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Homeschooling, Regular Busy-ness, and my Mistake 4.5.17 – 4.14.17l

We’ve been having fun over the past few weeks. Also, quite busy. 

We had our homeschool meeting, and did some super fun projects. 

My nephew came over and we all played and ran and played until everyone was a stinky kid, just how I like it. 

We took a trip to the zoo with our school and had fun with friends. 

I did a little painting for a friend. You’ll see this make its first appearance tonight. 

I looked at Judah, and I normally just see Judah, but this day I saw his daddy too. With his long shorts on. What a cutie. 

With our Easter week stuff we got so busy- nonstop all week. You can see the projects we did over on our church Facebook page. 

I did wanna include this one. The kids worked hard on cards for the residents at the nursing home, and they hand delivered them. The kids were proud and I think the residents loved it. 

And my mistake? This week has been so non stop- as in get up early, get school prepped, school or work, then off to a project of some sort. I didn’t run all week (so now I feel like a slob) and then I saw these and made an impulse buy!

They are my favorite candy. 

And so now, I need to go running, but the robins eggs are sitting on my counter… calling me… beckoning me come. I might. And I may just run out the door. 

Anyway- we’ve got a few more Easter things scheduled so I’m off to get those going. 

I hope your Easter weekend goes well! 

112816 – 113016: School work and Devastation and a Christmas Miracle

I’ve been trying to snap pictures since my new phone has a better camera. I always have taken phone pictures, I’m just glad I’ve got one that will record all the moments well. Like this one. 

And… even this one. She got mad at me because she got so high. I caught her… no big deal. 

And this little moment as we were taking a walk on the warmest day we’ve had. 

And Lucy has been hard at work on her book diorama. We are doing Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree

She’s done almost all the work. Seriously proud of her. I’ll post her completed pics once we get it all glued up. 
And my devastation. 

I dropped my watch and it imploded. That was from one drop!! 

And my Christmas miracle:

I called Apple (weeping), and they are so graciously going to fix it for free (I did not have apple care…) I know, I know, I should have gotten it. But I didn’t and here we are. I’ve also ordered 2 cases that I’ll have in hand before my fixed watch gets back to me. So… I’m a super super grateful lady to the Apple Advisor who decided I was worth helping. Thank you sir!!

Ok- off to start today!

101316 – 101816: Warm October

It hasn’t felt quite like October yet, given it’s been so dang hot. But we are pushing through with school and regular busy-ness that we always have. 

I’ve started on my scepter and my matching earrings for my costume. I’m super pumped. 

Sam brought over a slack line so we are officially hippies. Hammocks, cats & dogs, pop up, chickens everywhere, slack line. Everyone barefoot. Yeah, were hippies. 

And my beautiful niece got homecoming maid again. Gah, she is gorgeous! I’ve been working on her signs for her parade and homecoming night. I’m so happy for this sweet girl. She deserves it. 

And I’ve had classes, and church events, and a ton of other little things that add to our busy lives and so, I haven’t blogged much. 

And finally… this little gal. 

Looking more and more grown as the days go by. I love watching her grow and learn. I’m so blessed. 

That’s about it for now! 

090516 -090816: cleaning out, school, and chickens

Chicken update: LilBit is doing good. Still follows mom everywhere and I setting some feathers in. 

We’ve been doing lots of school work. Judah on E. 

Wes caught a hummingbird in his shop. It literally fell from the ceiling. At some point, this little guy had gotten caught in some webs, and it wrapped up his wings. His dainty little wings. He laid in Wes’ hand while we gently pulled off the webbing from his feet and wings, then he took off, just fine and dandy! 

Kids were super psyched about seeing the teensy bird up close. 

And in between school I’ve been cleaning out. Like, a lot. This is some of the clothes I’m getting rid of. Wes is getting rid of a ton of button up shirts and clothes too. And we’ve got a ton of kids clothes too. And then just stuff. 

Garage sale is Oct 1st!

Me and a few friends are going to bring our stuff together and sell all at once- in hopes of having more folks come. I think it’ll do well! 

And finally- I gotta say how proud I am of my husband. He got a really cool job- graffiting UpDown, the new trampoline park in Hattiesburg. He did so awesome!! I can’t post pics yet, because they haven’t. I’ll share with you when I can!

Alright- you are caught up! 

082216 – 082516: A Weeks catch up

We’ve been going strong on school. And that takes a fairly big chunk of our time. 

We do take the occasional bunny break.

This little guy has been here a week and is already sweeter than Jasmine ever was. Lucy prays for Jasmine every night, and says she misses her, but then she also tells God how happy she is about cabbage. 

I truly hated to get rid of a pet like that… But having a mean rabbit is just uncalled for. 

I found a kids world map at target for $6 and the kids have been loving it. 

And we got a shipment in so the kids got a new toy (box).
And I took the kids to homeschool Open gym for them to play. They had a blast. But an hour and half of straight playing, climbing, jumping, and rolling still didn’t wear these two out. 
This weekend we’ve got plans to go to Baton Rouge to help with clean up. I’m not real sure what to expect. I am looking forward to helping some folks though. 

That’s about it! Hope your Friday is awesome!