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082415 + 082515: still don’t visit


As if 2 weeks worth of upset stomach wasn’t enough, I woke up Tuesday morning hugging a trash can. I guess it was only fair that everyone else in my house puked… It was my turn. 

We had planned on taking the kids to see Shaun the Sheep on Tuesday though, and it was the last day of it in the theater. Wes stepped up and took the kids anyway. I got cute picture updates.

Monday evening we played with the rabbits. And we found a turtle! Fables came to life.  

And then our youngest couldn’t stop playing with the turtle… Whilst he was naked. 

We cannon keep clothes on that kid. 

Lucy’s nerves get all out of whack when we play with the bunnies in the church yard. Because they can still sneak out of the fence, we have to watch them closely. Lucy gets beside herself with fear that the bunnies will escape. 

The whole time we were out there, “can we please take them back to their cage now?!”

Lucy helped Judah get his swim trunks on too, which was so funny to listen too. 

Her legs are longer than his, so she just kept pulling the shorts up. 

At least they were working together. 

And what a great day Tuesday was, minus the sicknesses. It felt amazing to be outside, the 3 times I was able to sit out. 

I am hoping now that I’ve thrown up, that my body can start getting back to normal and no one else in my house will puke for a while.