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111315: no kids, Pray for Paris

The kids had a homeschool group event in town, then I packed their little hineys up and away they went with Mawmaw for the weekend. 

Wes had a speaking engagement at night, with the following day as well, so we headed out to the burg. 

We got home later than we do with kids and I slept awesome knowing I was not going to be woken up by a little person with a Walkie talkie or a person needing help with their covers. 

It was fabulous. 

And then we saw the news. 




Multiple casualties. 

It’s so heartbreaking. It’s heartbreaking for the innocent people who were minding their own business and were chosen to be killed by these terrorist. 

It’s heart breaking that these terrorist feel that they need to kill others to make a statement. That is gut wrenching. Knowing there is a group out there with this capability, and their goal is to kill innocent people. That’s their goal! Pain and death. 

We need to pray. And we don’t need to just post on Facebook “Pray for Paris,” we needo actually get on our knees and come to the Father and pray for his people who are hurting and torn apart right now, be it the people who have lost loved ones, or the people causing the hurt. 

They are all broken at this point.

They all need Jesus at this point.