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Catch up time 2.20.17 – 3.6.17

Whew. Been a minute huh? 

We’ve been busy. I’ve been skipping out on the internet when possible. 

We went camping. 

DeSoto was beautiful and empty. The kids had a blast and we are definitely planning another little excursion. 

We started cleaning our yard more. 

This is after. I know, I know… “that’s after?!” Yes. It was that messy. 

See how messy? We’ve been taking down scrubs and bushes and little trees. Mawmaws house sold, and so she’ll be our neighbor soon so we are taking down this old fence row that has been preventing our yard from growing. 

It looks so different around the house. 

Our chickens are working hard. Some harder than others. 

Yes, that’s a chicken egg. 

And then we decided to start on our living room. New windows!

Whoo hoo for no more drafts! We went with three the same size. I love it. And they open and close so easy. It’s beautiful  

And then we figured, why not really start on the house? So out comes the old paneling and in comes the Sheetrock. 

We even have the best little helpers around. 

Nail pulling champ. 
And so, we are in it and busy busy busy. If y’all wanna help- come on over. We’ll put you to work!

Hope your Monday was as productive as ours!

030916: the Croup

Yep. Both of my kids have it. Since it’s a viral thing and can’t be treated with antibiotics, we have to treat the symptoms and just beef up their immune systems. 

Which means we gave them steroids. So I had coughing little hyper folks running about my house all day. They get real pumped up for a couple of hours and then they crash. Another one of their meds makes them sorta groggy. They are a crazy mix!

I actually think Lucy’s was over, she wasn’t coughing much, but she happened to cough while we were in the room seeing the doctor. And he said it would be best to treat both at once, just so they don’t pass it back and forth between each other. 
So, Lucy’s fine, until she runs around a lot. Then she starts coughing. Poor Judah… His was at the start. His little cough was textbook croup cough. Sounded like I had a sea lion in my house. Judah’s cough is the worst sound. 

Thankfully, neither feel bad at all. When the I told the doctor that, he sorta laughed and took a quick scan- Judah was laying on his back in the chair with his feet in the air screeching like and owl and Lucy had her eyes closed and was holding onto the sides of the examining table singing some made up song. 

“Yeah, that’s the croup!” He said. 

Wes and I took the afternoon and did all of our wiring, and then we got froggy and put up a couple of pieces of Sheetrock.  

Wes is on his phone A LOT during the day. Which we love. We love when people include us in their lives. We love our dpc folks! 

Here’s to the rest of this week.