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100616 – 100816: Cruisin’ the Coast

We came to Cruisin’ the Coast last year and really enjoyed our time (even with a blowout and a breakdown or two). So we decided to try again, in a different ride. 

And it’s been fantastic. 

We left after the funeral on Wednesday and we’ve been riding and sitting ever since. 

The kids have been playing in the sand. And sand is everywhere. But they love it. 

We’ve actually been quite lazy. And it’s been really, really nice. I’m not sure a day has gone by since Johnpaul arrived back in Mid-September that we haven’t been needed by someone or something else. 

So, having some just family time has been needed. Papa J and Nana came down with us and so the kids have had fun with them too. 

And we’ve seen some really cool cars. Our kids loved this one. It had a minion in the back. 

We’ve relaxed and eaten until we were stuffed. We’ve relaxed, watched cars, and really had a good time. 

And we’ve worn out the kids a time or two. 

If they stop long enough, they go out. What sweet babies. 

Thank you to everyone who has been with us through these past few weeks. You all are great. Thank you for our pastors appreciation day- your donation was used for this trip. We have really enjoyed it all. It’s been great. 

We are headed back today and will get back to our daily grind soon. We will hopefully come back with a rested mindset. 

052116 – 052516: Geez Loueez, time flies

I look up and it’s been days since I blogged! We’ve had a busy week so far- with summer being here. We cleaned our yard, and bush-hogged, and snake killed, and scrap metaled, and moved around. 

Since summer is here, we decided to give the kids their combined birthday gift a little early so they could be enjoying it. 

And boy have they been enjoying it. We cut them a trail through the field we just bushhogged and that’s their race track. We hear this thing going everywhere until we don’t, and then we hear “Dad! It stopped!” The battery runs down about 3 times a day. 

We did some furniture swapping with family,  for the back deck. Our kids can actually sit here and eat without the risk of falling now. 

I made a little brick pad for our school room door, which we will be adding too now that we got our brick laid on our house and we have tons extra!

We’ve been making the most of our hammocks. 

And I got my hair did! This is before. It was starting to get… Too crunchy. Wes hates that word when in reference to my hair, but you ladies know what I’m talking about. 
I had my hair stylist, the lovely Mooney, do some fancy stuff for me and now I get to play with color in my hair. First up? 


I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll get wilder as I feel different. Haha! I truly love it. And I love that I get to play in it myself again! 

We were also blessed by Wesleys aunt and uncle with a new weed eater! So helpful and we are so grateful for fantastic families. We are so blessed. 

Well we are off to make a brick pad and weed eat the yard! Yay summer! (Wow, I sound a lot like Olaf!)