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Devotional: 2 Corinthians 3 and Judah-bump

Sorry about no blog yesterday. Had a Doctor appointment at 8am.

And when God is personally present, a living Spirit, that old, constricting legislation is recognized as obsolete. We’re free of it! All of us! Nothing between us and God, our faces shining with the brightness of his face. And so we are transfigured much like the Messiah, our lives gradually becoming brighter and more beautiful as God enters our lives and we become like him. 2 Corinthians 3:17-18 MSG

I was sitting in church Sunday, and Wesley had just finished his message. And I was looking at how many people were coming down to get some prayer. And then I remembered how many times I’d heard people when they come to me for prayer say something like, “I’ve been waiting on Sunday to get here for this!”

If you are in a struggle, or if you just need some strength to make it to the end of the work day, you can come to God.

I do believe there is power when you have more than one person praying in full agreement about something – the bible even says so (Matthew 18:20), but there is also power when we let our flesh step aside and just come to God on our own and confess out of our own mouth his power and our need for his mercy and grace in our lives.

Our God is personally present. And since He is personally present, that means that anyone can talk to him at any time. Anywhere. He’s ready. He’s willing. You don’t need a pastor, you don’t need me, you don’t need a bible, you don’t even have to get on your knees.

God has this amazing power to see straight through our bodies and look deep into our hearts. And he can see when we are asking something that means something to us. He knows when we are being real with him. And he loves it.

On a side note, if you never have gotten prayed for, or over, or even with one other person, it is helpful. It’s meaningful. It’s good to have someone who has possibly been there before you and come out on the other side to have a little insight to pray better for you.

And the last side (this must be a triangle…), if you never pray at all, never discuss anything with God, then you need to start. He is what fuels this universe, and He wants to hear from you. I’m guilty of kinda ‘chatting’ with Him all day. I talk to him when I’m cooking, or cleaning. Most of you would say, “No, Andrea, you’re talking to yourself…” Well, yes and no. I’m talking to Him, because He’s with me. But rarely do I just sit and really pray a long consistent prayer to him.

And He convicted me of that when I read this verse yesterday morning. So I started doing just that. I had a nice long conversation with him about the biggest thing on my mind right now. My kids.

And when it was over, I felt relieved, and uplifted. I know he is capable of all that he says he is. He’s not a liar. And I prayed over my children like I never have. I’m sure Lucy thought I was nuts. Oh well.. Doesn’t matter.

And I couldn’t do any of that on a Sunday morning. I couldn’t wait until Sunday to pray for my kids. I needed to do it then. Yesterday. Tuesday. And I did.

Don’t be scared to come to God with your petitions and requests. He wants to hear them, and he tore the veil so that we could come to him at any point, any place, any time to give them over to him.

Trust me on this.

Life Blog

Well, I had a Dr appointment yesterday. She walked in laughing. She said, “Well. You are still pregnant. I laughed when I saw your name on my list this morning. I didn’t think you’d make it to this point!”

Gee.. uplifting. Yes. I made it. Me and my 37 week pregnant self made it to 37 weeks. And all my symptoms came with me.

Then she checked me. From Monday of last week, to yesterday.. no change.

Not one bit. No more dilation, no more effacement. Nada.

Judah-bump wants to be right where he is. He’s nice and comfy. I’m still 1 cm dilated, and about 50% effaced.

So then she said, “Well… you think you can hold out one more week?”


Say.. what?

I guess. What do you mean dr lady?

She decided that because of Judah-Bump’s size (she’s thinking he weighs about 8lbs right now) and my “gestational diabetes” (that I still don’t think I have) that it would be best for me to deliver as early as safely possible.


So she said, “You can come in Monday, and we’ll get some paper work done, and then Tuesday we can induce you, if you are okay with that.”

HECK YEAH I’m okay with that!

Now, really, I know that inductions can be painful and hard. I had a baby with no epidural. I can handle it. Especially when the end is SO very in sight. I also know there are risks to inductions, but there is also a higher risk of him getting too big for me to deliver naturally anyway – so.. that’s kinda a lose-lose.

And when you are talking having a baby – there are risks all around regardless how you get there.

Now, yes, I would much rather start labor on my own. Of course. But, given I had no change what-so-ever in a week, it seems as if that may not happen this go-round. At least not til much closer to my due date, and at that point I could be looking at a 10lb baby.

No way. That won’t happen. Lucy was almost 7lbs. So my dr said that my hips had been “tested” to that size baby, but hadn’t been tested to anything over that, and she’s pretty sure he’s bigger than that already. That is her main reason for wanting to induce at 38 weeks.

Most patients with Gestational Diabetes are induced between 38 and 39 weeks anyway. And since I’m technically considered a GD patient, I get my lil boy sooner.

So what am I doing this last week??

Enjoying the mess out of my little precious girl.

We go for walks every day. Most of the time I put her in the stroller, so I can actually walk. But some days I let that girl run free!


She’s so sweet. I’ve been rocking her to sleep for naps. It’s quite the special time we have. I rock and she slaps my face. Awe. But then she actually falls asleep and I just look at her. Big sister.

I want to enjoy this week with her. Her last week as an only child. Kinda sad. Kinda exciting.

I will say having the induction is WAY easier to plan. Lucy will stay with MawMaw the night before (we’ll have to be at the hospital at 5:30am) YOWZAA. I don’t have to worry about waking her up in the middle of the night because my water broke.

Now I will say this – I’m walking my legs off this week in hopes to go into labor on my own. And if it doesn’t work, then maybe it’ll prime me up a little more for my induction. They say if you are dilated and effaced a little more, that the pitocin (the induction drug) is easier on you. So, this way, win-win!

I’ve been making myself busy too. I made some Pee Pee Teepee’s.

These are for the little guy. When you change baby boy’s diapers, they tend to pee when cool air hits there.. little man parts. But this is a little teepee you put right on top so if they do, it doesn’t hit you, say.. in the face.

Nobody likes pee in their mouth.

And I did my nails.

It was actually pretty easy. I used glitter that I got from Hobby Lobby. Just.. regular sprinkle glitter, on top of a base coat of black. Then layered it with some “acrylic gel hardener” that I got from Fred’s. They seriously feel like gel nails, except they took a little longer to dry than the gel.



And today I have a list of things to do to keep me occupied. Now that there is a definite end in sight, and its a date rather than an unknown event, I’m much more relaxed. But I do know that I still could have him sooner. So, I’m still trying to keep my house in order (like, dishes washed, not leaving clothes in the dryer. Stuff that would be really gross to come home to when you’ve been gone for 2 days.)

So I’m off to start my last week of being a parent of an only child.

This feels good.

Devotional: Psalm 51 and Still Pregnant

God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life. Psalm 51:10 MSG

This is a pretty great verse. We all have things that we sorta wish we could erase. Things we’ve said, or things we’ve done. But we are also in contact with a God who can change that for us.

He can create a Genesis week in our lives.

So what happened in the Genesis week?

God took a lot of emptiness, and spoke every detail into existence. He didn’t miss anything. He didn’t leave out anything. He didn’t forget anything. He made it all, and it was real. It wasn’t going anywhere.

And he can do the same thing with us – He can take what we don’t think can be salvageable, and turn it into something real. He doesn’t forget us when ask to be made over. He doesn’t forget to add any detail to our lives. He turns us into amazing things, and gives us amazing stories. And only He can do that. He makes us new creations.

He can make us into new creatures, in a way that nothing else can. But it is all based on our ability to let him. He can’t change someone who doesn’t want it.

It is good news to know that he can create a fresh start. He can always take our chaos and make it a fresh start.

Life Blog

Still Pregnant.

And I’ve decided that instead of thinking each day “Today might be the day!” I’m thinking.. September.

Will it he be here before September? Yes. My Dr. already said that she’d induce me on either August 3rd or 6th. So, really 2-3 weeks. So now, if he shows up sooner, then I’m a happy mama. And if he doesn’t then I’m not a crazy-insane-itchy-grumpy-gonna-punch-the-next-person-who-asks-me-what-my-due-date-is lady.

Really. I went two places yesterday. Jr. Food Mart to get milk. Conversation with the cashier.

Jr. Food Cashier: Woah, when are you due?
Me: Ahh.. any day now.
JFC: I can tell. You look miserable.
Me: Yeah, its hot outside. I’m ready.
JFC: Well, it won’t be long!
Me: Yeah, I hope not.

Then I went to Kangaroo to get diesel. Was waiting in line when I had this interaction.

Guy: Woah, man, you gonna make it to the end of the day with that belly!?
Me: Ha! I really hope not.
Both of us: Awkward giggle.

Every where I go… “when are you due?” I’ve stopped saying August because… well.. when I say that the response I get is ALWAYS “You aren’t gonna make it to August.”

I don’t need to hear that. I need to hear: “Well.. you probably will hit your due date.” Because all of this “not gonna make it to august” talk has got me believing it. And July is starting to wind down.

And for all I know, it could be today.

But it also could be August 6th. Because of my “gestational diabetes”, which I still don’t think I have, my doctor won’t let me go past 40 weeks. And like I said, she said she’d induce me on August 6th (or 3rd, depending on my dilation and what-not.) As bad as I don’t want to be induced – I want this child out of me worse. I’ll do it. I swear. I’ll do it. So now, I’ll tell people, August 6th. Winding down.

But to keep me occupied.. I (stupidly) got on Etsy. And there is a lot of cute baby stuff on Etsy. Handmade stuff. I’d be helping stay at home moms like myself buying stuff on there. But – I can’t justify spending $25+ on an elf hat that he will wear once.

Elf-hat? you say? It’s basically a prop used for newborn photography.

I want one of these so bad. So… Since I can crochet – I’ve decided to make my own. And up side- I already had yarn and all the stuff needed, so I’m saving money, and using time up. Instead of just sitting, I’m crocheting. And keeping my mind off of… impending nothing.

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

I’m doing cream and white (mostly because that’s the colors I had. Also – I had this teensy hat that no baby could wear because it was so dang tiny, that I added earflaps too, and now I’ll have two cute crocheted baby hats to take lil Judah’s picture in!

Here it is, with me trying to figure out how to add the flaps…

And finished 🙂

I think it turned out pretty cute!

And we still have egg laying chickens. And one of our chickens lays HUGE eggs.

Seriously, that’s a big egg.

Ok, I’m going to go for a walk. I hear walking is good for giant pregnant people. Guess I’m still hoping it’ll be this month.

Have a great Thursday!

Devotional: Proverbs 15 and Almost Labor

Kind words heal and help; cutting words wound and maim. Proverbs 15:4

We have a lot of things in this life that are completely out of our control. We can’t control other people, we can’t control the weather, we can’t control our jobs.

We can, however, control our words. Yep – you read that right. You can control what you say. If it comes out of your mouth, then it can be controlled.

You can make your words helpful or hurtful. I love how this verse puts it – if you are a person who builds others up – your words are healing and helping.

But if your words are not – they cut and maim. And just for the sake of being able to – I looked up the true definition to ‘maim’. It means to wound or injure someone so that part of the body is permanently damaged.

Has someone ever said something to you that you remembered, forever? It hurt you that much?

Not a great example, but when I was pregnant with Lucy I had someone look at me in shorts and say, “Oh sweetie, your legs are SO swollen!”

My legs were not swollen. Not at all. That stuck with me. I’ll never forget that. Now, it wasn’t meant to be hurtful, and I know that.

Sometimes, people do mean to hurt others with their words. And those are the kind of words that can mangle someone else’s heart and damage it forever.

Today’s verse was simple.. just watch what you say. Don’t say mean things – because you never know how it will hurt someone.

That’s quite.. elementary, but since it still happens with adults, I guess it needed to be said!

Life Blog

So we had a good couple of days. Good rain. Finally got our yard mowed 🙂 It finally needed it. We went from what – no rain for months – to literally – raining every day.

The other night Lucy had just had her bath but wasn’t sleepy – so I got out one of her birthday toys and we played a little.

PAINT WITH WATER!! She loved it! and she was sooo cute painting.

So serious 🙂

She did good.

And then yesterday…

Ahh.. Thursday…

I woke up feeling.. real blah. I didn’t sleep good the night before.. I was just.. awake. Couldn’t fall asleep. And so I was sorta running on E anyways. We had some errands to run in Hattiesburg so we headed off.

We went to Kohl’s and I got the ABSOLUTE cutest little outfits for my kiddos 😀 😀 😀

Big Sister, Little Brother. HOW CUTE??? She’s def gonna wear that to the hospital 🙂

I’m excited about those.

Then we went to Target, then to Best Buy, then to eat, then pick up the church mower, then home.

Still all the while, not feeling wonderful, but not awful either.

So then when we got home, and we laid Lucy down for a nap she didn’t take, and I started working on getting our internet working (our Modem went out).

I couldn’t get it to work, and then I had a meltdown.

My butt was hurting (because it always does… not really my butt, but my pelvic bone). I couldn’t get that stupid modem and router to work together, and I was just tired and feeling bad. So I sat, had a little cry about being pregnant and then I was fine. Wes left for bootcamp – and Lucy was starting to act… really nice, so I rocked her. I fell asleep in the chair with her – woke up to thunder and nausea.

So I put her down, took a shower, and got ready. Feeling like I did, there was no way I was gonna cook. But still didn’t feel good.

So then I had to wake up the monster, and take her to town. She isn’t very fun to be around when she first wakes up.

When we got there, I started feeling worse. And by feeling worse, I mean, I was crampy and having contractions. Like Braxton Hicks, but worse. And more frequent. I don’t normally have Braxton hicks sitting down, but I was. We ate and came home. Still having them.

I probably had 20+ contractions in 2 hours. I was having them like 3-4 minutes apart.

But for me, I didn’t have any contractions with Lucy until I was IN labor. I didn’t have any contractions until my water broke. So having them before hand is… weird. I called my hospital, and the nurse told me to drink some water and not to worry about them.

If I had told her that I had delivered a baby at 36 weeks before and I am 1 day away from being 36 weeks, she might would have made me come in. Glad she didn’t. After 9pm, they all stopped. I started feeling better. And didn’t have another one again.

So.. that was my scary “Am I in labor!?” moment.

Today I feel fine. Just.. looking at my house… and I gotta get it clean. So.. I’ll probably be a bad parent today and let lucy watch TV so I can get some house work done. It’s probably not that bad.. but.. with me being 9 months pregnant (tomorrow!) I guess stuff like that is getting on my nerves a little more. and Finally – a comparison picture.

This was the last picture I took when I was pregnant with Lucy. I was one day away from being 36 Weeks. So, as that I am now currently one day away from being 36 weeks – this is the exact same gestation. Lucy I’m in pink, Today I’m in black. Look a the difference!

DEFINITELY bigger and lower than with Lucy.

So.. there is that. I’ve made it to here. Lets see how much longer I will go!

Have a great weekend!

Devotional: Matthew 5 and MawMaw’s Shower

“You’re blessed when you feel you’ve lost what is most dear to you. Only then can you be embraced by the One most dear to you.” Matthew 5:4 MSG

I’ve used this recently in church. It’s a good verse. A real good verse.

We, as humans, sometimes have to endure things we don’t want to endure. Loss of loved ones, hurt by friends, life just not going as planned. We definitely have ups and downs. And generally we remember the downs more. They seem to stick out in our minds more than the ups do. They are remembered more vividly and clearly and flat out.. for lack of a better way of putting it. That sucks.

Most of you know my “story”. My life story. I’ve said it so many times and even wrote a book about it, that it even feels like it means less now. If you don’t – here is a very brief overview.

I was raised by my single mother until I was 11. She passed away with breast cancer. She was my “most dear to you”. My Aunt Martha (my mom’s sister) adopted me when I was 12. She became my “most dear to you”… Every teenage girl needs a Mamma. And she passed away with ovarian cancer 4 years ago.

I’ve lost two of my “most dear to you”s.

Man – I had no idea I could condense that down to that little! I’m doing good… (Read my (ahem…25 chapter book) and you’ll see how impressive that really is.

Was it easy dealing with that first loss of my mother? No way. I cried for months. Literally, she died in October, and I would cry to sleep some nights… even after I was adopted (almost a year later).

But, thank God, I had a family who raised me to trust that God ultimately is my “most dear to you”. He saved me. I started living for Him right after her passing.

And so when it all happened again (I didn’t even mention losing my grandma and grandpa who helped raise me as a child), I knew I could depend on Him to get me through it.

When you feel like you have nothing else left in you, when everything is falling down and nothing makes sense or why you don’t deserve the way you’ve been treated… When your heart is so completely without strength that you feel like you can’t even breathe…

That is when the God of the universe, the Creator, Healer, Alpha and Omega, the Lion and the Lamb, The Source of our life, that’s when He embraces you. And He helps you make it to the next day. Sometimes, he helps you make it to the next hour.

The thing is – you have to let Him. He wants to. And believe me – he is good at it… but he will not invade you. He is quite the gentleman. Allow him to help you in your time of losing what is most dear to you.

He’s helped me cope by… writing. I journal a lot. I blog a lot. I wrote a stinkin book about it all. And in a way – I feel like a lot of that pain, while I had to experience it once more when I was writing, kind of got put on paper and now it isn’t being carried around in my heart as much. That’s how I can write this morning’s post without crying.

I know God is for me. Regardless the schemes that the Devil has thrown into my life, God is for me. And not only is he just for me and my overall good, He’s also there for me day to day. For the little events that take place in my life. And the big events as well.

Let him help you with your struggles. He will do a wonderful job.

Life Blog

Sorry that was sorta a Debbie Downer this am. Ultimately its a happy blog, but it did get a little thick in there once or twice huh? 🙂

Anyway – I had a good Tuesday. Took Hunny (my chihuahua) to get her nails clipped. It had been…. too long. That’s all I’m gonna say. Then I gave her a bath because she smelled kinda like garbage juice and death. Not an aroma I want sitting on my couch.

Then I had errands in town, then I went to BCH and almost bought some broken stuff… luckily I noticed before I paid for it and didn’t. Whew. Then we ate lunch.

I put together Judah’s baby crib. Washed his sheets and comforter, and got his lil bed ready. 🙂 It’s getting cloooossssseeeerrr!

Y’all pray for me. Every night before I go to bed I google “Pre Labor Symptoms”. Yes. I’m ready. I’m only 35 weeks, and I know he needs to make it to like 37… at least.. But I guess since I’ve never been pregnant past 36 weeks and 3 days I just won’t know what to expect if I stay pregnant longer than that.

Ultimately, I don’t need him to come today. I got stuff I need to do today. (Watch it all happen today when I don’t need him to come…)

We have a meeting at a bank this AM to get some money to build Wesley/and my (haha) shop. I’ll be quite happy when this thing is built, because then I get all my porches back. They are all littered with tools right now.

So we’ve got that to do, then I gotta move some stuff around in kiddo’s room. (Nothing heavy, y’all settle down). Mostly dragging stuff. And then I have to sort through stuff from Judah’s and MawMaw’s shower! MawMaw’s work threw her a grandma shower – and got Judah some SUPER cute stuff.

To the ladies who work with MawMaw 🙂 : Thank you SO much for the gifts! They are all so stinking adorable!! I appreciate every little outfit and every minute spent on these absolutely great gifts. You all are so fantastic. I am always beside myself when we are blessed so richly with gifts for a person who.. isn’t even here yet! Lucy and Judah both are so beyond blessed already. Thank you so much for your generosity. Y’all are great. And… expect a visit from Lucy and Judah once he gets here 🙂 and I figure out how to deal with two at one time!

I’m real excited about sifting through all the cute monkey gear. Little boy stuff is fun to shop for too.. not AS much fun as a little girl, but still.. cute stuff with monkeys and giraffes and lions and doggies.. I’m excited.

After today.. I don’t really have that much going on. Surprise Surprise. Just… waiting on little man. And when I say waiting.. I mean.. sittin’ on G waitin on O. My bags are packed, Jeep has gas and I even bought a gallon of water to keep in the Jeep.. JUST in case. I did have quite the rapid delivery, and if push came to shove and I did have to have him in the car, I’d need that. It’s not taking up that much room and would be… quite handy if I needed it.

Ok, Duty calls.. My house is kinda of a disaster right now, and our meeting is in an hour and a half so I need to get some stuff done…

I hope your Hump day is like the back side of the hump… (the part you slide down… instead of being the front side.. the going up side? Too much? Yeah, too much. Just.. have a good day.. )

Devotional: Matthew 24 and 35 Weeks Pregnant

Sky and earth will wear out; my words won’t wear out. Matthew 24:35

Of all the things that come and go, God’s promises will not. They aren’t like a cracking foundation, or peeling paint. Once they are laid out – they are there. Immovable and completely faithful. You can take it to the bank. And cash it.. or deposit it.. depends on if you are a saver or spender 😉

As we’ve all seen, the world around us is quite unpredictable. We go weeks without rain, then we have 4 days of rain. We are having a drought and 3 hours away they are having floods. The gulf is a hotbed for hurricanes, and there are such things as volcanoes. VOLCANOES are nuts. Its like.. a giant earth pimple.. except it spews molten rock instead of.. yuck. Nevermind. Bad example.

We cannot depend on earth.

As we’ve all felt, people can easily offend us. They can betray us, either on purpose, or on accident. How many times have you said something, then immediately wished that you hadn’t. Or how many times have you taken what someone else has said wrongly, even when they didn’t mean it to be taken that way.

We cannot depend on people.

How many times have you failed yourself? How many times have you said, I’m not going to mess up this time, then failed.. again. How many times have you thought, I’m going to change, and then in 2 weeks you are exactly the same. How come new years resolutions always seem to end somewhere in the middle of January?

We cannot depend on ourselves.

But Christ, the perfect slain lamb, is completely faithful. His truth is faithful. His actions are faithful. He faithfully prays on our behalf when we don’t have the words to say, or the guts to say them. His words are faithful. He means what he says, and he says what he means. And he really DOES. He isn’t fake or phony, and he’s not going to give up on you in the middle of January like we do ourselves.

We can depend on Christ.

Remember that.

Life Blog

Well.. hello there. I skipped yesterday. Did you notice? Sorry if you did. And if you didn’t.. then shame on you. 🙂

I had a doctor appointment yesterday – we had an ultrasound done to see just how big/little ol Judah is getting. 6lbs 8 ounces. Growing boy 🙂

Sorry this picture is kinda.. creepy… ultrasound pictures are never cute.

That is him looking at us. If you can’t see it.. don’t worry.. He’ll be here soon enough.

Found out I am not dilated nor effaced yet. But of course.. I am one of those women who tends to go into labor and get things done pretty quick, so that doesn’t really mean anything.

Based on my ultrasound, my due date should be August 5th instead of August 11. So, like a week earlier – but my Dr said she’ll leave it at August 11. I still really believe he will show up in July, regardless what due date I have.

And if not.. then I’ll probably have an 8lb baby. Yeeesh.

I also.. have a cute hubby:)

I have to show him off when I can.

And we are officially NOT buying eggs anymore. This is 3 days worth:

Yep.. brown and blue. For little boys.. and for good breakfasts. These eggs are good.

And finally.. I got bored.. and painted my nails.

neat huh? I’m thinking I did it friday, and they are still pretty much in tact today, meaning they stayed painted a full 3 days. I do however have like 3 new bottles of nail polish (I’m a little addicted…) and I don’t know how much longer I can wait to try out my new teals. EEK!

Ok.. That’s all I have for you.

Hope your TUESDAY is GRAND!

PS – Lucy now tells us “I love you” (which sounds more like “I love Lou”) each night before we go to bed. The FACE she makes when she says “you” is awesome. I’m going to attempt to get it on video… but she knows when I’m trying to get her to be my performance monkey, so she may not do it for a while. Here’s to hoping 🙂