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111015 + 111115: Rabbits always

Lucy has to pause her schoolwork from time to time. This is what I came back to after helping Judah in the bathroom one day. 

Little miss patient. 

We took a walk. And found some mushrooms. 

Lucy borrowed my phone and took a bunch of up close macro shots of Hunny.     
And a few of her face. 

And we discovered the bunnies like to eat the little white grass flowers, and that made Lucy the happiest 5 year old on the planet. 

And that catches you up! 

101715 – 101915: productivity and grumpiness

 We got Lucy and Judah some new school desks. She LOVES it! She feels like a real student and has a space just her own. I’ll be glad when we have a room to put them in, instead of them being in the living room. 
I also got 2 for our bedroom, to use as night stands. I’ll show those to you once they are done.   

And yesterday was beautiful, so we spent time outside. And made everyone happy. The rabbits got carrots, the kids played with rabbits, I got to sit with coffee and a book… It was delightful. 


And then Judah got a case of the grumps. He hasn’t been in the best of moods lately, and he’s liked to wallow. 

And then wallowed himself to sleep too. 

He doesn’t nap. And he napped. I’m not sure what stage he’s going through, but I don’t mind it. Him loving on me, I don’t mind at all.

 And finally… I cleaned my oven. 

Nothing special about that, just thought everyone should know. 😂
We are planning to go to the Laurel Fair. Anything new?

090115-090315: FEELING GOOD!

Man! I have been feeling great the past few days. Also why I’ve been MIA. I’ve been cleaning again. Y’all know I’m back to normal when that’s what my posts start out as!


I’ve also been cleaning up.. little humans.

They are messy messy critters. Look at the sand on his forhead. Quadruple that and that’s what I found in his head.


We’ve also been handling our rabbits. Judah’s LOVES carrots. Lucy’s is a bigger fan of apples. But I was out of apples. They both love those little bunnies. And I’ll be honest… So do I.

Rubbing the little critters fur, honestly soothes you. They are SO soft and fluffy. You just wanna lay on them. But you can’t, because they are teensy critters. They do have sharp claws, and I probably should trim them. But they are sweet little rabbits and they don’t mind being held by my two. And Judah’s is so patient with him. He still picks it up by the ears and stuff.


The past two days I’ve been major cleaning, like, taking stuff down, cleaning it, and putting it back.



Look at that chaos. It looks much better now, and it was a slow go, but my living room is clean. And I feel so good having a clean living room.

Look how precious this little girl is..


And we had a drawing time the other day. Lucy would yell something out and Daddy would draw it. And Judah was just along for the ride.




And Lucy with her shiner has started school. I was so busy cleaning where she does school yesterday that we forgot it! Oops! We’ll do 2 days today. Her lessons don’t take very long at all, and she already knows a lot from when I was doing her preschool (I was ahead on her preschool I believe…) It’ll go by fast.


That gets you caught up! Hope you are enjoying your SEPTEMBER already! This year is zipping by. I’ve “daily” blogged for 8 full months now. That’s crazy!

082415 + 082515: still don’t visit


As if 2 weeks worth of upset stomach wasn’t enough, I woke up Tuesday morning hugging a trash can. I guess it was only fair that everyone else in my house puked… It was my turn. 

We had planned on taking the kids to see Shaun the Sheep on Tuesday though, and it was the last day of it in the theater. Wes stepped up and took the kids anyway. I got cute picture updates.

Monday evening we played with the rabbits. And we found a turtle! Fables came to life.  

And then our youngest couldn’t stop playing with the turtle… Whilst he was naked. 

We cannon keep clothes on that kid. 

Lucy’s nerves get all out of whack when we play with the bunnies in the church yard. Because they can still sneak out of the fence, we have to watch them closely. Lucy gets beside herself with fear that the bunnies will escape. 

The whole time we were out there, “can we please take them back to their cage now?!”

Lucy helped Judah get his swim trunks on too, which was so funny to listen too. 

Her legs are longer than his, so she just kept pulling the shorts up. 

At least they were working together. 

And what a great day Tuesday was, minus the sicknesses. It felt amazing to be outside, the 3 times I was able to sit out. 

I am hoping now that I’ve thrown up, that my body can start getting back to normal and no one else in my house will puke for a while.