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042316 – 042516: #DPCchurchVAN

If you haven’t seen this… Watch it now.

This is officially our church van (or one of them.)

We did this in hopes to make people smile. We wanted it fun, we wanted it to be a reminder to folks and we wanted to brighten some days!


So if you see the van.. snap a picture with it. Post it on Facebook or Instagram and put the tag #DPCchurchvan so we can see it and find you and see your big ol’ smiles!

Hope you guys enjoy!

112315 – 112515: Louisiana Thanksgiving

We went down to visit with Wesley’s Dad and family. The kiddos love their Papa J and Nana. I had full fledged allergy attack the whole time we were down there so I wasn’t feeling great… Up until Wes called me out to their shop. 


There were two of these beauts… These were gifted to Papa J about 7 months ago- Wes got them out, and being the handyman that he is, got them running. 

After the brisk air in my hair, I was perked up.  We are and rested and had fun messing around on the sprees. 

And of course we had to race. 

And… Ahem…. You see who won. Two out of three. 

Not for lack of trying!


We had a blast on the little scooters. They max out at about 35mph. So fun. 

We had lovely weather the whole trip and we are glad we got to come visit with everyone. 

Almost forgot! The cute cousins picture:

Beau, (aaaalmost 2), Carmela 2, Judah 3, Evan 5, and Lucy 5.  
And these two boys.

They were getting into it together. Beau loves his cousins and they love him. 

We had a great time with family, and can’t wait til Christmas. 

I feel like we’ll have another matchup, Wes and I on the sprees.