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Night 18

Saturday was fun. Lucy went garage sale’in. If you don’t know what that is, then you are not from the south, and are missing out. It’s the first of the month, and literally there were 3 sales within about 6 blocks of each other. Lucy got all kinds of things. Like a roll up play mat, lots if clothes, and I got a really cute bag. (Thanks Ms. Pam!)

We then met up with daddy at Fox’s Pizza and had a little lunch, then Lucy and I had a little more Mamma daughter time. We watched some tv, went for a walk, sorted through clothes… It was grand.

A great way to spend our last Saturday together before I go back to work. And, here come the tears.

And I’m so blessed! Her Daddy is going to keep her. I don’t have to drop her off anywhere, or with strangers. Still though…. I want to be the one she looks at all day. I wanna be the one who gets frustrated because she’s sleepy and just won’t go to sleep. I wanna change dirty diapers. I wanna be the one she smiles and laughs at. I wanna take her in walks and watch What Not to Wear with her. I wanna stay with her.

I know, moms leave and go to work everyday. And I’d bet you a truck-full of money they’d say they wanna do all the same things I listed… (you know, except with their kid..)

Last night wasn’t the greatest, and wasn’t the worst. She slept from like 8:30 – 3 and from 3:45ish until about 7. Wasn’t good. Hopefully tonight will be better…

I gotta get ready for church. Busy day today. Church in the morning, then we are doing a big multi-church thing tonight that I have to go to (I want to go, but it’s my last night with Lucy. All I really wanna do is sit in this rocking chair and rock her all day).

I’ll be busy today. She’ll be handed around. I hope I don’t offend anyone when I snatch her away from them. I’m just going through some stuff, and I need my kid.

If you see someones feelings get hurt when I take Lucy from them when they ‘just got her’, please explain the situation. I’m not sure I could say the word ‘school’ without breaking down.

Ok.. cute bundled up picture of Lucy from Saturday.

Night 17

Again, quick blog post this morning, because I have a whole day to spend with my little girl.

Last night was fair. She slept from 9:15-2 and 2:15-7:15. That last 5 hour stretch was niiice for Mamma. Since I finally fell asleep at midnight, the midnight til two sleep I got wasn’t exactly to rave for.

Lucy and I had a big day. We watched The Backup Plan and Letters to Juliet. Both cute movies. The Backup Plan was really funny.

We took a walk:

It was beautiful outside! I’m glad I got to have this past week off… the weather has been absolutely perfect.

I placed my Avon order… may have said that yesterday. Not completely sure. Anyway!

I got today and tomorrow until my job starts for me. I’m excited about work, but I’m very not excited about leaving Lucy. Its going to hurt me physically, I’m sure. Anyway.. got lots to do! I’ll probably write it tomorrow.. and then who knows when my Monday blog will come. Perhaps after school? perhaps at lunch. Not sure. It all depends on a few things. Oh well.. Go out today and have a blast!

Enjoy Fall! If you know Mississippi, it won’t be here long.

Night 16

Night 16 went well. Asleep by 9:20 – woke up at 4. Good. I think that’s her best time frame. Feeding her at 9 puts her to sleep by 9:15 or 9:20 and she sleeps til 4. Any earlier or any later and she wakes up weird times. So that’s what we’re shooting for.

So far today, my goal has been achieved. Lucy and I have watched one movie, and we have one more to go. Lucy and I both really liked the first one. It was “The Backup Plan” with Jennifer Lopez (you know, the one where she gets pregnant and then meets the guy…). Really cute movie.. Really funny. Especially if you’ve had kids. Even Wes laughed some.

Yesterday Lucy paid a visit to her grandma’s work (Hi Everybody!). Lucy got to meet some of the people who read all about her. She enjoyed her visit very much.

Sorry today’s post isn’t going to be long. I gotta hold my baby some more. Wesley’s dad and step mom are coming in and I’m going to be nice and let them hold her some. So, I’m trying to get all my Lucy time in now.

I placed my first Avon order. I’m excited about it. I can’t wait to get my stuff in. I ordered a lot for me. Yay!

Gracious, I’m going to miss this kid.

Ok – I’m off to watch our next girl movie: Letters to Juliet. Lucy said she wanted to watch a movie with some Italy in it, since her Mamma went there. (She chose back up plan since she experienced being born just a few months ago…).

Hope your day is GRAND!
3 Month Portrait

Night 10- Caution to the Wind

So, given that the past few nights hadn’t gone as well as I had hoped for, and from the fiasco that happened from putting her down early made me make a crazy decision for tonight. Bed, later.

We went to see my mother-in-law’s new house they were building. It is coming together very nicely. Anyway, we left there at about 8:15. Got home, bath, jammies, and were eating by 8:45.

What I hoped for was her to be sleeping good at 9. Maybe if later works better, we can slowly move her to earlier.

She finished eating around 9, so I rocked her, hoping she would fall asleep.

Nothin. Baby wasn’t having it.

So, I said, “Fine. I’m laying you down. You’ll just have to cry.”

Laid her down at 9:20, walked to the living room and clicked on the monitor, and listened. Nothing.

She fell asleep, all by herself, with no crying! Mama was so proud!

So, about an hour later I was tired and decided to go to bed. This time I didn’t wake her. It had only been an hour and a half, so I thought: she’s gonna sleep at least 4, so I can get a good 2 1/2. No wakie the baby.

And what does this kid do?

Of course, she does what I don’t expect, just like she did when she came 4 weeks early…

That sweet baby slept til 3 am.

She slept 5 hours and 45 minutes.

I can deal with that.

If only that can be recreated.

Every time she does sleep over 5 hours, I can never seem to make it happen again the next night.

Here is something you can bet on… You can bet on the fact, she’s going to bed later than 6:30.

That has definitely not worked out for me at all this week. So this next week I’m gonna attempt a later bed time. If that works, and she gets consistent, then we’ll slowly start her bedtime process earlier. Maybe like 15 minutes at a time.

Whew. I was relieved (literally) when she woke at three. I was hot, and, ahem, uncomfortable. She ate pretty quickly and I rocked her for a few then laid her down by 3:20. See? She eats quick.

She didn’t wake up to eat again until 6:30.

I’m so proud of my little one.

I took some Avon books to a few people yesterday. I have some “helpers”. Basically a helper is someone who takes a book to their office, home, church, whatever- and let’s people look through and order stuff. They are like a middle man. These middlemen get discounts on anything they want to buy out of the Avon book, according to how much they “sell”. The more I sell, the bigger my discount, the bigger their discount. So, if you would be interested, let me know! I also have a website, click here to view it.

I have one more full week off from school. I’m not dreading going back, but I am dreading it. Meaning, I love what I do, but I love my daughter so much more.

The first few days will not be the easiest… I already know it. But, they won’t be completely awful… I’m not gonna speak misery on myself. I will miss this little face: