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080916 – 081216: Week 2 

We’ve been busy schooling. And honestly that’s about it. It takes up a pretty large portion of my day, now that Lucy is doing six subjects and Judah is working on  pre-reading. 

We do take pauses out of our class to study a little bit of nature…

My kids’ classroom isn’t limited to our actual classroom and I’m glad about that. We learn outside, a lot. And it’s so nice when they get bogged down for me to say, “wanna take a break?” And they flood out the door. 

Friday I had class, and Wes had to paint at Uncle Pauls new gym, so Wes took the kids with him. I got home at about 11:30 and had an empty house all to myself. It was crazy. I haven’t been alone in my house for more than like an hour in months. It was nice. Not gonna lie, haha!

Friday night we went out to eat with Ms. Steph and Paul and Christy and all our kiddos for her birthday. Food was good and company was even better. 

That’s it for this week..

Hope your weekend is great!

080316 – 080616: School and Stuff

Kiddos started school and so I got our always-random, usually shoeless, first day of school pictures. 

See? They do love each other some!

I’ve got a couple of posing kiddos…

And we did school most of the week, except Friday when I wasn’t home but for a few minutes with work and other stuff. 

And then Saturday we had a birthday party! My nephew turns 2 this week! 

So I made my other nephew take a picture with Lucy. He loves taking pictures. 

And the birthday boy…

And then he was gone. I’ve got a video of him struggling to stay awake and still eat cake. It’s quite cute. 

And this will be his present on his 13th birthday. A framed picture of the two of us. 
Haha! Sweet little guy! 

Hope your week was as good as it would be to fall asleep eating cake!

041616 – 042016: catchup again!

My week has been a blur so far. Monday we cleaned up the yard and did a lot of school catching up. Then we took a walk and had a snack. 

Tuesday we did some school and then I had to drop off a ton of clothes to a consignment place in Hattiesburg. Then I had my painting class. I had four sign ups! 

I let Lucy paint with me for the lesson plan I was doing. She did pretty good for 5!

Wednesday I cleaned a house (a new side gig) and then had church and helped with fundraiser prep. 

Today I’m doing a class for a homeschool group. 

Tomorrow I have Michaels class again, and a wedding in the evening. 

I’ve literally not stopped since Monday. When I do stop, it’s to do school or clean the house up a little. It’s been crazy. 

So.. I guess I need to dash of and get busy. See y’all sometime next week, haha!

041016 + 041116: Days going by

I love snapping pictures of my kids at breakfast. Judah, the poser. He always smiles when I get my camera out. Well, he either smiles or covers his face.    
And we ate at Mawmaws for lunch. The kids caught a frog. 

And Lucy sent more emails. She’s loving it. 

We had our first class session in our room at it was fantastic! The white board was perfect. I just love it. I’m so thankful! 

090815: Tuesday

 Waiting patiently for their breakfast.   

And later we took a walk. 

We squeezed 2 days of school in, cleaned out the coop, washed Hunny, ran errands, and got rocked to sleep. 

When Judah comes to me and says, “wanna rock? Fora minute?” It’s pretty dang hard not to say yes. I know the days will come when he won’t ask, so I’m going to take advantage while I can.