen and paper life journaling and I truly missed it. This will be for the big stuff. So, what big stuff have you missed?

Our living room is done! 
We finished it and I’ve had a couple of weeks of sweeping and cleaning so most of the Sheetrock dust is gone. 

I paid full price for my rug, which killed me, every little piece of my insides… but I love it. 

And the kids do, too. They lay on it all the time. We also rearranged the living room and I like it better. 

We had a little play day in my back yard and I got out my selfie stick to snap some pictures. 

And also, I’ve lost 10lbs since January 15. I’ve also been running.. a lot. 15 miles in January, 18 miles in February. So far for March I’m at 17 miles. Looking to crush my February record. And I feel fantastic. I don’t always feel fantastic in the first mile, but I always feel better after my 2nd. 

Anyway- playing in the yard I made Lucy pose for me, so I made some funny “extra Lucy” pictures. 

She loved it. The posing, the end result. She was delighted. 

My favorite. The good and bad Lucy’s. Judah wasn’t in the mood, so he didn’t participate. 

After playing in the yard, we had dinner. The kids played the whole “raise your hand if you _____” game. Wes and I were over it. And then I realized… we’ve only got a year left of that game. So, we played it. 

Wes had a dream that night that we had come in from playing, Lucy in her fairy wings and everything, then she walked inside and she was 22. He said it was awful. 

So, Sunday we wanted to do something with them. We went with some friends of ours to Red Bluff and let all of the kids climb and jump and squish in clay and they all loved it. 

We all loved it too. 

I mean, look how growny she looks! This was on the way there. We went top down!

Our whole little team. 

We love doing stuff with this couple. They are great folks to have by your side, at church, out to eat, or getting your socks wet. 

A few of our climbing monkies. 

Up in the “Jungle.”

We made it to the tracks!

Rope swing chaos. 

We took up most of the tributary. 

We totally had fun though and will definitely be going again. 

I think the adults may have had as much fun as the kids. See Lucy’s lime green hat close to the bottom? 

So much fun. 

Alrighty, off to keep my days full!  

070715 + 070815: stay at home days

We’ve been trucking away at summer school. Lucy’s doing fabulous. Learning like 15-20 new words a day which sorta blows my mind. This age they retain SO much.  And she’s so inquisitive, and asks me thousands of questions and I get tired of answering them because a lot of the time they don’t really make sense, but I know she’s genuinely wanting to know how the world works.


It’s hard too, because I know she’s listening for my answers and after the 60th question of the day I want to say, “Just because it does” when she asks why birds sound like birds and don’t sound like cats or whatever it is that she randomly asks me.


We have good days and bad. Our bad days are mostly because of me and my short fuse or my temper or my lack of patience. One more spill, one more tee tee on the floor (those come from Judah). One more little back-talk.


And then yesterday, I tried calling Lucy and she didn’t respong. I got fuming mad. That’s my pet peeve. If I call you, you come. That’s the biggest thing that drives me crazy. I snapped her door open quick to find an empty room. Ok, so she didn’t hear me and is just ignoring me.

I found her here:

See that speck of pink in the yard? That’s her. Feeding the chickens. Outside in her own world happy as can be sitting and feeding yard birds. I instantly felt bad for getting mad at her, even though she never knew I got mad, and the second I said, “Lucy!” she was up and running toward me. She’s so well behaved. She listens and she wants to do well, she cannot stand the thought of us being mad at her for any length of time. Just like me as a child.


And she was super proud of her hair, so she wanted me to take a picture. It’s getting so long. And here in the last few weeks (since we cut her bangs) I’ve had more people tell me that she looks like me than ever. So… Lucy keeps bangs forever!


I’m almost 100% positive I will never write a blog post about Judah “wanting to always be praised and being so well behaved.” My children are so very different.




042715 + 042815: Playing in the Yard

Monday, I felt your prayers. I thank you to those of you who lifted one up for me. My boss and I settled on a good schedule for my last two months and I’m happy about how I’ll leave. 

And then it rained. We went to Hattiesburg for Lucy’s dance class then went and ate.

Tuesday I stayed at home with my kids and just had a pretty regular day. In the afternoon I went and visited a good friend and her newest one. Lucy loves babies.  


And then we came home after a good visit and played in the yard with Kowalski. Lucy also likes taking pictures. She took this one of me. 

I am not sure where the cold air came from, but it felt good outside. It also made Kowalski frisky! He was running everywhere. 


And I love how green my yard is. And I love how blessed I am to have 2 beautiful kids. 


And I love how that little boy loves is sister so much. She doesn’t always show that she loves him, but I know she does. He asks for her when she’s gone. She’s a good big sister. 

And I told this guy to say cheese and this is what he did. All boy. Notice the dirt clod in his little fist. What a dude. 

The past few days were good days even though I didn’t expect them to be. Thank you Jesus. 

Devotional: Psalm 121 // 15 Month Swing Picture

I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains. (Psalm 121:1, 2 MSG)

I’m not a very strong person, physically.

I’m pretty weak actually. I mean, I can carry a couple of gallons of milk, but I’m definitely no hulk by any means.

But emotionally, I like to think I’m pretty strong. I tend to roll with the punches. I have my moments, sure, but for the most part I feel like I handle the life stuff that comes up pretty well. And you know how life stuff comes up. Generally outta nowhere and it’s also generally expensive.

But can I take credit for any of that?

Absolutely not.

God gave me a certain hand early on in my life – and you know just as well as I do – sometimes you just gotta play the hand you’re dealt.

And if it’s a stinky hand, then you gotta make the best out of it.

And if it’s a good hand, you count your blessings and rejoice.

I’ve always been an optimist. I try and see the positive in situations, events, and even people. I like to think people are good. But I have been wrong.

And in those moments where situations, events and people are not or don’t pan out the way I feel like they should, it hurts. And thats when we have to rely on God’s strength and not our own.

He’s so much superior to us. He’s so much more capable. Allow him to move in and help when he’s needed. Don’t be afraid to need him. That’s not weakness. That’s wisdom.


Life Blog

Yesterday I got home from work (I usually work Monday and Tuesday mornings) and it was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t stand to just sit inside. So.. I figured the kids would like to play in the yard.

And with beautiful weather and beautiful kids – I figured I’d get out my camera.

So glad I did 🙂


That SWEET boy. So darling.

It’s so hard to get her to take a good, natural smiling picture. So.. They are usually not from the best angle. This will have to work…


And I went ahead and did his 15 Month Swing picture since we were outside and I had my camera and everything. I mean… Why not?
15 Months Old

And I couldn’t help but get SWEET BABY CHEEK SUGARS!

And those EYES. Gah..

A few days back I snapped a couple of pics of Lucy while she was jumping in her trampoline. They turned out cute. (I actually took like 40. These were the only ones that weren’t just blur)


And this is how Judah watches TV.

Literally laying on my face.

And Lucy thinks Hunny likes hats. Poor, poor chihuahua…

And that’s it for today folks! Hope you have a great HUMP DAYYY!